All of Trak Racer’s Black Friday Deals 2022 Detailed

Trak Racer has unveiled their Black Friday deals for 2022. There are a huge number of products on sale. Here are all of the details about every product included in the sale.

Trak Racer Black Friday Deals

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2023 Update: Trak Racer has launched all of their 2023 Black Friday deals. View all Trak Racer Black Friday deals 2023 here.

Trak Racer started their Black Friday sale event early, with all products already discounted. This year, Trak Racer have stretched their Black Friday sale to include discounts across almost every product in their store.

You can find every Trak Racer sim rig, cockpit and wheel stand discounted. And the sale also extends to products from other brands such as SimuCube.

If you are in the market for a sim rig this week, then Track Racer has you covered with their wide range of discounts. Below I’ll highlight all of the best deals and discounts on offer.

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What Trak Racer products are discounted?

Trak Racer has discounted every single one of their products for this year’s Black Friday. There is a site-wide 15% off sale on every Trak Racer product.

15% Sale on all Trak Racer products

The 15% off sale applies to every single Trak Racer product including sim rigs through to accessories.

Trak Racer offers a wide range of sim rigs, cockpits and racing seats. All of these have received the discount ensuring that sim racers with different sim rig requirements are catered for.

The brand new Trak Racer TRX is on sale with £/$210 off the RRP price. And deliveries are starting in Q4 2022 so are imminent.

Some of the highlights of the Trak Racer sale include;

  • TR160 Sim rig – Now $745/£653 (£1399 / $1400)
  • TR8 Pro Sim Rig – Now $589/£565 (£665 / $693)
  • TR120 Simulator – From £509 / $572 (£599 / $673)
  • TR80 Mk5 Simulator – From £483 / $549 (£569 / $647)
  • RS6 Simulator – From £381 / $392 (£449 / $462)
  • TR80 Lite Simulator – From £381 / $392 (£449 / $462)
  • FS3 Wheel Stand – £126 / $152 (£149 / $199)

10% Sale of electronics including wheel bases

Trak Racer has also recently announced a sale on a wide range of other non-Trak Racer sim racing products. These include wheel bases, steering wheels, and more.

Unlike the Trak Racer 15% off sale, the electronics sale only includes a discount of 10%. And it also only runs for a limited time.

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The Trak Racer electronics sale is only available between Thursday the 24th and Saturday the 26th of November.

The 10% off electronics sale includes brands such as Simucube, Rexing, VNM and more.

This means you can pick up a premium direct drive wheel base such as the Simucube 2 Ultimate wheel base for 10% less than normal.

A few top picks from the Trak Racer electronics sale include;

  • Simucube 2 Ultimate£2,698 £2,428
  • Gomez GSI Formula Elite wheel£1,546 £1,391
  • Simucube Tahko GT-21£709 £638
  • VNM Racing pedals£629 £566

The prices above may change once the sale starts.

The Trak Racer $9000/£8000 giveaway

As part of their Black Friday sale, Trak Racer are also running an $9000/£8000 giveaway.

This giveaway includes the following sim racing products;

  • Meca Pedals
  • Meca Shifter
  • Meca Handbrake
  • Rexing GT Wheel
  • Rexing F1 Wheel
  • Simucube Ultimate Wheel Base

This giveaway will provide you with a range of extremely high-end sim racing gear. You will have everything you need to start racing right away or to upgrade your current sim racing setup.

To enter this giveaway, you have to spend at least $/£500 and this will give you 5 entries into the giveaway. Signing up to the Trak Racer newsletter will give you a single entry. And if you spend over $/£1000 during the period, you will get 10 entries.

The giveaway offer runs from the 1st November through to the 31st December 2022. After the end of 2022, all entries will be entered into the prize draw to win the grand prize.

When does the Trak Racer Black Friday event start?

Trak Racer were one of the first sim racing brands to announce and start their Black Friday deals. The sale started incredibly early, and is currently live now.

Any purchase on the Trak Racer website will include the 15% discount automatically, with all prices reflecting the sale price.

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Trak Racer Black Friday FAQs

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Disclaimer: Some of the links on this page may be affiliate links. We may earn commission from any sale after clicking a link. Read our affiliate policy.