How Much Does Buying All Content in iRacing Cost in 2024?

In this guide, we'll look at the real cost of owning all content in iRacing in 2024. We'll also break down the absolute cheapest way to buy all cars and tracks in iRacing.

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While iRacing is one of the most popular sim racing platforms in 2024, it is no secret that it can be quite expensive over time. Both the subscription model combined with additional car and track purchases mean that if you want to buy a lot or all of the content on offer, you will be parting with a large sum of money.

In this guide, we’re going to take a look at exactly how much all content in iRacing costs to buy.

If you’re after some money-saving tips to reduce the cost of iRacing, read our guide on how to start iRacing on a budget. Also, check to see which active iRacing promo codes there are to save money on your membership.

How much content is there in iRacing?

iRacing has built up a huge number of cars and tracks that are currently in game. Below are the total amount of cars currently in iRacing at the time of writing this guide. This list doesn’t include retired cars that can no longer by purchased.

  • Total number of cars in iRacing: 136
  • Active cars: 115
  • Legacy cars: 21
  • Free cars: 19

Below is the total number of tracks in iRacing. This does not include retired tracks which can no longer be purchased. This is only the number of environments and not the total number of layouts and configurations.

  • Total number of tracks in iRacing: 126
  • Active tracks: 118
  • Legacy tracks: 8
  • Free tracks: 27

How much does it cost to buy all cars and tracks in iRacing?

In this section, I’m going to look at exactly what the cost of buying every car and track in iRacing is. I’ll use the car and track count that I mentioned above, which is correct as of the time this article was written in 2024. I will update this calculation over time as more content is included in iRacing.

Before we look at exactly how much buying all content in iRacing costs, first let’s take a quick look at the process we’ll be using to buy all the content.

My goal is to show the absolute cheapest price we can buy all of the content in iRacing for. I’ll make full use of all of the bulk discounts available and the loyalty discount once that triggers (after owning 40+ pieces of eligible content).

Also, I will separate out legacy cars and tracks. These are no longer used in active events, but can still be raced in hosted sessions. They also don’t qualify for any bulk discounts.

Below are the total figures for the number of premium cars and tracks in iRacing that you would need to buy to own all content.

  • Total premium cars: 117 (the number of cars you can buy currently in the store, legacy and non-legacy)
  • Total premium cars priced at $11.95: 99
  • Total premium legacy cars priced at $2.95: 18

View our iRacing car list for a complete list of every car in iRacing currently.

  • Total premium tracks: 99 (the number of tracks you can buy currently in the store, legacy and non-legacy)
  • Total premium tracks priced at $14.95: 69
  • Total premium tracks priced at $11.95: 25
  • Total premium legacy tracks priced at $4.95: 5

With these figures in mind we can start to work out the best strategy to purchase content. I would start by buying 42 pieces of content at the lowest price. The magic number of 42 will ensure that each piece of content qualifies for the 15% bulk discount. And as soon as we surpass 40 pieces of content, we would then qualify for the additional 20% loyalty discount.

With both cars and some tracks priced at $11.95, I’ll use these to buy the first batch of content. This means I would buy 42 cars priced at $11.95. Each item in this order would receive 15% discount thanks to the bulk volume discount.

  • 42 cars ($11.95 each) = $501.90 – 15% bulk discount = $426.61

That figure gives us the total amount that we would need to spend to qualify for the additional 20% loyalty discount. This 20% discount would apply to every other piece of content we buy.

Then it is a case of purchasing all of the remaining cars, and all of the tracks.

  • 57 premium cars left to buy ($11.95 each) + 69 tracks ($14.95 each) + 25 tracks ($11.95 each) = 151 pieces of content ($2011.45) – 20% volume discount = $1609.16

That cost covers all remaining content not including legacy cars and tracks. Adding that figure to the cost of the first 42 pieces of content brings us to our final cost of every piece of content in iRacing.

  • 42 cars (15% discount) = $426.61 + Remaining content (20% discount) = $1609.16 = A grand total of $2035.77

This leads us to a final cost. The cost of buying every bit of content in iRacing not including legacy content equals $2035.77.

If you wanted to add the legacy cars and tracks to that, you would get a final figure of $2113.62 ($77.85 worth of legacy content).

Is it worth buying in bulk in iRacing?

As you can see from the price for all iRacing content of $2113.62 above, the bulk and loyalty discounts saved a lot of money from the total cost.

If you were to pay for all of the content without any discounts (which is actually impossible to do as they get automatically applied at checkout), you would be spending an additional $477.58, bringing your total to $2591.20.

For this reason, you should always try to maximise your bulk discount when buying iRacing content. Always try to buy in batches of 6 until you get to 40+ pieces of content. Of course, try not to buy additional content just to get you up to the 6 you need for 15% off if you don’t need it. Instead, try to plan your racing schedule to see which content you’ll require for the upcoming season.

How to use bulk discounts

The great news is that iRacing bulk discounts are applied automatically at checkout, so you don’t need to work overly hard to utilise them. You do however, need to know what triggers them, as they only become active once you meet the correct criteria.

The first level of bulk discount applies when you add 3 items to your cart. This will net you 10% discount on each of the 3 items in your cart.

The second level of bulk discount applies when you add 6 items to your cart. This will net you 15% discount on each of the 6 items in your cart.

If you were to then add a seventh item to your cart, this wouldn’t receive the discount. Instead, you will need to add content in batches of 3 or 6. This is why I would always recommend buying iRacing cars and tracks in batches of at least 3, or 6 if you can.

Finally, once you have purchased 40 or more pieces of iRacing content, you will become automatically eligible to receive 20% discount on all future purchases.

Read our guide on how to use iRacing bulk discounts for more a detailed explanation.

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