How iRacing Bulk Discounts Work: Save Money Buying Cars & Tracks

iRacing has well over 100 cars, making it a rather expensive racing sim. In this guide, I look at how to use bulk discounts to save money buying cars and tracks in iRacing.

iRacing bulk discounts

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Buying cars and tracks in iRacing will cost you money. And if you decide on buying a lot of content through iRacing, things can start to get expensive. Luckily, iRacing offers a bulk discount and loyalty discount scheme to reduce the cost of buying multiple pieces of content together.

In this guide, I’ll run through how iRacing volume discounts and loyalty discounts work, and how best to make use of them.

What are iRacing bulk discounts?

iRacing offers a bulk discount when you purchase multiple cars or tracks at once. This is designed to both save you some money in the long run, and to also incentivise you to add a couple of additional products to your order. Whichever way you look at it, the fact that you can save money by buying smart is a good thing.

The current bulk discounts available are;

  • Purchase 3 or more cars or tracks at once = 10% off
  • Purchase 6 or more cars or tracks at once = 15% off

What are iRacing loyalty discounts?

On top of the bulk discounts, there are two loyalty discounts available. These kick in once you own a specific amount of content, and they supersede the bulk discounts.

Currently, the threshold for iRacing loyalty discounts is owning 40 or more pieces of additional content. It’s important to note that the core content included in your iRacing subscription doesn’t count towards this figure. You will need to purchase 40 or more additional pieces of content.

This figure is calculated using both cars and tracks. So each car and track you purchase will add to your owned content figure. So, you simply need 40 cars and tracks combined to trigger the discount.

Once you pass the magic number of 40 cars and tracks, you are no longer eligible for the bulk discounts above. Instead, all future purchases are subject to the 20% loyalty discount, which is even better.

This means, that once you receive the 20% loyalty discount, you can start buying pieces of content individually and still qualify for the 20% discount.

Finally, if you own every single piece of iRacing content, you will receive 30% off all future content that is released.

  • Purchase 40 or more cars or tracks at any time = 20% off all future content
  • Own everything in-game = 30% off all future content
iRacing bulk discounts

Is it worth buying in bulk in iRacing?

With the price of a car in iRacing costing $11.95, and a track costing either $11.95 or $14.95, adding a 10%, 15% or 20% discount will make a big difference in the long run.

At the time of writing this guide, there are over 100 cars in the game. Below, I want to provide a very crude example of how these bulk discounts can affect the price you pay.

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Say there are 100 cars in game, remove the 18 free cars that are included with a subscription, leaves us with 82 premium (non-legacy) cars. Remember this is just a crude example and isn’t using exact car counts. View our iRacing car list for a complete list of every car in iRacing currently.

  • Buying 82 cars at full price of $11.95 would set you back $979.90.
  • If you purchased utilised the 15% bulk discount to purchase 42 cars (we buy 42 cars instead of 40 as it is a multiple of 6, which would trigger the 15% bulk discount on all 42 cars), that would cost you $426.61 ($75.28 saving).
  • You would then qualify for the 20% loyalty discount on the remaining cars. Removing the 42 cars we had just bought, leaves us 40 cars to purchase without a 20% loyalty discount, costing us $382.40 ($95.60 saving).
  • That would give us a grand total of $809.01 to purchase all cars using the bulk and loyalty discounts. This is a saving of $170.89 to purchase all cars.

Hopefully, that example was easy to follow. Despite not using the exact car figure, it gives a very close and good representation of just how much you could save by using the bulk discounts available in iRacing.

How to use bulk discounts

You can see in the example above roughly how using bulk discounts in iRacing works. But to elaborate on that further, bulk discounts trigger when you meet the criteria. So to access the 10% discount, you need to purchase 3 cars or tracks at the same time. Individual purchases do not trigger the bulk discount offers.

It is also worth noting that if you were to buy more content than the amount that triggers the discount, you wouldn’t receive the discount on the entire order.

You only receive the discount for each batch of content that meets the criteria.

This means if you were to purchase 7 cars at once, the first 6 cars would receive the 15% discount, but the seventh car would be full price.

To receive a discount on the seventh car, you would need to purchase a second set of 6 cars, bringing your total order to 12 cars.

For this reason, it is always important to buy iRacing content in batches of 3 or 6 to maximise the bulk discount across your entire order.

This is the reason that in the example above, I stated the first purchase would be for 42 cars. If you make an order of 40 pieces of content, not all of it would receive the discount. The pieces of content from 36 to 40 would not receive the bulk discount as they are not a complete set of 6.

Bulk discounts are automatically applied at the checkout. When completing your iRacing order, double check that you have the right amount of content in your order, and that it is triggering the bulk discount.

What is the cheapest way to buy content in iRacing

If you want to find the cheapest way to buy content in iRacing, you need to work out which pieces of content cost the least, to get you to the magic number of 40. This would then trigger the 20% discount on all remaining purchases.

The cheapest content in iRacing is currently legacy cars. However, legacy content won’t count towards your total owned content number. Legacy content is not eligible for any of the bulk discount deals.

This means that the cheapest eligible content is an individual car or lower tiered track. These both cost $11.95. Some tracks are priced higher at $14.95, so avoid these higher priced tracks when buying the first 42 pieces of content.

The cheapest route to owning all content in iRacing is to buy 42 cars or lower tiered tracks at $11.95, receiving 15% bulk discount off of the entire order. Then purchase all remaining content in any order using the 20% loyalty discount.

Once you own all content, any future content releases will be discounted by 30%.

Does legacy iRacing content count towards the volume discount amount?

Unfortunately, legacy content in iRacing is not eligible for bulk or loyalty discounts. Owning legacy content also doesn’t count towards the 40+ pieces of eligible content required to access the 20% loyalty discount.

Using iRacing discount codes to save money on memberships

One final tip aside from using bulk discounts, is to utilise promo codes when buying your iRacing membership. iRacing always offers a few promo codes to make the cost of memberships cheaper.

View all of the current working iRacing promo codes here.

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