Best Christmas Gifts For Sim Racing 2023

Christmas is right around the corner, so we've compiled a list of the best sim racing gift ideas for the sim racer in your life. These include gifts across all budgets and price ranges.

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Best Sim racing christmas gifts 2022

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Buying a Christmas gift for a sim racer can be a tricky problem. While there are plenty of different pieces of sim racing hardware, games and accessories to choose from, many products are only compatible with other peripherals. Also, sim racing hardware can be expensive, however there are plenty of gifts which are lower cost as well.

In this sim racing Christmas gift guide for 2023, I’m going to run through some of the best presents for sim racers across a range of prices. I’ll break down some of the more complex sim racing terminology to make choosing a gift for any sim racer as easy as it can be.

First, choose your budget

As mentioned, a lot of sim racing wheels, pedals, cockpits and other hardware can be pretty expensive. Products start from £50-£100 on the lower end and can stretch up to multiple thousands. In this gift guide, I’ll leave out anything that stretches up to and over £1000, as that’s a pretty steep price tag for even your closest loved ones!


I’ll break down the gifts below into different price categories. I’ll start by looking at some of the more expensive gifts. These will include racing wheels and other gifts that range from £100 upwards. Gifts in this price range make for excellent main presents for family and close friends.

However, it is this category that will often require the most thought and knowledge, because as I said many racing wheels etc are only compatible with specific consoles and other hardware. But don’t worry, I’ll cover compatibility with every gift I recommend.


The next category I’ll cover is the £50-£100 price range. There are a bunch of sim racing gifts in this price range that make ideal Christmas presents. In here you can still find some hardware such as low cost racing wheels, pedals, shifters and more.

Most commonly, in this price range you’ll be looking at accessories or clothing. These are ideal Christmas gifts for sim racers as any clothing is pretty universal, and accessories can often be used with a wide range of sim racing hardware.

Under £50

The final category I’ll cover is the under £50 price range. There are still plenty of sim racing gifts that can be found within this price range. Much like the price range above, you’ll probably be looking at accessories or quirky smaller gifts.

High budget sim racing gifts – £150 -£1000

The first series of sim racing gift recommendations are going to be the most high-end. Each of these sim racing gifts would make for a very impressive sim racing gift for any sim racer. I will look at lower priced sim racing gift recommendations later in this guide.

Gift 1 – Logitech G923 Racing Wheel

For the first gift, I’m going to provide two options, as Logitech has created two fantastic sim racing wheels.

A racing wheel is one of the most important parts of any sim racing setup. It allows you to race your car using a steering wheel rather than a controller. This gives any sim racer much greater levels of control.

The reason I’m going to give two alternatives for this gift is that the price of a racing wheel can vary hugely. So I’m going to show you the best budget-friendly racing wheel, and one of the best premium racing wheels.

  • Best budget-friendly racing wheel – Logitech G923 – From £300/$300
  • Best premium racing wheel – Logitech Pro Racing Wheel – From £999/$999


Logitech Pro Racing Wheel


Logitech G923

Logitech Pro Racing Wheel
Logitech G923


Xbox, PS4, PS5, PC


Xbox, PS4, PS5, PC


Direct Drive (11Nm strength)

Pedals not included

Larger, premium design


Gear Driven (2.3Nm strength)
Pedals included
Smaller form factor




From £289

The main difference between both of these racing wheels, other than the price, is the technology inside. The Logitech G923 utilises a small motor attached to a series of gears to produce force feedback.

(Force feedback allows the driver to feel how their car is reacting in-game.)

The Logitech Pro racing wheel utilises a much larger and stronger motor and mounts it directly to the drive shaft. This produces much stronger forces and more detailed force feedback.

This allows sim racers to feel more detail from the game and immerse themselves much more. It also gives them more feedback information to allow them to feel their car better.

  • Logitech G923 is best for – gamers who don’t currently own a racing wheel
  • Logitech Pro racing wheel is best for – sim racers looking to upgrade their racing wheel

A key point to note is that the Logitech G923 comes with pedals included. Whereas the Logitech Pro racing wheel doesn’t include pedals. Instead, these are a separate purchase with the Pro wheel.

Both racing wheels come in two formats depending on which games console they will be used with. There is an Xbox and PlayStation version of each racing wheel, and all versions are compatible with PCs.

Ensure when checking out that you have the correct version selected, because the Xbox version won’t work with PlayStations, and vice versa.

The links below include links directly to Logitech, which is the best place to order the Pro Racing Wheel from. Here you will have the option to choose which version of the wheel you would like. And buying directly from Logitech means you will benefit from the full support of Logitech should something go wrong.

When buying the Logitech G923, Amazon is often the better place to purchase, as prices are lower.

