2023 Asetek Black Friday Deals Revealed

Asetek has announced what their Black Friday 2023 deals and discounts will include. Here is all of the information about the Asetek Black Friday sale for 2023.

Asetek Forte Wheel Button Box

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Asetek has become the latest sim racing brand to announce their Black Friday deals for 2023. We have a complete list of deals that you’ll be able to grab during the Black Friday week, along with the exact date when the deals will go live.

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When does the Asetek Friday sale start in 2023?

While Asetek has announced what deals and discounts they’ll be running for Black Friday, unfortunately, the deals don’t start just yet. Instead, Asetek has announced their deals early to give you a chance to have a think on what you want to buy.

The Asetek Black Friday deals will go live on the 20th November 2023, and they’ll end on the 26th November.

Below are a couple of quick links to the Asetek Sim Sports online shop where you will be able to find all of their deals and discounts. If you’re buying something before the sale starts, or looking to pick up something not in the Black Friday sale, you can still get 5% off your order using our code simracingsetup.

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Watch our 2023 sim racing Black Friday deals video

Below is a video that rounds up all of the best sim racing Black Friday deals of 2023 so far.

What deals are there in the Asetek Black Friday sale?

OK, so on to the good bit, what exactly is going to be discounted during this sale? With most Asetek sim racing products being quite high-end, any sort of discount is worth using when you get the chance.

The really big discount for this sale is without a doubt the Pagani Huayra R sim racing pedals. These pedals carry the official Pagani branding, and feature hydraulic pedals to really mimic a real-world car pedal. For many of us, these pedals are the closest we’ll ever get to driving a Pagani!

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These pedals feature a 25% discount which considering the original price relates to quite a big discount. They’re going to be reduced from $999.99/€840.33 down to $749.99/€630.24.

Shop the Asetek Pagani Huayra R sim racing pedals

The Pagani pedals are the only big ticket item that is discounted in Asetek’s Black Friday sale. There are a large number of other reduced items, however, the discounts are mainly limited to accessories and upgrades rather than wheel bases and pedals.

Some of the best picks from Asetek’s sale are the wheel base mounts which are ideal if you’re picking up a new racing wheel. The front mount, tilting mount and the bottom mount are all half price during Black Friday week.

ItemOriginal PriceBlack Friday Price
Pagani Huayra R Sim Racing Pedals999,99$/840,33€749.99$/630,24€
Invicta™ Sim Racing Boots99,99$/84,00€49,99$/42,00€
Forte® Pedal Face Plates x359,99$/50,41€29,99$/25,20€
Forte® Pedal Face Plates x239,99$/33,61€19,99$/16,80€
Invicta™ Pedal Face Plates39,99$/33,61€19,99$/16,80€
Universal Footrest39,99$/33,61€19,99$/16,80€
Invicta™ Long Travel Kit19,99$/16,80€9,99$/8,40€
Elastomer Kit49,99$/42,01€24,99$/21,00€
Firm Throttle Spring9,99$/8,39€4,99$/4,19€
Asetek SimSports® Front Mount149,99$/126,04€74,99$/63,02€
Asetek SimSports® Wheelbase Mount With Tilt59,99$/89,99€29,99$/44,99€
Asetek SimSports® Bottom Mount69,99$/58,82€34,99$/29,41€
Sim Racing Steering Wheel Wall Mount14,99$/12,60€7,49$/6,30€
Clutch Paddles44,99$/37,81€22,50$/18,90€
Magnetic Input Paddles44,99$/37,81€22,50$/18,90€
Orange buttons (Encoders + 7-way)14,99$/12,60€7,49$/6,30€
XL Handles99,99$/84,03€49,99$/42,00€
Asetek SimSports® MousePad14,99$/12,60€7,49$/6,30€
Asetek SimSports® Cap19,99$/16,80€9,99$/8,40€

To view all of the Asetek discounts, visit our Asetek 2023 Black Friday deals tracker.

Get a 5% discounts on all Asetek products

If the Asetek sim racing product that you’re after isn’t included in the discounts list above, you can still get 5% off when you buy anything either before or during the Black Friday week.

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Win a free gift with your order

As well as offering some pretty large discounts, Asetek are giving sim racers the opportunity to win free gifts. They’re installing a wheel of fortune-style spinning prize selector on their website during Black Friday week.

When you visit the Asetek website you can spin the wheel with the chance of winning a free gift. These free gifts include mousepads, a car and free boots.

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