Which ClubSport Bundle Is Best? Fanatec GT DD Extreme vs ClubSport F1 vs ClubSport F1 Esports

Fanatec now has 3 ClubSport bundles, the GT DD Extreme, ClubSport RW F1 and ClubSport F1 Esports V2. Which is the best buy? I compare price and spec to see which I'd recommend.

Fanatec ClubSport DD Bundles Compared

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With the release of the ClubSport F1 Esports V2 bundle, Fanatec now has three different sim racing wheel bundles that use the ClubSport DD wheels as their foundation. Which of these three bundles is the better buy, and which is the best Fanatec ClubSport bundle?

What is the difference between each bundle?

There are three ClubSport DD bundles, and while each bundle looks very similar, there are some key differences. The Gran Turismo DD Extreme bundle and the ClubSport Racing Wheel F1 bundle are the same price, and both use the ClubSport DD+ wheel base.

The ClubSport F1 Esports bundle differs by using the lower-powered ClubSport DD wheel base, which is reflected in the price. The F1 Esports bundle is the cheapest of the three due to the cheaper wheel base, lack of PlayStation compatibility, and slightly more budget-focused steering wheel.

Below is an overview of the specs for each Fanatec ClubSport DD bundle. You can see the bundle price as well as the maximum performance and compatibility.

Fanatec GT DD Extreme Racing WheelFanatec ClubSport Racing Wheel F1Fanatec ClubSport DD F1 Esports V2 Bundle
GT DD ExtremeCS RW F1CS DD F1 Esports
Bundle Price$/€1299.95$/€1299.95$/€899.95
Wheel Base Price$/€999$/€999$/€799
FFB Strength15Nm15Nm12Nm
CompatibilityPC, PS5PC, PS5PC Only
Release DateFebruary 2024March 2024May 2024
Where To BuyBuy from FanatecBuy from FanatecBuy from Fanatec

The main difference between the two ClubSport DD+ bundles is the included steering wheel, with most other areas remaining the same. The F1 Esports V2 bundle stands out by being the only bundle of the three to use the lower-powered ClubSport DD wheel base.

Compatibility differences between each Fanatec bundle

One important difference is that the cheaper F1 Esports bundle is PC-only and incompatible with PlayStation 4 or 5 consoles. Both the GT DD Extreme and F1 bundles incorporate PlayStation compatibility out of the box, making them slightly more versatile.

The reason the F1 Esports bundle does not offer PS5 compatibility is that it uses the ClubSport DD wheel base, which is only PC and Xbox compatible. Only the more expensive DD+ wheel base used in the other two bundles offers PlayStation compatibility.

Different quick releases across each bundle

Another big difference is the different versions of the QR2 quick release in each bundle. The DD F1 bundle is the only one to use the QR2, while the Gran Turismo bundle uses the QR2 Lite and the F1 Esports bundle use the QR2 Pro.

Fanatec QR2 All Types

This is a big disadvantage for the GT DD Extreme bundle as the QR2 Lite is the less rigid, plastic version of the QR2. It does not allow for high torque modes on the DD+ wheel base. However, the Gran Turismo DD Extreme does allow high torque mode only when using the included steering wheel. If you use any other steering wheel, the high torque mode will be disabled.

The F1 Esports V2 bundle including the QR2 Pro quick release is a huge draw, and a big improvement over the other two bundles. The fact that this bundle is so competitively priced as well as including the premium quick release is impressive.

Below is a summary of some of the differences across each bundle.

  • Fanatec Clubsport Racing Wheel F1
    • Uses the ClubSport DD+ wheel base
    • Is PC and PS5 compatible
    • Includes the Formula V2.5X steering wheel in a unique colour
  • Fanatec Gran Turismo DD Extreme
    • Also uses the ClubSport DD+ wheel base
    • Is PC and PS5 compatible
    • Has a unique Gran Turismo licensed steering wheel, not available to buy separately
    • Uses the QR2 Lite rather than the QR2
  • Fanatec ClubSport F1 Esports V2
    • Uses the 12Nm ClubSport DD wheel base
    • Is only PC-compatible
    • More budget-focused than the other two bundles

Which bundle offers the best value?

One way we can try to evaluate each bundle is to see exactly how much value you get from each product. A good way of doing this is to break down the individual items included in each bundle and calculate the total cost of each product if purchased individually.

Below is the value proposition breakdown of each Fanatec ClubSport DD bundle.

GT DD ExtremeClubSport F1F1 Esports
Wheel baseClubSport DD+
ClubSport DD+
ClubSport DD
Steering wheelGran Turismo Wheel
Formula V2.5X
F1 Esports V2
Quick releaseQR2 Lite
QR2 Pro
Total value$/€1059.90
(steering wheel not included)

When we break down each bundle’s value, we can start to see the true value and where each bundle differs.

Both the Gran Turismo and F1 bundles are priced the same, yet the GT DD Extreme only includes the QR2 Lite. This leads us to assume a valuation on the Gran Turismo steering wheel of around $/€399.95. This seems a bit steep, given that the wheel doesn’t feel as premium during our testing as other Fanatec wheel rims.

Overall, the F1 Esports V2 bundle offers the most value in terms of pricing. The total value of all products included comes to around $/€320 more than the actual cost of the bundle.

