Asetek Sim Sports Reduce Prices For USD Customers

Asetek has just announced that they are updating their prices across their North American and Global stores, resulting in close to 20% price reduction across their sim racing product range.

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Asetek is a sim racing company known for its high-performing hardware and great build quality. With both of those things come a higher price tag than a lot of other sim racing products. Their products are certainly on the more premium side of the sim racing market, but well worth the investment if you prioritise performance.

To make costs a little better, Asetek has just announced that they are adjusting their pricing across their Global and North American webshops. They have lowered the prices for those paying in USD across these two stores resulting in around a 20% reduction in price.

Why has Asetek lowered the prices

Before this pricing change came into force, Asetek products on the Global and North American webshops were priced higher than those priced in the EU store. This change has removed any sales tax or VAT from the overall pricing of their products, which brings them exactly into line with the products in the EU shop.

Previously, viewing the USD price for a product meant it would be higher due to the inclusion of sales tax. With sales tax removed, all products cost the same regardless of the region you’re shopping in. You will still have to pay VAT or sales tax, but this is now calculated after the order is placed, and is normally invoiced after the delivery has been completed.

Are Asetek products now cheaper than before?

The answer to this question is both yes and no. If you’re shopping in Europe, nothing has changed. If you’re buying from the North American or Global stores, you will see lower prices for each Asetek product, and at the checkout.

ProductOld USD PriceNew USD Price
Invicta wheel base$1549.99$1299.99
Forte wheel base$1049.99$899.99
La Prima wheel base$749.99$679.99

The price you pay on the Asetek website in these regions will be lower than before. However, you will still have to pay the VAT or sales tax after placing your order. This is generally invoiced at a later date, or as the products are shipped into your country.

Different countries handle VAT and sales tax differently, as do different states in the USA. So the price you do end up paying after VAT or sales tax has been invoiced and paid, could well be lower than before. Although, most likely, it’ll end up being the same.

How much cheaper are Asetek products now?

With a 20% reduction across all Asetek products in North America and the Global store, prices have seen a pretty big discount. Below are the old and new prices for a range of popular Asetek sim racing products.

ProductOld USD PriceNew USD Price
Round Leather Wheel$119.99$99.99
Round Comfort+ Wheel$159.99$134.99
Forte Formula Wheel$649.99$544.99

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Disclaimer: Some of the links on this page may be affiliate links. We may earn commission from any sale after clicking a link. Read our affiliate policy.