Asetek Release New Customisation Products: Handles, Colour Kits

Discover Asetek's new customisation products including new handles, colour kits, buttons and encoders. Create your perfect customised sim racing steering wheel.

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Asetek La Prima wheel LMP handles

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Asetek Sim Sports has had an exciting few years, with their range of wheel bases, pedals, and Forte Formula wheel all being incredibly well received. Up until recently, though, when buying a steering wheel, your wheel would have flashes of orange and black throughout.

This has all changed this week as Asetek announced they are opening up the customisation of their sim racing products and giving sim racers more opportunities to customise their products.

I’m going to look at all of Asetek’s new customisation products, how much each product costs, and how you can customise your Asetek steering wheel.

How does Asetek product customisation work?

When you buy an Asetek steering wheel, whether the La Prima or Forte Formula wheels or one of the wheel rim and button box combinations, you can now add a range of customisation options to your order.

You’ll see a new customisation icon on the Asetek website. This icon appears on any item that is compatible with the steering wheel you’re buying.

Asetek customisation products

Customising the software

With all Asetek products, there is a lot of in-built customisation. You can adjust the colour and behaviour of a range of LEDs that feature across the face of all steering wheels, wheel bases, and pedals.

You can choose from a full spectrum of RGB colours for each LED individually and even sync your devices together. For example, you can make the wheel base LEDs flash when you need to change gear.

Below is a clip of my Asetek Forte steering wheel and wheel base showcasing the RGB integration across both products.

Customising the hardware

The newly introduced customisation kits let you add to the software customisation by changing the appearance and design of your steering wheels. You can choose from a range of different handles and grips to new button caps and encoder designs.

Pairing the hardware changes with the endless software customization that Asetek’s RaceHub software offers results in a steering wheel that can be truly personalised to you.

What new customisation products have been released?

Asetek’s new customisation options include a set of new handle designs for the Formula steering wheels and colour kits that include new button cap colours.

New handle designs

Asetek has launched a range of new handles and grips compatible with the Forte and La Prima Formula wheels. This is the first time we have been able to swap out the handles on the Formula steering wheel with official Asetek parts.

The two new handles available include an LMP-style handle featuring a closed-bottom design. These handles follow similar ergonomics to the standard open-bottom handles on the La Prima and Forte steering wheels, ensuring maximum comfort while sim racing.

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    The other handle style available is a suede variant of formula-style handles. These follow similar design principles to the standard rubber handles but with a more motorsport-feeling suede.

    These two new handle styles add to the older Formula XL handles, which had a chunkier grip style compared to the grips included with the Formula wheels.

    LMP handles€87.49
    Suede Formula handles€124.99

    Customisable button caps and colour kits

    A variety of new button colours are also available. The steering wheel button colour kit includes a range of different-coloured button caps that can be easily swapped onto your wheel.

    With this colour kit, you’ll get new handle cushions in various colours and coloured vinyl for the quick-release latch. This lets you completely overhaul your Formula steering wheel, moving away from the black and orange aesthetic.

    Button colour kit€37.49
    Orange buttons and encoders€16.24

    How much do the new products cost?

    Each of the new customisable parts varies in price. They are all relatively low-cost compared to the steering wheels’ price. Unfortunately, if you wish to buy any customisable parts, they are an extra add-on cost on top of the wheel itself. You cannot change out the original wheel parts during an order to save on the price.

    Hopefully, Asetek will consider adding this in the future so you can build your own wheel and have it delivered to you from the factory according to your specifications.

    The smaller cosmetic items, including the orange encoders and button colour kit, cost €16-€37. The larger customisable handles are more expensive, ranging from €87-€125.

    This price is relatively average for customisable parts, however, adding these on top of the steering wheel cost can result in a significantly more expensive overall product.

    How to customise Asetek’s products? Is it easy to do yourself?

    It may seem daunting to start deconstructing your expensive sim racing products. The thought of taking a steering wheel apart, and breaking something plagues us all. The good news is that customising an Asetek product is incredibly easy, and only takes a few minutes to do.

    Swapping Asetek handles

    Changing the handles that are included on an Asetek Formula wheel with either the LMP or suede addons takes a few minutes and only requires an Allen Key and Torx screwdriver.

    1. Start by laying your wheel facedown on a soft surface so you don’t scratch anything.
    2. Detach the shifter paddle by loosening the screw at the rear of the shifter. You can then slide the paddle outwards and unscrew the screw holding the shifter to the wheel.
    3. With the shifter paddles removed, you can remove the existing handles by unscrewing all four Torx screws. Two are at the top, and two are behind the shifter’s position.
    4. With these screws undone, you can completely remove the handles.
    5. Now remove the handle cushions from the old handles and place them back on the new handles. If you have the colour kit, you can use any of the new colours included.
    6. Position the new handles back into position, and repeat the steps in reverse. Screw the handles to the wheel’s chassis and then reattach the shifter paddles.

    How to swap button caps

    The easier customisation job is replacing the button caps with the ones found in the new Asetek colour kit. These can really quickly be replaced and require no tools at all.

    To swap the button cap, you need only pry the old cap off the steering wheel. This can be done using any pry tool that can get under the button cap.

    With the old button cap removed, simply firm-press the new cap into place. Repeat this process for as many buttons as you wish to customise.

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    Disclaimer: Some of the links on this page may be affiliate links. We may earn commission from any sale after clicking a link. Read our affiliate policy.