Gift 2 – Fanatec CSL DD Bundle

If you want to purchase a complete sim racing bundle that includes a pedal set, racing wheel and everything needed to go sim racing straight away, Fanatec is one of your best options.

Fanatec is one of the biggest sim racing brands around and they produce a huge ecosystem of products. Their Ready2Race bundles are the ideal first step into sim racing as they provide all the products that are needed to go sim racing without additional purchases in a single affordable bundle.

Fanatec’s Ready2Race bundle come in a few different forms with a range of different steering wheels to choose from. This gives you the opportunity to tailor your bundle for the sim racer you are buying your Christmas gift for.

Each bundle includes the same CSL DD wheel base which is the racing wheel itself. You then get a choice of sim racing pedal, with the 2 pedal CSL pedals being the most entry-level option. Finally, you get a choice of steering wheel.

For fans of Formula 1 and GT racing, there is the McLaren CSL DD bundle which includes an officially licensed McLaren steering wheel. This steering wheel is a replica of the wheel used in a real-world McLaren GT car and is ideal for racing games like Assetto Corsa Competitizone and F1 23.

If the person you’re buying a Christmas gift for prefers racing street cars or games like Forza, there are alternate options. There are circular steering wheel rims like the BMW bundle which are great for sim racers who like to switch between different sim racing games.

The Fanatec CSL DD bundles start from just €399.85 making this a big, yet affordable gift choice.

Racing Wheel – Fanatec CSL DD
Compatibility – PC, Xbox Series X|S
Price – From €/$349.95
Where to buyBuy from Fanatec EU / Buy from Fanatec US

Gift 3 – Thrustmaster SF1000 steering wheel – £279

The third gift I’m recommending is a little more specific than the two racing wheels above. This gift is a steering wheel attachment for someone who already owns a Thrustmaster racing wheel.

This steering wheel rim is the perfect Christmas gift for sim racers who love Formula 1. And that is because this steering wheel is a replica of the real-world steering wheel that was used in the Ferrari F1 car that Sebastian Vettel drove.

It is important to note that the person you’re buying this for does require a Thrustmaster wheel base that is compatible with this steering wheel. The wheel bases that are compatible are the TS-PC, T-GT, TS-XW Servo Base, TX Racing Wheel Servo Base, T300 Racing Wheel Servo Base.

If you know that the person you’re buying for has one of those wheel bases, you can buy this steering wheel confident that it will work.

Some of the incredibly cool features of this steering wheel are first the way it looks. Being a replica of a real-world steering wheel adds so much immersion to sim racing. Then there is the functionality. The majority of inputs on the steering wheel can be used to control various functions in-game, letting sim racers change various parts of their car while racing.

Finally, the real showstopping feature of this SF1000 steering wheel is the huge screen on the front. The screen measures 4.3 inches across and can display a wide range of live information while driving including tyre temperatures, lap times and more.

Steering Wheel – Thrustmaster SF1000
Compatibility – PS4, PS5, PC, Xbox Series X|S
Price – £349/$349
Where to buyBuy from Amazon UK/EU / Buy from Amazon US

Gift 4 – GT Omega ART Sim Racing Cockpit – From £350

Almost any sim racer who has a racing wheel and pedals would benefit from a sim racing cockpit or rig. A cockpit will allow a sim racer to mount their racing wheel, pedals and seat to a sturdy frame.

A sim rig adds both strength and stability to any sim racing setup. It can also serve as a permanent home for all sim racing equipment. And if a sim racer is currently mounting their wheel to a desk or table, a sim rig can prevent a sim racer from having to move their gear about.

There are plenty of sim rigs available to purchase, and all range in design, stability and price. There are also fantastic fold-away wheel stands which are great for sim racers who don’t have the space for a permanent cockpit. (See our 8th gift idea!)

The sim racing cockpit that I’d recommend for a Christmas gift is the brilliant GT Omega ART cockpit. This is a really well-built mid-range cockpit that uses a sturdy metal frame for maximum rigidity.

You can purchase the GT Omega ART cockpit with or without a racing seat, with the price of a complete bundle costing around £350 / $350.

Product  GT Omega ART Cockpit
Compatibility – PS5, PS4, PC
 From £199.95 / $215.95

Alternate sim rig gift ideas

If you fancy buying a sim rig gift that isn’t the GT Omega ART, there are plenty of alternatives. Below are three of the very best sim racing rigs and cockpits across a range of different price points.

Best 8020

Sim Lab P1X Pro

Best Metal Tube

RennSport V2

Best All-in-one

NLR GT Track

Sim Lab P1X Pro
RennSport V2
NLR GT Track
  • Best on the market

  • 40x160mm profile

  • From €785/$849

  • Sturdy frame

  • Adaptable and customisable

  • From £/$999

  • Great all round rig

  • Seat included

  • From £/$649

Sim-Lab P1-X

If you know that the sim racer you are gifting for has a premium sim racing wheel, and requires a sturdy cockpit, the Sim-Lab P1-X is the class-leading 8020 sim rig. (8020 refers to the size of the aluminium profile used in its construction).

