Best EA Sports WRC Racing Wheel: Buyers Guide 2024

I show you the very best racing wheels for EA Sports WRC 23 for Xbox, PS5 and PC. Including racing wheels from some of the most popular brands such as Logitech, MOZA and Fanatec.

EA Sports WRC Best racing wheels

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EA Sports WRC is the first official WRC game released by Codemasters and EA Sports in well over a decade. This brings a fair bit of hype and expectation given Codemasters’ pedigree for great racing games.

One thing is certain, EA Sports WRC will be incredibly enjoyable when racing with a sim racing wheel. Adding a true handbrake and sequential shifter to your sim racing setup will add even more realism and enjoyment to racing this new WRC game.

In this guide, I’m going to run through the very best racing wheels for EA Sports WRC. I’ll recommend the best wheels for this WRC game on Xbox, PS5 and PC, as well as looking at premium and budget options.

Best racing wheels for EA Sports WRC

EA Sports WRC has finally released its compatible racing wheel list. As you’ll see from this list, there is a wide range of racing wheels that will work with this WRC game on each console. This gives you plenty of options to choose from when deciding which racing wheel to use with WRC 23.

Below are our recommended picks for the best racing wheel for EA Sports WRC 23 on Xbox, PS5 and PC. This gives you a quick overview of the wheels we’d recommend. Continue reading to learn why we chose these wheels.

Best Xbox Racing Wheel

Fanatec CSL DD

Best PC Wheel

Asetek Invicta

Best PS5 Racing Wheel

Fanatec ClubSport DD+

Fanatec CSL DD
Asetek Invicta
Fanatec ClubSport DD+


Up to 8Nm






Xbox, PC


PC Only


PC, PS5, Xbox


From €/$349


From €/$1300


From €/$999

Best EA Sports WRC racing wheel on Xbox

Fanatec has made a big splash recently with the launch of the new ClubSport DD wheel base. This is a wheel base which offers mid-range performance. However, I still believe that the best value-for-money racing wheel on Xbox right now is the Fanatec CSL DD.

The CSL DD is a racing wheel that is versatile coming in at two different price points. It allows sim racers to grow with their racing wheel by expanding its power using a boost kit, letting them get more power from their wheel base without replacing it.

This lets the CSL DD sit in two distinct categories. It is one of the best budget racing wheels for EA Sports WRC, and with the optional boost kit, it is also an incredibly capable mid-range racing wheel.

In its default form, the Fanatec CSL DD has 5Nm of peak torque which is more than enough to allow you to feel detailed force feedback. In this form, you’ll be able to feel all of the different road surface details that different rally stages can throw at you.

If you do want additional power, you can upgrade to the 8Nm version of the CSL DD. This unlocks additional peak performance, and turns the CSL DD into an incredibly capable racing wheel. This is without a doubt the version I’d recommend picking up. But if your budget only allows for the 5Nm version, you can always upgrade it at a later date.

Racing Wheel – Fanatec CSL DD
Compatibility – PC, Xbox Series X|S
Price – From €/$349.95
Where to buyBuy from Fanatec EU / Buy from Fanatec US

Best EA Sports WRC racing wheel on PS5

Unlike the latest big racing game release, Forza Motorsport, this WRC game is available on all consoles including PS5. This lets PlayStation sim racers enjoy the thrill of throwing their car through some of the toughest rally stages in the world.

The launch of the new Fanatec ClubSport DD+ wheel base gives Fanatec a modern mid-range racing wheel that sim racers have been asking for for a while. This wheel base sits between the CSL DD and more expensive DD1 and gives sim racers up to 15Nm of peak torque. It also introduces some innovations in force feedback detail with Fanatec’s new FullForce feature.

This racing wheel isn’t officially included in EA Sports’ compatibility list, however, it is almost certain to work correctly in this WRC 23 game. Fanatec is an official partner of the WRC, meaning all of its products should be fully functional in the official WRC game.

While most racing wheels lock their compatibility to a single console, a big perk of this ClubSport DD+ is that it is compatible with both Xbox and PS5 consoles. This means that you can connect it to a PlayStation 5 one day, and an Xbox the next and it’ll work flawlessly as long as you have the correct compatible steering wheel. This is ideal for sim racers who have both consoles to play console-specific games like Gran Turismo 7 or Forza Motorsport.

Racing Wheel – Fanatec ClubSport DD+
Compatibility – PC, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation
Price – From €/$999.95
Where to buyBuy from Fanatec EU / Buy from Fanatec US

Best EA Sports WRC racing wheel on PC

When sim racing on PC, there is always a lot more choice of which racing wheel and peripherals to use. There are a lot of products which simply aren’t compatible with Xbox or PS5 consoles. The Asetek Invicta wheel base is one of those products, however, this is one of the very best direct drive racing wheels around.

Racing any game with the Asetek Invicta will give you some of the very best and most powerful force feedback. This is thanks to the mighty 27Nm of peak torque that can be created. With the motor being directly connected to the steering shaft, you’ll feel every force in incredible detail.

Asetek has just announced a new steering wheel platform which includes a completely round wheel rim. This circular wheel rim is ideal for racing road cars and rally cars. You’ll be able to throw the wheel about with it comfortably gliding through your palm.

Asetek also has some of the very best premium load cell pedals on the market, allowing you to put together a complete Asetek ecosystem if you’d like to. While racing EA Sports WRC on PC, you can connect any shifter and handbrake from any brand letting you create the ultimate rally sim racing setup.

