Asetek Buyers Guide: Which Asetek Wheel Is Right For You?

Like many sim racing brands, Asetek has a few different racing wheels that span across different product ranges. But which is right for you and what is the difference? We find out in this Asetek buyers guide.

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Asetek Forte Wheel base LED Lights

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Asetek Sim Sports Buyers Guide

Asetek are relatively new to sim racing, however, that hasn’t stopped them from producing a wide range of sim racing products from direct drive wheel bases to class-leading sim racing pedals.

They’ve released a good number of different products across different budgets and product ranges, and even created partnerships with some of the biggest car manufacturers such as Pagani.

So, if you want to jump into this exciting ecosystem of new sim racing products, where should you start? What is compatibility with other products like, and which product range should you consider?

In this ultimate Asetek ecosystem overview and buyers guide, I’m going to cover all of those questions, and break down all of the products that Asetek currently offer.

Asetek Product Range Comparison

Before jumping too far into each specific product, I’ll first look at each product range that Asetek offer. Currently, they have three distinct product ranges, each with its own pros and cons.

La Prima range

The Asetek La Prima range is the entry point into Asetek’s ecosystem. It provides the most budget-friendly products. These products are the lowest performing products that Asetek offer, although that doesn’t mean they should be avoided.

The La Prima wheel base as an example still produces 12Nm of peak torque from its direct drive technology. This is still more than many premium offerings from other sim racing companies.

Forte range

The Asetek Forte product range is home to the mid-range selection of sim racing products. Here you will find products that are more premium and perform better than those in the La Prima range.

This is a great place to start as you will be getting high-performing products without necessarily opting for the most expensive option. This range includes the impressive Asetek Forte Formula Wheel which is compatible with all of Asetek’s wheel bases.

Invicta range

The Invicta range is Asetek’s most impressive product lineup. The Asetek Invicta wheel base and pedals are the best that the Danish company offers. The wheel base produces up to 27Nm of peak torque, and the Invicta pedal set features a fully hydraulic brake pedal.

These are the sim racing products to opt for if you are after the absolute best levels of performance from your sim racing gear.


La Prima Range





Asetek La Prima Range
Asetek Forte Range
Asetek Invicta Product Range


12Nm direct drive


18Nm direct drive
Wheel base price €799.99


27Nm direct drive
Wheel base price €1,199.99


Formula wheel

12 push buttons

3 rotary encoders

15 LED lights


Formula wheel

12 push buttons

9 encoders

21 LED lights
Wheel price €479.99


Hydraulic pedals
180kg pedal force
Adjustable pedal stops
Adjustable travel settings
Pedal price €713


Load cell pedals
Clutch sold seperately


Load cell pedals
180kg pedal force
Pedal price €419


From €1,079.99

Asetek upgrade path

One thing to note when choosing which Asetek product to opt for, is that Asetek has promised a unique set of upgrades that will become available for their wheel bases and pedals. These upgrades will allow you to upgrade the performance of a La Prima or Forte product to a Forte or Invicta level.

This is unheard of within sim racing, with most brands choosing to lock their high-end products behind completely different designs, chassis and technology.

This allows sim racers to spread the cost of upgrading their sim racing setup over months and years. You can opt to purchase a lower-cost La Prima wheelbase as an example. And then over time purchase the upgrade kit to increase performance without having to purchase a brand new wheel base.

At the time of writing, these upgrades haven’t been released, but have been spoken about by Asetek. We’ll update this guide once the upgrades have been launched.

Wheel bases

While Asetek started their sim racing journey with a set of sim racing pedals, they now offer three different wheel bases. There is one wheel base for each product range from the La Prima up to the Invicta, each with different levels of performance.

Asetek Wheel Base Lineup

All three wheel bases offer a direct drive platform which ensures that force feedback detail and fidelity will be high. And each wheel base utilises the same technology making some of the performance the same across all three.

The big difference is the maximum torque available from each wheel base. The La Prima and Forte offer less peak performance than the Invicta, but come in at a lower price point.

  • La Prima wheel base: 12Nm of peak torque
  • Forte wheel base: 18Nm of peak torque
  • Invicta wheel base: 27Nm of peak torque

Steering wheels

Asetek doesn’t currently offer the same level of choice when it comes to steering wheels. Currently, there is only one steering wheel which you can purchase individually, and that is the Asetek Forte Formula Wheel.

This steering wheel is an incredibly impressive formula-style sim racing wheel rim and features excellent build quality with a huge number of inputs.

You can watch a full review of the Asetek Forte Formula Wheel below.

Other than the Forte steering wheel, Asetek does also have a La Prima steering wheel. However, this currently cannot be purchased individually. Instead, it is only available to buy as part of the La Prima sim racing bundle.

This La Prima bundle includes everything you need to start sim racing including a direct drive wheel base, the La Prima steering wheel and a set of pedals.

The La Prima steering wheel features the same overall shape and design philosophy that the Forte wheel base has, although some features have been stripped out. The carbon fibre faceplate is gone, and so are some of the inputs such as thumb encoders.

  • La Prima steering wheel: Only available as part of the La Prima bundle
  • Forte steering wheel: Only steering wheel currently available to buy individually.


Sim racing pedals is where it all began for Asetek. The first sim racing product Asetek ever launched was the Invicta sim racing pedals, and they remain to this day the highest-performing pedals that they currently sell.

Asetek Invicta sim racing pedals

There are also Forte pedals which feature a load cell brake instead of the hydraulic brake that is found on the Invicta pedals. And finally, La Prima pedals are also available, and these feature a slightly stripped-back design with a much simpler throttle pedal.

As a slight left-turn, Asetek also partnered with supercar manufacturer Pagani to produce a branded set of Pagani Huayra sim racing pedals. These offer a hydraulic brake similar to the Invicta set but include a unique design that looks similar to the pedals found in a Pagani road car.

  • La Prima pedals: Entry level, least functionality
  • Forte pedals: Mid-range pedal set with a load cell brake
  • Invicta pedals: Full hydraulic brake pedal
  • Pagani Huayra pedals: Branded Pagani pedal set, similar in performance to the Invicta pedals

Which Asetek racing wheel should you choose?

Hopefully, this Asetek buyers guide has helped you decide which product range that Asetek offer is right for you. A lot comes down to your budget and your plan for how your sim racing setup will grow in the future.

Thanks to Asetek’s unique product upgrades that will be available shortly, you can start at the lower end of the product lineup and upgrade over time. This may be the best path to avoid increased upfront costs that can be an issue when buying a premium sim racing wheel.

If you are still undecided about which Asetek wheel to choose, below is a very quick overview of each of their wheels.

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