2023 Trak Racer Black Friday Deals Now Live

Trak Racer has revealed their 2023 Black Friday deals with a discount across all of their sim racing products. Read our guide on what is included in the sale and when the deals go live.

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Trak Racer is the second sim racing cockpit brand to launch their Black Friday sales early. Following GT Omega’s announcement of their Black Friday deals, Trak Racer has launched their sale with a site-wide discount that is available on all of their products.

To celebrate Black Friday, Trak Racer is also running a huge giveaway with over €22,000 worth of prizes for one lucky winner. Below is all the information about this giveaway along with the Trak Racer Black Friday sale 2023.

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When does the Trak Racer Black Friday sale start in 2023?

Trak Racer has announced their Black Friday sale for 2023, and they have launched it immediately. This means that the sale is live on their website now and runs from today until 30th November 2023.

Below are a couple of quick links to the regional Trak Racer stores where you can find all of their deals and discounts.

Watch our 2023 sim racing Black Friday deals video

Below is a video that rounds up all of the best sim racing Black Friday deals of 2023 so far.

What is discounted in the Trak Racer sale?

Trak Racer hasn’t launched specific deals for this year’s Black Friday event. Instead, they have a site-wide 15% discount across all of their sim racing cockpits, rigs and accessories.

The Trak Racer Black Friday sale includes every single sim racing cockpit including popular rigs such as the TRX, TR160 and TR8 Pro. Check out our review of the Trak Racer TR8 Pro if you’re considering buying one.

Some of the biggest savings can be found on Trak Racer’s more expensive cockpits. The Alpine Racing TRX cockpit for example has a $/£150 discount bringing the price down to $/£849. Below are a few other great discounts that are available now.

ProductDiscount AmountPrice
Alpine Racing TRX$/£150$/£849
TR160 Mk4$134 / £105$745 / £594
TR8 Pro$104 / £93$589 / £526
TR120$104 / £84$569 / £475
FS3 Wheel Stand$30 / £23$169 / £126

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Disclaimer: Some of the links on this page may be affiliate links. We may earn commission from any sale after clicking a link. Read our affiliate policy.