Racing Wheel – Asetek Invicta 27Nm
Compatibility – PC
Price – €1302/$1549
Where to buyBuy from Asetek

Best budget EA Sports WRC racing wheel

There is no secret that sim racing can be an expensive hobby. Just check out our guide on the best premium racing wheels to see the eye-watering price tags that some racing wheels can bring. However, there are a good number of budget-friendly racing wheels to choose from if you are just getting into sim racing or have a lower budget.

The Logitech G923 is a racing wheel that has been around for a good number of years. However, thanks to its compatibility with Xbox, PS5 and PC, and its innovative TrueForce technology, it remains one of the very best budget racing wheels.

The G923 includes a set of pedals and you can add a Logitech shifter to increase your immersion. This racing wheel includes a table clamp built in as well allowing you to mount the G923 racing wheel almost anywhere, meaning you won’t require a bulky sim rig to race EA Sports WRC.

Keep an eye out for discounts as well, especially around Black Friday and Christmas, as the Logitech G923 can often be found for less than its original RRP.

Racing Wheel – Logitech G923
Compatibility – PS4, PS5, PC, Xbox Series X|S
Price – £379/$399
Where to buyBuy Logitech G923 UK/EU / Buy Logitech G923 US

Best WRC branded racing wheel

OK, so you want to go full-on WRC immersion. No problem. There are a few WRC-licensed racing wheels that you can choose from. However my favourite includes the Fanatec CSL DD wheel base that I recommended earlier.

Fanatec sells an official WRC-licensed racing wheel bundle or individual steering wheel. This wheel has a distinct appearance with bright orange splashed across the wheel, and it features the classic circular steering wheel shape. Ideal for rallying in EA Sports WRC.

You can purchase a complete bundle from Fanatec which includes the CSL DD wheel base, a set of pedals and the WRC-licensed steering wheel. However, if you already own any Fanatec wheel base, you can simply buy the WRC steering wheel and mount it with Fanatec’s quick release.

Steering Wheel – Fanatec CSL Ready2Race WRC Bundle
Compatibility – PC, Xbox Series X|S
Price – From €/$479.85
Where to buy – Buy from Fanatec EU / Buy from Fanatec US

What to look for when buying a racing wheel for EA Sports WRC

Unlike many racing titles like Forza or Gran Turismo, EA Sports WRC is based solely around a single discipline, and that is rallying. This brings with it some specific requirements when looking at buying a racing wheel.

Circular wheel rim

The first big requirement to really enjoy any rally game is to ensure you have the correct-shaped wheel rim. Rallying involves a lot of steering correction and sometimes big inputs, especially if you’re throwing your car into a tight hairpin turn.

This means your steering wheel will be rotating through your palms a lot, and this technique really requires a round wheel rim. Trying to rally using a formula-style or square wheel rim can cause issues as the wheel rotates, and allow possible, isn’t ideal.

Additional peripherals

When rallying in EA Sports WRC, additional peripherals are probably more important than in any other racing discipline. Almost all rally drivers heavily rely on the use of a physical handbrake as well as a sequential shifter.

Adding these two peripherals to your sim racing setup can vastly increase your control over your car as you throw it through a rally stage. It’ll also add to the immersion and can increase your overall enjoyment of this new WRC game.

Force Feedback

Another important area of any racing wheel, but especially when rallying is the force feedback strength and detail. This is the term given to the forces that are sent to your steering wheel. These are responsible for the wheel turning, shaking and moving as you drive your car.

When rallying in EA Sports WRC in particular, you’ll want to feel every single detail in the road surface so you can quickly react. Choosing a racing wheel that can deliver this lightning fast force feedback will really help you feel your car’s connection to the road.

Entry-level racing wheels like the Logitech G923 generate between 2-5Nm of torque. This allows you to feel how the car is reacting but can feel slightly underpowered in certain scenarios.

Mid-level racing wheels like small direct drive wheels generate between 5-12Nm of torque. These racing wheels are right in the sweet spot. They have brilliant strength and a much wider range of force feedback detail.

High-end racing wheels are generally high-powered direct drive wheel with over 20Nm of torque. These are the most powerful racing wheels available, but they normally cost in excess of £1000 / $1000.

Direct drive vs gear and belt-driven racing wheels

Sticking with force feedback, there are a few different technologies that are present in racing wheels. These different technologies create the force feedback in different ways and result in vastly different experiences.

Towards the budget end, you have racing wheels that use gears to translate the force feedback from the motor to the steering wheel. This can cause you to sometimes feel the mechanical interaction of the gears which can take away from the actual force feedback.

Then there are belt-driven wheels. These use a pulley system, instead of gears. This is slightly better than a gear-driven wheel, but the belt movement can sometimes smooth out some of the finer force feedback details, also not ideal.

The pinnacle of force feedback technology is direct drive. This technology mounts the steering shaft directly to the motor allowing for much more detail and stronger forces. This is quickly becoming the norm with most racing wheels with brands such as Fanatec only offering direct drive wheels moving forwards.


The compatibility of your racing wheel is incredibly important. You need to ensure that your racing wheel is compatible with your console otherwise it simply won’t work. You also need to check that everything you connect to your racing wheel is compatible with each other. This includes wheel rims, shifters and other peripherals.


Finally, the price of your racing wheel is one factor which can often decide which racing wheel you are looking at. I’ve recommended a range of racing wheels that are all great in EA Sports WRC no matter your budget.

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