How To Connect iRacing To Steam

iRacing can be launced from Steam or directly from the iRacing app even if you subscribed directly through iRacing's website. Follow this easy guide to link your iRacing account to Steam.

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Activate iRacing in Steam

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iRacing vs Steam

One of the best things about sim racing on PC is that you can access a wide variety of sim racing titles from a large number of storefronts.

When it comes to iRacing, you can purchase your membership directly from iRacing themselves, where you can use some iRacing discount codes. View the latest iRacing promo codes.

Alternatively, you can purchase a membership via storefronts such as Steam. Sometimes Steam run their own discounts and sales directly through their own platform.

But, what if you signed up to iRacing directly, and still wish to launch it from Steam or add it to your Steam library. That isn’t a problem thanks to iRacing’s Steam linking functionality.

By following the steps below, you can easily link your iRacing account to Steam.

Why link iRacing to Steam

Some of the benefits of linking iRacing to Steam include;

  • Being able to see the game in your Steam library
  • Access stats from Steam such as how long you’ve played for
  • Can launch the game from your Steam library
  • Easily launch in Steam VR mode
  • No need to redownload iRacing assets when linking to Steam

How to link iRacing to Steam

  1. Start by accessing your account on the iRacing member site or via the iRacing app. You can do this by clicking your helmet in the top right-hand corner, and clicking “Account” in the drop-down menu. If you are accessing your account via the iRacing app, click “Manage My Account” in the popup to be taken to the iRacing member site.
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the account page to view the title “Steam Key”.
  3. You should see a button saying “Generate Steam Key”. Click this to create your own Steam key. Copy and paste this to a note, or somewhere you can easily copy it from.
    iRacing Steam key
  4. Open Steam. In the top menu, click on “Games” to view a drop-down menu. Then click “Activate a Product on Steam”.
  5. Click next and then agree on the next couple of screens in the popup box. Then you will be presented with a box where you should paste your iRacing code. Once done, click submit to link iRacing to your Steam library. You won’t need to re-download any of your iRacing files, so you can continue to jump straight back into racing either through Steam or the iRacing app.
  6. When launching iRacing from Steam for the first time, you will need to re-enter your login details. You may also be asked to re-enter your iRacing / Steam key again, so ensure you still have it to hand until you have logged in for the first time.
  7. To enable the Steam overlay while racing in iRacing. Head back to the iRacing member site where you generated your Steam key. In the bullet point list just under your Steam key, you should see a link titled “Click here to enable it”. Click this to enable the Steam Overlay during iRacing. This can be turned on and off in the future if you wish to disable it or re-enable it.

Are there any iRacing promo codes for new members?

iRacing often runs promotional codes giving reduced price memberships. These normally apply to new members only, but sometimes you can pick up a renewal code, so it’s always worth checking.

Read our iRacing promo code guide for a full list of working 2022 iRacing codes.

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Disclaimer: Some of the links on this page may be affiliate links. We may earn commission from any sale after clicking a link. Read our affiliate policy.