The Best iRacing Setups 2024: Free & Paid

iRacing is one of the pinnacles of sim racing. It's a platform where a good car setup can really improve your lap times. So here are the best places in 2024 to find iRacing car setups, both free and paid for.

The Best iRacing Setups

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iRacing is an extremely competitive platform to sim race on. And when you are hunting for those final few tenths of a second in the open series, a good car setup can help make up that difference.

With that said, the idea of creating a custom car setup can be daunting. It requires a lot of in-depth knowledge of how your car works, and what part of your setup affects certain areas of your car’s handling.

The Best Places To Find Free & Paid iRacing Setups

If you are a seasoned sim racer or you’re looking to race competitively for years to come, it may be worth delving into the world of car setups. You will then feel much more comfortable with adjusting certain parts of your setup with confidence that you’re making a positive change.

But if you would much rather focus on your on-track performance rather than spending hours in the garage, you should certainly look to download other people’s setups. Although this can be easier said than done, a lot of the best iRacing setups are locked away as paid content.

There are a few places where you can pick up free iRacing setups, which I’ll run through below. And I’ll also highlight the best places to find professional, paid iRacing setups.

If you’re new to iRacing, check out our complete iRacing beginners guide.

Premier Racing Setups

Premier Racing Setups is one of the longest-running iRacing setup shops around. They offer individual setup packs for individual cars as well as weekly and season passes.

Premier Racing Setups

If you are after one of the most comprehensive setup libraries filled with iRacing setups for all disciplines of racing, Premier Racing Setups has you covered. They offer setups across road, dirt and oval series, with setups available for most cars.

As well as professional level iRacing setups, PRS offers other products to help with your iRacing journey. They offer precise fuel sheets to help with fuel calculations as well as setup guides, custom car setups and 1:1 driver coaching.

Click here to view all of the setups available at PRS.

Coach Dave Academy – Paid

If you are looking for professional setups that are created by a team of sim racers and endorsed by a professional racing driver, then Coach Dave Academy is a fantastic option.

Coach Dave Academy iRacing Setups

Coach Dave aka David Perel is a professional GT racing driver, currently competing worldwide with Ferrari. He founded Coach Dave Academy to bring his knowledge of GT cars in particular to sim racers.

Originally specialising in just Assetto Corsa Competizione car setups, Coach Dave is transitioning across to iRacing. The ACC car setups have been extremely well received, and the iRacing setups which we have tried are just as fantastic.

The iRacing setups on Coach Dave come in the form of individual purchases, where you can purchase the entire season for a single car. For example, you can pick up car setups for the entire iRacing VRS Endurance Season 4 in one single purchase.

Alternatively, for a lower monthly price, you can subscribe to receive every iRacing car setup and data pack on offer. This is a good option if you jump between cars or series. With the subscription, you gain ongoing access to every new iRacing setup that is released.

Whichever option you go for, you’ll receive a huge amount of data. You’ll get access to the car setup files, with both a race setup and qualifying setup included. You’ll also get access to Motec data files, a full replay including on-board replay. And you’ll also get access to the Discord channel where you can receive professional support.

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Click here to view Coach Dave Academy iRacing Setups

iRacing Setup Sync – Free

iRacing Setup Sync is a platform created by Nick Thissen and contains a huge library of free iRacing setups. The setups come from a wide range of sources across the iRacing community, meaning the quality of setup isn’t always guaranteed like it is with professional paid setups.

iRacing setup sync

However, we have used quite a few of these setups and found some gems amongst them. And when the setups themselves are free, you can’t really complain.

The platform is free to all users, to both download iRacing setups free of charge, and even upload their own setups to the community. There is a fairly active community around iRacing Setup Sync, with new setups being uploaded every week.

One really cool trick that is exclusive to iRacing Setup Sync, is the platform that allows you to sync any car setup directly into iRacing.

Setup Sync essentially scans your current selection of car setups, and compares them against the whole Setup Sync database. When you load up a car and track combination in iRacing, Setup Sync will quickly download the most recent car setups for that combination. Then from the iRacing garage, you can select these setups to try out.

Virtual Racing School – Free + Paid

Virtual Racing School, much like Coach Dave Academy above, has some heavy hitters creating setups for them. They look to the expertise of professional sim racing drivers to create both setups and coaching courses.

VRS iRacing Setups

They offer a wide range of data pack options, which include setups, hot-lap videos, ghost laps, tutorial videos and lap data. And these come in the form of a monthly subscription.

VRS offer a few subscription options including a free tier which gives you access to a smaller sample of iRacing setups and data.

The individual tiers consist of the free plan which I just mentioned. This includes a limited amount of setups and data.

The middle plan which currently costs €4.99 a month will give you access to a single car’s setups across a whole season.

And the most premium subscription plan will give you unlimited data across all cars, along with additional training and coaching perks.

Majors Garage – Free + Paid

In your quest for iRacing setups, you may have tried some of the baseline setups that are already in iRacing. These setups are designed to give you a stable platform to move forward from. Majors Garage takes this approach one step further with their baseline+ car setups for iRacing.

Majors Garage iRacing Setups

Majors Garage is a great source of iRacing setups, offering free setups along with premium setups.

The free approach that Majors Garage takes, is to use the baseline setups from iRacing directly and tweak them to be just that little bit better. The goal is not to create the absolute fastest iRacing setup. but, instead to optimise the baseline+ setup to be the best version of itself.

If you are just starting out in iRacing and have just entered the open series, I would highly recommend Majors Garage’s baseline+ setups.

Alternatively, if you do like Majors Garage approach to setups, you can look to purchase the premium iRacing setups on offer. These have been tuned to be a faster overall setup and include a variety of perks.

With the paid setups you receive both an optimised race setup, a qualifying setup as well as ghost lap files and telemetry data. This can all be very helpful if you are looking to step up to the next level.

These paid setups come in the form of individual car and track combinations. So if you are looking to buy a complete series you will have to purchase multiple setups. Just like Coach Dave and VRS above, Majors Garage does offer subscriptions if you prefer that route.

Craig’s Setup Shop – Paid

Our final pick of the bunch is an extremely popular one within the iRacing community. Craig’s Setup Shop offers a paid iRacing subscription service, but with a slightly different model to others.

Craigs Setup Shop

Instead of individual car packs, Craig will give you access to all of his iRacing setups for a low monthly subscription or a Twitch subscription to his channel.

Craig A Williams himself is a widely known sim racer and is known to create some top quality car setups. Craig releases setups on a pretty consistent basis for a wide variety of cars. So if you fancy sampling his setups, pop over and subscribe for a month.

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