The P1-X is fully customisable, allowing sim racers to create their ultimate sim racing rig. You can easily add different peripherals to the rig to create a bespoke layout.

Shop the Sim-Lab P1-X here

RennSport V2

If the 8020 rig sounds too daunting, and you fancy a sim rig that comes pre-made and ready to go, the RennSport V2 could be a better option.

The RennSport V2 is a premium sim rig, and that is reflected in the price. However, it is also one of the best looking and can be expanded to cater for different accessories.

Shop the RennSport V2 here

Next Level Racing GT Track

If you are after an all-in-one sim rig that doesn’t cost as much as the RennSport, the Next Level Racing GT Track sim rig could be the best option.

The GT Track is the only sim rig on this list that includes a racing seat, and it can be moved thanks to the caster wheels on the underside. It is also very sturdy, making it ideal for powerful racing wheels.

Shop the GT Track here

Medium budget sim racing gifts – £50 -£150

The recommendations for sim racing Christmas gifts below all fall into a mid-range price point of between £50-£150. This price range is ideal for most looking to purchase a gift, with some of these recommended Christmas gifts being incredibly nice.

Gift 5 – Thrustmaster T128 Racing Wheel

The first Christmas gift recommendation within this mid-range price point is another complete racing wheel bundle. The Thrustmaster T128 racing wheel is much like the Logitech G923 and Fanatec CSL DD bundles I suggested above in that it includes all the elements you need to sim race right away.

However, the Thrustmaster T128 differs from both of those racing wheels in that it is a bit more budget-focused. It is cheaper than those racing wheel bundles starting from £109 / $169.

Being a cheaper product, the T128 is less powerful than the Logitech G923 and its bigger brother the Thrustmaster T248. It still produces force feedback which is ideal for those looking to try out sim racing for the first time.

The T128 includes a wheel base, steering wheel and pedals which means it is truly a plug-and-play racing wheel. It is also compatible with both Xbox and PlayStation consoles making it ideal for sim racers who have either of these platforms.

Product  Thrustmaster T128 Racing wheel
Compatibility – PS5, PS4, PC, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One
 From £109.95 / $169.95

Gift 6 – Fanatec Sim Racing Steering Wheel – From €119.95/$119.95

Fanatec is one of the most popular and widely used sim racing brands. They have a range of products available from racing wheels to pedals, shifters to handbrakes, and more.

If you know that the sim racer that you are buying for has a Fanatec wheel base already, then an additional steering wheel would be a perfect gift. Fanatec has a wide variety of steering wheels from Formula 1 inspired wheels to rally and NASCAR wheel rims.

With Fanatec sim racing wheels, the steering wheel can be detached and a different one reattached in just a few seconds. This allows sim racers to switch their steering wheel to match the style of racing they are doing.

It is important to note that the person you are buying for does require a Fanatec wheel base to use any steering wheel. Further console compatibility is shown on Fanatec’s website for each product.

The benefit of having multiple steering wheels opens up the type of racing that can be done. For example, it is very hard to race rally cars or drift with a formula-style steering wheel due to the shape. And it is much more immersive to race F1 cars with a square formula-style rim than it is with a large round wheel rim.

Fanatec steering wheels can be quite pricey, especially considering they only include the steering wheel itself and still require a racing wheel to attach to. However, you can buy a Fanatec steering wheel from as little as €119.95.

There are a few steering wheels that all fall under the €200 price tag, giving you a few options to choose a sim racing steering wheel as a Christmas gift.

Product Fanatec steering wheels
Compatibility – PS5, PS4, PC, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One
 From £119.95 / $119.95

Gift 7 – Fanatec Handbrake or Shifter – From €129.95

Much like the steering wheel recommendations above, my next recommendation for sim racing gift ideas is another Fanatec peripheral. This time, I’m recommending either a Fanatec shifter or handbrake.

Shifters and handbrakes can be added to almost any sim racing setup if the person you’re gifting for is racing on PC. And if they are racing on an Xbox or PlayStation console, they can use a Fanatec shifter or handbrake as long as they already have a Fanatec racing wheel.

Adding elements like a handbrake or shifter to a sim racing setup really adds to the overall immersion as the sim racer will have more control over their car and more ways to affect its handling.

When rallying or driving, both of these extra peripherals are almost essential. A handbrake is crucial for initiating slides whilst rallying or drifting and a shifter that can be used either as a sequential or H-pattern shifter is a great addition.

Gift 8 – GT Omega Wheel Stand – From £90 / $115

Next up, we have a sim racing gift recommendation that is pretty universal no matter what type of sim racing setup the person you’re gifting for has. A wheel stand is an ideal way of providing a stable platform to mount sim racing wheels and pedals, whilst still having the convenience of being able to pack your sim racing gear away once its not in use.

