Best Fanatec Black Friday Deals 2023: Deal Roundup

Fanatec has a good range of deals, discounts and bundles this Black Friday, and new deals are being announced daily. Here are the best Fanatec Black Friday deals 2023 so far.

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Fanatec Sparco Wheel Rims

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Fanatec is making a pretty big splash for their 2023 Black Friday sale. They’ve released new deals every day in the run-up to Black Friday on the 24th November 2023.

All of their Black Friday deals have now been announced, so which deals are best? Let’s take a look in this guide.

To view all of the Fanatec Black Friday deals, visit our Fanatec Black Friday deals hub.

What deals are Fanatec running this Black Friday?

Fanatec has a pretty wide selection of Black Friday deals and discounts. They’ve included a range of sim racing products from wheel bases and racing wheels, to pedals and shifters. They’ve even released a brand new limited edition F1 2023 steering wheel which has a limited number of units available.

Below is a quick summary of the best deals that Fanatec has announced.

ItemOriginal PriceBlack Friday Price
Formula V2.5X Steering Wheel€349.95€199.95
CSL DD Formula V2.5X BundleNew Bundle€479.95
ClubSport Steering Wheel Rally SwedenNew Product€549.95
SPARCO® GT / Rally / Formula / KartingNew ProductsFrom €139.95
ClubSport Wheel F1 2023 + MPMNew Product€399.95
ClubSport Wheel F1 2023 + APMNew Product€499.95
Podium Racing Wheel BMW GT2 V2New Bundle€999.95
Podium Racing Wheel RSNew Bundle€999.95
Podium Wheel Base DD2€1499.95€799.95
ClubSport Pedals V3 Ultimate Bundle€499.85€299.95
CSL Elite Pedals V2€299.95€199.95
QR2 Base-Side (Type-M)$69.95€29.95
QR2 Base-Side (Type-C)$149.95€19.95
Podium Button Module Endurance€199.95€149.95
ClubSport Handbrake V1.5€129.95€109.95
ClubSport Shifter + USB Adapter€279.90€159.95

Formula V2.5X Steering Wheel 43% Discount

  • Product: Fanatec ClubSport Formula V2.5X Steering Wheel
  • Price: €199.95
  • Link: Buy here

One of the most popular Fanatec steering wheels, the Formula V2.5X has a huge discount over Black Friday weekend. For a limited time it is available for €199.95 / $199.95 which is reduced from €349.95 / $349.95.

That’s a whopping 43% discount on the normal price of this wheel. And if you ask me, this is probably one of the best Fanatec deals this Black Friday simply due to how popular and how impressive this steering wheel is.

Limited Edition F1 2023 Wheel

  • Product: Fanatec ClubSport Wheel F1 2023
  • Price: Either €399.95 or €499.95
  • Link: Buy here
Fanatec Black Friday Deals F1 2023 Wheel

One of the more exciting products that Fanatec has added to their 2023 Black Friday sale is a new colourway for their popular ClubSport Formula wheel. This limited edition wheel is based around F1 2023 and features a teal and black design.

You can pick up this wheel with either the Fanatec Magnetic Paddle Module or their Advanced Paddle Module. Both bundles come with Fanatec’s new QR2 quick release adapter included making them ready for the new generation of Fanatec wheels.

Podium Racing Wheel Bundles

  • Product: Fanatec Podium Racing Bundles
  • Price: €999.95
  • Discount: €399.90
  • Link: Buy here

Next up, I want to mention the first Black Friday bundles that Fanatec announced as these offer some of the biggest savings. You can pick up the Podium DD1 wheel base with the QR2 quick release and a steering wheel for €999.95. These bundles represent a €399.90 discount which is pretty big in the sim racing world!

You can choose which wheel you want included between the ClubSport RS steering wheel and the BMW GT2 V2 wheel with both bundles costing the same.

Podium DD2 €700 Discount

  • Product: Fanatec DD2 Wheel Base
  • Price: €799.95
  • Discount: €700
  • Link: Buy here

If you really want to get value for money and find the biggest Fanatec discount this Black Friday, look no further than the mighty DD2 wheel base. You can pick up a Fanatec DD2 this week for just €799.95 instead of the RRP of €1499.95. That’s a whopping €700 discount making it almost half price.

This deal includes the emergency stop button that you get with the DD2 wheel base, as well as the new QR2 wheel-side quick-release adapter.

CSL Elite Pedals V2

  • Product: Fanatec CSL Elite Pedals V2
  • Price: €199.95
  • Discount: €100
  • Link: Buy here

Moving away from racing wheels, Fanatec is also offering discounts and deals on some other peripherals. One of these deals includes the CSL Elite Pedals V2 which are currently on sale with €100 off their RRP. During Black Friday week these pedals cost just €199.95 instead of €299.95.

ClubSport Shifter + USB Adapater

  • Product: Fanatec ClubSport Shifter + USB Adapter
  • Price: €159.95
  • Discount: €119.95
  • Link: Buy here

Another peripheral that is discounted during this Fanatec sale is the ClubSport Shifter. This is on sale at just €159.95 instead of €279.90 and includes a USB adapter as well.

To view all of the Fanatec discounts, visit our Fanatec 2023 Black Friday deals tracker.

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