MOZA Racing Sim Racing Products

This page is your hub for everything MOZA Racing. Below, we have compiled a range of product guides, how-to tutorials and setting guides for MOZA Racing products.

Where To Buy MOZA Products

The best place to buy MOZA Racing products is from their own web shop. MOZA distribute and sell products world wide. The links below are affiliate links. Using thes links won't affect the price you pay, but will earn us a small commission. Thankyou to everyone who has used one of our affiliate links in the past!

MOZA Racing Product Guides

Below are our most recent MOZA Racing product guides. These guides include comparisons between different MOZA products, and with other brands. There are also guides designed to help you find the best MOZA products, along with various how-to guides showing you how to use your MOZA sim racing products to their full potential.

MOZA Racing Frequently Asked Questions

Your most commonly asked MOZA questions answered.

Is MOZA Racing a good sim racing brand?

MOZA Racing has risen to popularity in a very short span of time. Unlike many sim racing companies that have been around for a long time, MOZA is relatively new to sim racing. However, the products that they have produced so far are all of excellent quality.

Are MOZA Racing wheels compatible with Xbox or PS5?

Currently, no MOZA Racing wheel works with Xbox or PS5. They are only PC compatible.

Where can I buy MOZA wheels in the UK, USA & Canada?

MOZA sells all of their products and distributes them worldwide, making its own web store the best place to purchase. MOZA Also utilise some resellers in different regions including GT Omega and Abruzzi.