Where To Buy iRacing For The Best Price

iRacing features a unique sim racing membership. Instead of a one time purchase, you subscribe to iRacing each month. This guide runs through the best place to buy iRacing to get the best price.

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Where to buy iracing

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Subscribe directly via iRacing Website

Potentially the best way to buy and subscribe to iRacing is direct via their own website. Subscribing at iRacing.com will ensure you only pay the base membership price, which is currently $13 per month. If you decide to purchase from a different online storefront, you may be paying a slightly inflated price.

Another great reason to purchase iRacing from their own website is to make use of their promo codes. This is especially useful if you’re a new iRacing member. New members can make use of some pretty good iRacing discounts when buying from iRacing directly.

Currently, iRacing is running 40% off new memberships. You can lock this price in from 1 month through to 2 years to make the most of the promotional price.

iRacing Promo Codes 2021

How to subscribe to iRacing

Getting started with iRacing is a nice and easy process. Below is a step by step guide on how to subscribe to iRacing.

  1. Head over to the iRacing.com membership page.
  2. Choose one of the introductory offers and click signup. Alternatively, if you have a promotional code, you can enter that in the box below and click submit.
  3. You’ll then be taken to a registration page. Fill out all of your details here and click the next button.
  4. Accept the iRacing Terms of Use / EULA & Privacy Policies.
  5. Then fill out your payment details on the next page.
  6. Once you have submitted your payment details, you will then be an iRacing member. You can now proceed to download the iRacing app and start racing!

View all working iRacing codes for 2022.

Once you’re an iRacing member, you can download the iRacing app. You can also start racing in the Rookie series. For more information on the first things to do when new to iRacing, read our guide on how to progress in iRacing.

Buy from Steam

iRacing Steam

As mentioned above, you can choose to purchase iRacing from your favourite online storefront. Steam allows you to purchase a regular iRacing subscription, or make use of the introductory offers if you don’t currently have an active membership.

If you purchase iRacing from Steam, your billing will be handled through Steam each month. Rather than being billed by iRacing directly, your monthly subscription will be paid directly to Steam.

While this can be good to ensure all of your game receipts and order details are kept in one place. It does mean that if you are from a country outside of the US, you may be paying more for your iRacing subscription than you need to.

For example, purchasing iRacing from iRacing directly will cost you $13 per month at full price. This is converted to your local currency by your payment gateway. If purchasing in GBP for example, your $13 subscription will cost you roughly £11 depending on conversion fees. In Euros, this will be converted to around €12.20.

However, if you purchase iRacing directly through Steam from the UK, you will be charged £12.99 each month. That is just under £2 more every month when purchasing from Steam.

For this reason, I would highly recommend purchasing your subscription through iRacing’s website.

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    You can link iRacing to Steam even if you purchase from iRacing directly. This will allow you to launch iRacing from Steam and keep track of your stats in Steam.

    Follow our guide on how to link iRacing to Steam.

    Buy from Epic

    iRacing Epic Games Store

    Much like purchasing iRacing from Steam, you can also purchase from the Epic Games Store. This works in a similar way to purchasing via Steam. You can manage all payments through the Epic Games Store, however, you will most likely pay a premium price each month.

    Just as I mentioned in the Steam segment above, I would still highly recommend purchasing iRacing from their own website directly. Epic acts as a middle man allowing you to launch iRacing from their own platform. While this may appeal to those invested in the Epic platform, you can end up paying more for your iRacing subscription.

    How to get the best iRacing price

    It’s no secret that iRacing can be a costly hobby. Unlike other racing sims that require a simple one time purchase, iRacing runs an exclusively subscription-based service. This does allow iRacing to focus more on releasing consistent new content with large build updates each season.

    However, when subscribing to iRacing for the first time it can be daunting to think about the monthly spending commitment. One of the best ways to minimise this commitment is to try and get the best intro deal you can when first subscribing.

    iRacing introductory offers

    You can get a better iRacing price by making use of the intro subscription for longer periods of time. If you know that you’ll be subscribing to iRacing for a long period of time, it is a good plan to lock in the lower intro price.

    You can choose to subscribe for 24 months at the 40% discounted price. That equates to just $4.97 each month rather than $13.

    Subscribe to iRacing at their membership page here.

    iRacing membership duration

    When buying iRacing for the first time, you can choose between a variety of durations. Each extended duration length allows you to lock in the discounted intro offer for longer. Each duration is below;

    • 1 month – $7.80 (40% off)
    • 3 months – $19.80 ($6.60/month)
    • 12 months – $66.00 ($5.50/month)
    • 24 months – $119.40 ($4.97/month)

    As you can see, subscribing for longer periods really does bring your monthly cost down. In comparison, if you were to use the 3-month subscription at $19.80. You would then revert to the standard price of $13 each month for your fourth month.

    Across a whole year this method would cost you;

    • First 3 months – $7.80
    • Monthly cost from months 4 – 12 – $13
    • Total cost for a year – $124.80

    There is a large difference between the $124.80 yearly cost compared to using the 12-month promo of just $66. This would result in a net saving of $58.80. This could be used on purchasing additional content such as cars and tracks.

    Of course, weighing up which intro offer is right for you depends on a few factors. Are you certain that you’ll be playing in 12 months time? If not, then consider a shorter membership period. You certainly don’t want to be paying for a year-long membership if you only fancy trying iRacing for a month.

    However, these membership deals are only available to new users. You won’t be able to access them or use them if you have had an iRacing membership in the past and are looking to resubscribe.

    iRacing promo codes

    As you can see, iRacing can be pretty expensive if you subscribe at full price. You’ll be paying the full price membership every month until you stop playing. This is why it may be best to make the most of the introductory iRacing offers available or promotional discount codes.

    If you are completely new to iRacing, you will see iRacing’s discounted price on the membership page as I mentioned above. These prices are designed to allow you to try iRacing for a cheaper price initially.

    As well as the introductory price that is available year-round, iRacing does also run time-based promo codes. These promo codes can give you even better prices than the intro offers.

    For example, at the time of writing, iRacing is currently running a promotional code that offers you 3 Months for $4.78. This is possibly the best price you can try iRacing for. This is less than half the cost of a single month at full price.

    View all currently working iRacing promo codes here.

    Often, these discounted membership prices are only available to new iRacing members. Sometimes certain promo codes will work for iRacing members with lapsed subscriptions.

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