iRacing Promo Discount Codes 2023 – Confirmed & Working

iRacing is one of the most popular sim racing platforms, but discounts can be hard to find. Here are all of the current iRacing discount codes for 2023.

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iRacing Promo Codes 2023

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We have updated this guide for 2024. See our 2024 iRacing discount codes guide for the most up-to-date working iRacing promo codes.

All iRacing Discount Codes 2023

iRacing regularly has a range of promotional discount codes allowing new and existing members a discount on the cost of an iRacing membership.

Generally, you will find the best discounts around Black Friday, as iRacing has run big promotions each Black Friday for the past few years.

However, if it’s the height of summer, or you’ve just missed any Black Friday sale, don’t worry. iRacing does still have promos running throughout 2023, allowing you a cheaper way of getting into iRacing.

To prevent you from spending hours searching the web, we’ve collated all active iRacing promo codes. Below are all of the current iRacing promo codes that are running for 2023.

These codes can be directly redeemed on the iRacing membership page.

Get 40% off your iRacing membership

If you want to purchase a longer duration iRacing membership, you can do so with 40% off the RRP. iRacing currently offers 40% off all new iRacing memberships.

This means, across one year you will only pay $66 instead of $110. And across a two-year membership, you will save $80.

You can purchase your iRacing from the membership page here.

How to use iRacing discount codes?

iRacing discount codes can be applied directly via the iRacing membership sign up website.

Step 1

Follow this link to the iRacing membership sign up page.

Step 2

Either choose how long you want to subscribe to iRacing for, 1 month, 3 months, 1 year or 2 years. Or you can use the discount box directly below the membership options to apply your discount.

Step 3

You will then be taken to the payment and membership sign up form. Here you can enter your details including the email address you would like to use with your membership and your payment details.

You will have the chance to confirm the iRacing package you have chosen, and you can ensure your discount code has been correctly applied. Then simply complete this checkout to start your iRacing journey!

iRacing Promo Codes 2021

What is included in an iRacing subscription?

When you first sign up to iRacing you will have a selection of content included. This includes access to the game itself, a selection of cars to drive and race, as well as a decent selection of tracks to race on.

You will be able to gain entry to the first steps of the iRacing career path and start entering online competitions and seasons to progress your career.

17 Included Cars

You will initially get access to 17 cars to race within iRacing. And iRacing does add new free cars that are included with your base membership throughout the year so this number may increase.

All of these cars are officially licensed and are real-world race cars. Every car in iRacing is built using laser scan data allowing the iRacing car models to be some of the most realistic car models of any sim racing platform.

As you progress your iRacing career, you can purchase more cars to add to your garage as you go. You can buy cars individually or in bulk to receive a larger discount. There is more information below about iRacing discounts.

24 Included Tracks

With your iRacing membership, you get access to 24 real-world tracks. Much like the cars, iRacing does occasionally add new free content so this number may increase throughout 2023. You can also purchase more tracks to race on as you go. There are over 100 tracks in total in iRacing.

Again, these tracks have all been laser scanned for accuracy, and some come with multiple configurations.

iRacing Bulk Discounts

When it comes to purchasing extra content, you can purchase separate pieces of content individually. However, if you know you are looking for a few cars and tracks, you can get bulk discounts by purchasing more content at the same time.

The discounts that you can get are listed out below, and are well worth using if you know you will be looking for more content;

  • 10% Bulk Purchase Discount: Purchase any three to five pieces of content (cars/tracks) at once and receive 10% off the total.
  • 15% Bulk Purchase Discount: Purchase any six or more pieces of content (cars/tracks) at once and receive 15% off the total.
  • 20% Loyalty Discount: Purchase any 40 pieces of paid content (cars or tracks) and receive a 20% discount from that point forward. In other words, once you own any 40 pieces of content, every content purchase after that is automatically discounted by 20%.
  • 30% Loyalty Discount: Purchase all content or all remaining content and receive 30% off the total. Affectionately known as the 100% club by our members.

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Disclaimer: Some of the links on this page may be affiliate links. We may earn commission from any sale after clicking a link. Read our affiliate policy.