What is included in an iRacing subscription in 2024?

iRacing offers sim racers a subscription-based service to competitively race online. But what is included with your iRacing subscription in 2024? We find out in this guide.

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iRacing has been one of the most popular racing sim platforms across the past ten years. If you’re transitioning over to iRacing from other racing sim titles such as Assetto Corsa Competizione, the subscription plus premium model that iRacing uses can seem a little strange.

Many racing sims utilise traditional buying options. With games such as ACC, Automobilista 2, Gran Turismo and more, you generally purchase the game which unlocks all base game content. And then you have the option of buying additional content which is released periodically.

With iRacing, that model is completely thrown out of the window, and instead, the developers have opted for a subscription based service. And this is with good reason, as iRacing is one of the most well supported racing sims in 2024, a full 15 years after the platform was first launch.

In this guide, I’ll look at exactly what content is included in a base iRacing subscription. And I’ll take a look at how to access additional content as you progress through your iRacing journey.

Why is iRacing a monthly subscription?

iRacing has opted for a subscription based model, which allows them to continue to support the popular racing sim. Each member pays their monthly subscription fee (can also be paid quarterly or annually) which grant them access to the iRacing servers.

Over time, if you stay an iRacing member for a long while, you will be paying much more than if you purchased a traditional game. However, if you are wanting to test out iRacing, the barrier of entry is incredibly low.

Utilising new member promo and discount deals, you can try out iRacing for a month or three months for much less than the cost of a full priced game. View our latest iRacing promo codes for the best new member deals.

What is included with an iRacing subscription?

With your core iRacing membership, you’ll gain access to a range of 18 cars and 27 different tracks. iRacing periodically add and remove cars from this list so these figures may change over time.

You can also start using iRacing’s online servers to compete against other drivers. The servers are always live, with scheduled races happening constantly throughout the day. If you don’t fancy racing against others online, you can run solo sessions to help you improve your time, try out a different car, or tinker with your car setups before a big race.

You also gain access to a relatively new feature, AI racing. This allows you to compete with a field of AI drivers offline. You can compete in single races or across full championships. And you can compete against the AI with a group of friends to provide you with a full field of cars.

With an iRacing subscription you get given a license rating. Your rating tracks various aspects of your competitiveness as you compete online. Over time your rating can go up or down, and you can be promoted or demoted across different license classes. Learn more about iRacing licenses and how to progress.

What cars come with iRacing?

Talking of the base content, let’s take a look at what cars come included with an iRacing membership. These are the free cars that are included in an iRacing subscription as soon as you subscribe.

You get a good selection of 18 cars currently included with iRacing. These span across all of the different racing disciplines available in iRacing. These disciplines include road racing, oval racing, dirt oval, dirt road and rallycross.

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This selection of included cars will allow you to try out the different forms of racing available. And they can also be used to progress you through and out of the Rookie class and into D class.

Read our complete iRacing guide to classes and licenses for more information on how the license system in iRacing works.

Below are all of the cars included with a base iRacing subscription. iRacing periodically add additional cars to be included for free, so this list may change and grow over time.


  • JR Motorsports Street Stock
  • Legends Ford ’34 Coupe
  • Chevrolet Silverado – Circa 2013

Road Cars

  • Toyota GR86
  • Mazda MX-5 Cup
  • Cadillac CTS-V
  • Kia Optima
  • Volkswagen Jetta TDi
  • Pontiac Solstice Club Sport

Open wheel

  • Formula Vee
  • Dallara DW12

Dirt Track

  • UMP Modified
  • Dirt Legends Ford ’34 Coupe
  • Dirt Street Stock


  • Radical SR8 V8
  • SCCA Spec Racer Ford


  • VW Beetle


  • Lucas Oil Off-Road Pro 2 Lite Truck

What tracks come with iRacing?

As well as a selection of 18 cars included for free with iRacing, you’ll also get a selection of tracks included with an iRacing membership. Much like the car disciplines above, there are a variety of tracks from ovals, to road courses and dirt tracks.

You can access these included tracks right away as soon as you are an iRacing member. And the majority of them are included in the Rookie series. These tracks are designed to allow you to get a feel for each iRacing discipline, and to be enough content to help you progress out of the Rookie series within each individual discipline.

A variety of these tracks also include multiple configurations, which actually boosts the overall track layout count, giving you a very respectable number of circuits to start racing on.

There are 27 tracks included for free with iRacing, with some featuring multiple configurations, boosting the overall number of circuit layouts. Below is every track included with an iRacing membership.

  • Centripetal Circuit
  • Charlotte Motor Speedway
  • Charlotte Motor Speedway 2008
  • Concord Speedway
  • Daytona International Speedway – Rallycross
  • Langley Speedway
  • Lanier National Speedway
  • Lanier National Speedway Dirt
  • Limalan Motorsports Park
  • Lime Rock Park
  • Lime Rock Park 2008
  • Okayama International Circuit
  • Oran Park Raceway
  • Outlon Park Circuit
  • Oxford Plains Speedway
  • Phoenix Raceway 2008
  • Rudskogen Motorsenter
  • South Boston Speedway
  • Southern National Motorsports Park
  • Summit Point Motorsports Park
  • Thompson Speedway Motorsports Park
  • Tsukuba Circuit
  • USA International Speedway
  • USA International Speedway Dirt
  • Virginia International Raceway
  • WeatherTech Raceway Laguna Seca
  • Wild West Motorsports Park

Do you have to buy everything on iRacing?

All of the above content is included for free with an iRacing membership, meaning you don’t have to purchase any of the above content. It will be immediately available to use as soon as you activate your membership.

Over time, iRacing will add additional free cars and tracks to the lists above, fleshing out their initial offering. This happens relatively slowly, with only a few free additions each year.

Other content including additional cars and tracks do need to be purchased. iRacing releases new car and track content each season (there are four seasons each calendar year).

New content can be purchased, with each car and track costing the same amount. Other than legacy content which costs less than active content.

Legacy is the term given to older content that is no longer used in any active series. For example, an old iteration of a car or track that has been replaced with a new car could be labelled as legacy content, meaning its price would be reduced.

The price for new content is;

  • Individual car = $11.95
  • Individual track = $11.95 or $14.95 (dependant on track)
  • Discounted car (legacy) = $2.95 or $4.95

For more information on the cost of everything in iRacing read our how much does iRacing cost guide. Alternatively, check out our guide on the cheapest way to start iRacing on a budget.

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