Steering wheel design comparison

Let’s now start comparing the design of each steering wheel. I won’t compare the difference in the design of each wheel base, as each looks identical, other than the colour of the rim at the back of the wheel.

Gran Turismo steering wheel design

I’m going to start by looking at the Gran Turismo steering wheel. This wheel carries a lot of design elements over from the steering wheel that launched with the GT DD Pro a few years ago. The overall shape and design of the chassis are very similar, albeit this variation of the wheel rim includes a more premium design.

Fanatec has replaced the four directional sticks with a metal version that includes RGB lighting behind each one, which can be customised. A large screen has been added to this premium Gran Turismo steering wheel, and this really is the main attraction.

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The display is a 2.7″ OLED screen that can display a range of live data, including speed, lap times, and more. Thanks to the OLED technology, this is a really nice screen with sharp details and perfect blacks.

The rest of the wheel rim is a little underwhelming. The entire chassis is constructed from plastic, and the hand grips are wrapped in vegan leather. The wheel has a fair bit of flex, especially when pulling or pushing on the rim.

Overall, this is certainly a nice upgrade over the previous Gran Turismo steering wheel that Fanatec released. However, it still feels a little cheap in some areas.

Buy GT DD Extreme United States$1299.95
Buy GT DD Extreme Europe€1299.95
Buy GT DD Extreme Australia$2139.90

ClubSport F1 steering wheel design

Next up is the ClubSport F1 steering wheel, although this section will be quite short. That is because the steering wheel included is a Formula V2.5X, which has been one of the most popular Fanatec wheels for years.

This variation features a unique colourway with black and blue forged carbon fibre across the faceplate. Other than that, this wheel remains identical to previous Formula V2.5X versions. It is a great F1 steering wheel and one of the best around in this price range.

Buy ClubSport F1 United States$1299.95
Buy ClubSport F1 Europe€1299.95
Buy ClubSport F1 Australia$2139.90

F1 Esports V2 steering wheel design

The final steering wheel to look at is the F1 Esports V2. Once again, this is an established popular Fanatec steering wheel rather than a unique wheel for this bundle. The F1 Esports V2 doesn’t offer as much functionality as the Formula V2.5X, and that is reflected in the price which is €/$400 cheaper.

The value you get from this steering wheel at this price point is very good, and it’s an F1 steering wheel that I’d highly recommend. It is good to see it included in a more premium sim racing wheel bundle.

Buy F1 Esports United States$899.95
Buy F1 Esports Europe€899.95
Buy F1 Esports Australia$1499.95

Performance comparison

When comparing these three Fanatec bundles, the performance difference really stems from the two different wheel bases. The ClubSport DD wheel base included in the cheaper F1 Esports bundle is capable of 12Nm of peak torque. This is lower than the 15Nm available from the DD+.

This difference is the largest difference between each bundle, with both the GT DD Extreme and ClubSport Racing Wheel F1 bundles both performing well with the more powerful DD+ wheel base.

It is important to say that the Gran Turismo bundle does reach its maximum 15Nm of torque despite using the plastic QR2 Lite. Fanatec has only enabled this with the included Gran Turismo steering wheel, and with any other wheel, it will be disabled and reduced to 12Nm.

During our time with the Gran Turismo DD Extreme, the QR2 Lite does result in some minor flex, but only when you really push or pull the wheel. The main issue results in the lack of the high performance mode available with other wheels. Including this QR2 Lite with the more powerful ClubSport DD+ wheel base is a really strange choice.


Compatibility is a good talking point when comparing each of these three Fanatec ClubSport bundles. The Gran Turismo DD Extreme and the F1 bundle, both of the more premium bundles, use the DD+ wheel base and are, therefore, PlayStation compatible.

The cheaper F1 Esports V2 bundle uses the lower-powered ClubSport DD wheel base, which is only PC and Xbox compatible. However, the F1 Esports V2 steering wheel is only PC and PlayStation compatible. This leads to a strange scenario of this bundle only being compatible with PCs.

If you attach an Xbox-compatible steering wheel to the ClubSport DD wheel base, it will become Xbox-compatible. However, out of the box, this is a PC-only racing wheel.

Which bundle is better?

So, after everything, which Fanatec ClubSport DD bundle would I recommend? Well, it comes down to two bundles. I would rule out the Gran Turismo DD Extreme bundle in favour of the F1 bundle.

When comparing both DD+ bundles next to each other, the Racing Wheel F1 bundle beats the GT DD Extreme in almost every way. It includes the more premium QR2 rather than the QR2 Lite and the steering wheel is quite simply better. The only reason I would choose the GT DD Extreme would be if you were after a circular steering wheel rim.

Then, the decision comes down to either the Racing Wheel F1 bundle or the F1 Esports bundle. Which racing wheel you buy out of these two bundles is more a decision on price. The F1 Esports bundle can be considered a more budget-friendly version of the full-fat ClubSport Racing Wheel F1.

Both products are incredibly capable and offer some of the best force feedback available from any direct drive wheel. Either bundle would be a great addition to any sim racing setup, so I’ll leave the final decision to you.

Buy the Fanatec ClubSport DD F1 Esports V2 Bundle.

Buy the ClubSport Racing Wheel F1 Bundle.

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