iRacing Compatible Racing Wheels: Complete List

In this guide, I'll show you every racing wheel that is compatible with iRacing, including wheels from Fanatec, Thrustmaster, Logitech, MOZA, Asetek and more.

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iRacing is one of the most popular racing simulators around. Despite being released way back in 2008, the constant updates to the game engine itself and the release of hundreds of pieces of extra content keep this simulator up-to-date.

It is a racing sim that can seem a bit daunting to jump into at first. It’s almost entirely online, with some racers competing for over a decade, although there is an offline AI racing mode now to hone your skills! And there is a monthly subscription fee that can be off-putting.

If you can overcome these barriers, iRacing offers an incredibly realistic handling model, and some of the best wheel-to-wheel racing available. To really get the most out of iRacing, you should be looking at racing with a wheel rather than a controller.

But which racing wheels are compatible with iRacing? In this guide, I’ll run through every iRacing compatible racing wheel from a range of different sim racing brands.

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iRacing Racing wheel compatibility list

The comprehensive iRacing wheel compatibility list below runs through every racing wheel that works with iRacing.

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iRacing PC Compatible Racing Wheels

iRacing compatible Fanatec racing wheels

Fanatec has one of the best sim racing ecosystems around that includes a variety of racing wheels. They underwent a huge push a few years ago to lower the price of direct drive racing wheels with the CSL DD. This proved to be one of the best-selling Fanatec products ever.

Since then, Fanatec has released a mid-range racing wheel that looks to build on the success of the CSL DD. Those wheels are the ClubSport DD and DD+. Both of these wheels look to offer the best force feedback experience ever from a Fanatec racing wheel, with two pricing options.

After the CSL DD replaced the old CSL Elite wheel base, and the ClubSport DD bringing direct drive to its mid-range wheel offering. Only the Podium DD1 and DD2 remain as two older racing wheels. Both are still brilliant and offer some of the most powerful force feedback from any wheel base.

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Fanatec’s current lineup of iRacing compatible racing wheels include;

iRacing compatible Logitech racing wheels

Logitech currently has its largest ever ecosystem which technically includes four racing wheels. Although, its a bit of a stretch to say each racing wheel is unique. Both the G29 and G920 are incredibly similar, and the G923 racing wheel has some improvements but looks almost identical to the older G29.

Having all of these different racing wheels though adds a few options for those looking to race iRacing but have differing budgets to buy a racing wheel with. The G29 and G920 are the cheapest racing wheels due to their age, and the G923 is only a little bit more expensive.

At the top end, the Logitech Pro Racing wheel features a direct drive motor that can compete with other premium options such as the Fanatec ClubSport DD.

iRacing compatible Thrustmaster racing wheels

Thrustmaster is another big-name sim racing brand. They produce a range of racing wheels that span different budgets and performance levels. Much like Logitech, Thrustmaster has a few budget-friendly racing wheels, all of which are compatible with iRacing.

While the Thrustmaster T128 and T248 offer good starting points if you are looking to buy your first racing wheel. More premium wheels such as the T818 direct drive wheel and the TS-PC wheel offer better performance with a higher price tag.

The great news for anyone looking to buy a Thrustmaster wheel specifically for iRacing, is that almost Thrustmaster’s entire product lineup is compatible with iRacing.

iRacing compatible MOZA Racing wheels

MOZA Racing is one of the newer racing wheel manufacturers included in this iRacing racing wheel guide, but that doesn’t affect the quality of their products in any way. MOZA Racing has made a huge push during the past few years to produce a large ecosystem of sim racing products.

Launches of popular sim racing products such as the MOZA R12 racing wheel and the Xbox-compatible R3 wheel have put MOZA in the spotlight. Other than the MOZA R3 racing wheel, all of MOZA’s products are PC-compatible only. While this isn’t great for sim racers who like to race on a console, it is great for iRacing sim racers.

All of MOZA Racing’s products are compatible with iRacing on PC, from their racing wheels and pedals to their peripherals. You can run an entirely MOZA sim racing setup if you wish.

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Frequently asked questions

Is the Logitech G29 compatible with iRacing?

All Logitech racing wheels are compatible with iRacing including the G29, G923 and the newest Pro Racing Wheel.

Do you need a racing wheel for iRacing?

Technically, you do not need a racing wheel for iRacing. You can use a controller such as an Xbox pad or a Dualsense controller, however, the game is much easier to control and be fast when using a racing wheel.

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