Are Fanatec Black Friday Deals Worth Waiting For?

We're heading towards Black Friday season, and with so many products available many might be asking "are Fanatec Black Friday deals worth it?" I'll look at whether you should wait for any Fanatec Black Friday deals or not.

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Fanatec Triple Wheel Bundle Black Friday Deal

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Update – The Fanatec Black Friday 2023 sale is now live. View all deals here.

Fanatec is coming off the back of a big few months with the announcement of the ClubSport DD wheel base along with the launch of the much anticipated QR2 quick release. The next big event that we’re all eager for is the Fanatec Black Friday 2023 sale. And our question in this guide is, are the Fanatec Black Friday deals worth waiting for?

I’ll look at previous Black Friday sales and some predictions for what could be included in this year’s Fanatec Black Friday sale. Ultimately with the goal of helping you decide whether the sales are worth waiting for this year.

Everything we know about the Fanatec Black Friday sale 2023

Before looking at last year’s sale and some predictions for 2023, let’s take a look at what we know so far about the 2023 Fanatec Black Friday sale. Well, this will be a short section because we don’t know much currently.

We do know that Fanatec’s Black Friday sale will almost certainly run from Friday 24th November through to Monday 27th November. In previous years, these are the dates that Fanatec always used for their sale. Occasionally, they’ll extend their sale past Cyber Monday.

Other than this, Fanatec has been tight-lipped about their Black Friday sale. This is very normal for Fanatec, with a big reveal normally happening just before the sale starts.

What was on sale last year?

Ok, the 2022 Fanatec Black Friday sale was a really good one. There were numerous Black Friday specific bundles that represented pretty good discounts. Fanatec also discounted some of their most popular sim racing wheels and pedals.

If you were shopping for a new Fanatec steering wheel or pedals, you would almost certainly have found something that you liked. Some of the bundles included the most popular steering wheels being paired together.

If you already owned a Fanatec wheel base and fancied picking up some new steering wheels, they ran wheel-specific bundles. There were some bundles that simply paired steering wheels together to form a cheaper bundle compared to buying multiple products individually.

The 2022 sale was in stark contrast to the 2021 Black Friday sale, which was rather disappointing. During 2021, Fanatec only offered small discounts on a few items. No wheel bases were included, instead, there were only a few steering wheels and accessories included in the sale. That was it.

Hopefully, the 2023 Fanatec Black Friday sale will be much more like last year’s event rather than the 2021 sale!

Current Fanatec deals and discounts

One area which can have an impact on whether you wait for the Fanatec Black Friday sale is the current deals that Fanatec are running. Fanatec rarely run discounts throughout the year, however, this year has been a bit different.

Fanatec currently has discounts available on a range of products including the CSL DD wheel base and the DD1 wheel base.

Fanatec CSL DD with €150 discount

Currently, you can buy a Fanatec CSL DD reduced to just €199.95 as long as you buy it with a steering wheel and pedal set. This is a pretty insane discount and is ideal for sim racers looking to buy into the Fanatec ecosystem for the first time.

It is likely that this CSL DD deal won’t be beaten on Black Friday, as it represents a huge €150 off one of the most popular Fanatec wheel bases.

Fanatec DD1 with a €200 discount

The other really good deal that Fanatec is currently running is the powerful DD1 wheel base with a €200 discount. You can currently buy the Fanatec DD1 for just €999.95 rather than its usual price of €1,199.95.

This deal includes the new QR2 quick release upgrade and again probably won’t be beaten on Black Friday as it is a pretty great deal.

Check all current Fanatec deals and discounts here.

Will stock be an issue on Black Friday?

The final thing I want to talk about is always a big issue when Fanatec announces sales and new products, and that is their website availability and stock levels. Every time Fanatec make a big announcement, their website gets flooded with visitors and there is quite often downtime.

During these downtime moments, the Fanatec website becomes inaccessible and you’re unable to place any orders. This makes it hard to get an order completed before the stock levels run out, and can sometimes result in a product becoming sold out.

This will almost certainly be an issue during the 2023 Black Friday sale, and placing an order may be very hard. Especially at the beginning of the sale event.

If you want to avoid this, you can make use of the current Fanatec deals that are available. Or you could wait until later during the weekend when the traffic has settled down. However, the second approach could result in the product you want becoming sold out.

Fanatec Black Friday 2023 predictions

So now that we’ve looked at last year’s sale event along with any potential issues that could arise during this year’s event, let’s take a look at some predictions for this year’s Black Friday sale.

Fanatec CSL DD Black Friday bundles

As I mentioned, the CSL DD currently has a big discount available. It’s likely this will continue to run into Black Friday, but I would expect following the success of last year, Fanatec will announce some Black Friday specific bundles.

These are likely to include some steering wheels that aren’t typically paired with the CSL DD. There may even be bundles that include multiple steering wheels along with the CSL DD wheel base.

QR2 deals

The QR2 quick release has been talked about for what seems like years. Now it is here, Fanatec may want to make a big deal about getting it into the hands of as many sim racers as possible.

I doubt that the QR2 itself will be reduced. However, I would expect to see some bundles that include the QR2 quick release. These could include a wheel base and steering wheel combination, along with the new QR2 quick release.

Podium wheel base discounts

Fanatec updated their entry-level and mid-level product ranges with the CSL DD a few years ago and the ClubSport DD just being announced. The next product range to be updated will be the high-end Podium range.

If Fanatec is planning an update or replacement for the DD1 and DD2 wheel bases, it is likely that these two premium products could be discounted during Black Friday.

Also, the DD1 wheel base currently has a large discount available, and the Podium F1 racing wheel was discontinued early this year. These signs all lead towards bigger discounts being available during Black Friday 2023.

Where to see all Fanatec Black Friday deals?

We have a dedicated Fanatec Black Friday 2023 hub where we will be bringing you all of their deals and discounts. That page will be updated as soon as we get any news about Fanatec Black Friday sales, so I’d recommend bookmarking it or checking back regularly for updates.

If you are not planning on waiting until Black Friday, check out all current Fanatec deals and discounts here.

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