GT Omega, in particular, offers a couple of different sim racing wheel stands. Both of which can be folded away after a long evening of sim racing. Both the Classic and APEX wheel stands do things in a very similar way, and both can be expanded to create a more permanent sim racing cockpit if required.

The real beauty of a sim racing wheel stand over a permanent sim rig is the ability to store it away after use. You can keep your racing wheel and pedal mounted to the wheel stand even when you pack it away for ultimate convenience.

Both the Classic and APEX wheel stands have pre-drilled wheel decks and pedal plates meaning they are widely compatible with various sim racing wheels and pedals. This means that pretty much any sim racing product can be mounted to them, and they both even come with an extra shifter or handbrake mount included.

If you have a sim racer in your life who is currently mounting their sim racing products to a desk or table, then a wheel stand is a brilliant upgrade.

Product  GT Omega wheel stand
Compatibility – PS5, PS4, PC, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One
 From £90 / $115.95

Budget-friendly sim racing gifts – Under £50

All of the gifts in this category fall under £50/$50 making them perfect as stocking fillers, or main gifts for family members and friends. These more budget-friendly sim racing Christmas gifts make for excellent additions for someone who is already an avid sim racer. These will add to their current sim racing setup.

Gift 9 – Sim Racing Gloves

From £25.00 / $30.00 – Shop Racing Gloves Now

If you are looking for a smaller gift than a sizable racing wheel or sim racing cockpit this Christmas, then racing gloves could be the ultimate gift. The idea behind wearing racing gloves when sim racing is to avoid wearing out your wheel rim. They can also be much comfier to race with compared to racing with bare hands.

For years now, I have sim raced wearing sim racing gloves. This is mainly because they protect the steering wheel and prevent it from wearing out.

Many sim racing steering wheels utilise a suede or leather material for the hand grips. And over time this will wear and start to look faded, scuffed and worn.

While racing and holding a steering wheel for long periods, sweat from your hands can build up and ruin the nice material of the steering wheel. Sim racing gloves will help prevent this from happening.

They can also be comfier to race with compared with sim racing with bare hands. Some leather or rubber hand grips can feel tacky to touch and not feel great on your hands. So wearing soft gloves can actually be preferable from a comfort side as well.

Many sim racing gloves feature a Velcro strap to keep them tight, while others do away with the strap so you can remove them easily.

There isn’t a right or wrong here, as both designs function well and it comes down to personal preference. I prefer sim racing gloves with a velcro strap to ensure they stay tight while racing.

Overall, as a Christmas gift, any sim racer would love a pair of sim racing gloves to help them race more comfortably.

Product Racing gloves
 From £25 / $30

Gift 10 – Sim Racing Boots

From £48.00 / $50.00 – Shop Racing Boots Now

As well as gloves, many sim racers choose to wear boots while racing as well. Sim racing boots are just as much of a personal preference as sim racing gloves are.

There are big benefits of sim racing while wearing boots compared to racing barefoot or in socks. The main one is comfort and to prevent you from hurting your foot. This is especially true if racing a car with a manual gearbox.

When sim racing with a manual gearbox, you will have to utilise a technique called heel and toe. This describes the technique of braking with your right foot while using the outside of your right foot to simultaneously blip the throttle when changing gear.

This technique is the most efficient method of slowing your car when racing, both in real-world racing and while sim racing. If you try this technique while not wearing sim racing boots, you can really hurt the outside of your foot.

If you often race road cars, GT cars, or older rally cars, this will be a technique that you’ll utilise every time you race. Wearing racing boots will allow you to heel and toe downshift without risking any pain.

If you know somebody who sim racers regularly, they will almost certainly appreciate a pair of sim racing boots. They can be more expensive than racing gloves, but are certainly worth the investment.

Product Racing boots
 From £48 / $50

Gift 11 – iRacing Gift Card – From £15/$15

While buying different sim racing equipment as a Christmas gift is a great idea, it can sometimes be tricky to figure out what will be compatible with someone’s current setup. A gift card for iRacing or Steam on the other hand is pretty universal and can be used by pretty much any sim racer.

The only pre-requisite requirement is that the person you are gifting for is using a PC to sim race on. iRacing and Steam are both PC-only applications, meaning a console sim racer cannot use them. Instead, you could consider purchasing an Xbox or PlayStation gift card if you are buying for a console sim racer.

A gift card for iRacing is a fantastic idea as it gives you control over how much you are wanting to spend. Gift cards start from as little as £15/$15 and can go up as high as you’d like.

A sim racer can then spend their iRacing gift card on renewing their membership or by purchasing new content such as cars and tracks.

Product iRacing gift card
 From £15 / $15

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