Can I Buy An iRacing Gift Card?

If you are looking for the perfect gift for a sim racer, an iRacing gift card is a fantastic option. Here is everything you need to know about iRacing gift cards and how to purchase them.

Can I buy an iRacing gift Card?
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How to buy an iRacing gift card?

iRacing gift cards can be purchased directly from iRacing themselves. Here is the link to their gift cards page.

To purchase a gift card follow the steps below. It is extremely easy to do, and you should have your gift card ready within a few minutes.

iRacing gift card values

Step 1
Visit the iRacing gift card page – Here is a direct link.

Step 2
Click the “Get yours today!” button.

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Step 3
Fill out the fields including the gift card value, the name and email address of the recipient, along with the date you would like the gift card delivered. Click the “Add to cart” button.

Step 4
Click the “Review and checkout” button. The next page will take you to your order summary where you can add additional gift cards if you would like to. These can be to multiple recipients.

Step 5
Follow the checkout process, starting with your email address through to your payment information. You don’t need an iRacing account to be able to purchase a gift card, and you can checkout as a guest.

Step 6
Place the order. Once you get to the end of the iRacing gift card checkout, click place order and you’re done! The recipient will then receive your gift card, with your personalised note if you added one on the date you specified in step 3.

What can be purchased with an iRacing gift card?

Gift cards can be sent to new or existing iRacing members and can be redeemed on a variety of things.

New members can use their gift card to purchase their first subscription, from 1 month up until 24 months depending on the gift card value.

Existing iRacing members can use their gift cards to either extend their current membership or to purchase in-game content. In-game content includes new cars and tracks for sim racers to race on and with in-game.

Over 100 cars and 100 tracks available

There are more than 100 cars and over 100 tracks in-game giving iRacing sim racers plenty of choices when purchasing new in-game content.

iRacing works using a subscription model, which grants players access to a selection of included content as well as the iRacing platform. Additional in-game content such as new cars and tracks are then purchased in-game. Players can use gift cards to make these purchases.

For a full guide on how iRacing works, read our ultimate beginners guide to iRacing.

Are there any iRacing discount codes?

iRacing does have some active promo codes for 2022. We have a complete guide that will show you all currently active promo codes. Read our iRacing promo code guide here.

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