Track Titan Now Supports Forza Motorsport on PC & Xbox

The sim racing insights platform Track Titan has announced its compatibility with Forza Motorsport for the first time. Here are all the details.

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Track Titan Forza Motorsport

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Over the past few years, sim racing has seen a huge influx in its player base. It’s as popular as ever with sim racing titles such as Assetto Corsa Competitizione, iRacing and the F1 games seeing record sales and player numbers. The increase in sim racers has led to more online competition and closer racing and time trial times.

With the added competition, many sim racers have turned to telemetry tools as well as driver coaching to help them improve their pace and consistency. One of the most popular tools that provides feedback and insights into your driving is Track Titan.

What is Track Titan

Track Titan lets you connect your sim racing game to the Track Titan app and view your data in a way that no racing game lets you. It is widely compatible with the most popular sim racing titles including ACC and iRacing and also works with Xbox and PS5 consoles with games such as the EA Sports F1 series.

Track Titan does require a membership to use, although a free trial is available to really test out the platform. There is a free community plan that limits your laps to 50 each month, but this still lets you sample the platform. Then there are premium memberships with unlimited laps for both £4.99 and £11.99.

Community50 recorded laps p/mFree
ProUnlimited laps p/m£4.99p/m
PremiumUnlimited laps p/m
Custom training plan by coach

Track Titan discount codes

While you can try Track Titan for free, we have an exclusive code that lets you get 50% off your membership as well as an extended trial. Simply use the code SIMRACINGSETUP at the checkout to apply the 50% membership and extended trial period bonus.

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Track Titan adding Forza Motorsport support

Track Titan is constantly evolving its platform and adding new supported titles, and the newest game to become compatible is Forza Motorsport. This means that with a Track Titan subscription, you can record and analyse your on-track data from Forza Motorsport on both PC and Xbox consoles.

The insights platform lets you analyse every lap from a session, and compare track sectors to see where you are fast and where you’re losing time. You can delve deeper into each segment of the track and analyse telemetry including your speed, throttle and braking maps and even see how much steering input you were applying at any single point.

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To really increase your pace, you can compare your lap times to other drivers to see where they are faster than you. This lets you learn to brake later, adjust your racing line and inputs to find that hard-to-find lap time.

Track Titan Forza Analytics

How to use Track Titan with Forza Motorsport

Getting started with Track Titan is pretty easy regardless of whether you are racing Forza Motorsport on Xbox or PC. You will require a Track Titan account which starts from £4.99 and comes with a free trial to test it out.

  1. Create an account

    Head over to the website to get started with a free trial or select a membership level.

  2. Download the Datalogger to your PC

    With an account created, you should go ahead and download and install the Datalogger software. This should be installed on your PC, even if you are racing Forza Motorsport on an Xbox console.

  3. Configure the games

    When you want to start recording data, right-click the Datalogger icon in your taskbar and select the configuration option. Then you can choose Forza Motorsport and run through the remaining configuration.

  4. Start racing

    With the Datalogger configured to detect your Forza laps, you can start racing on either PC or Xbox with the Datalogger running on your PC. After a session, you can jump into the Track Titan platform to view and analyse your data.

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We used Track Titan to improve our lap times by 1 second

To show how helpful Track Titan can be, last year we got hands-on with the platform. During our time with Track Titan, we improved our lap times by a whopping 1 second in the F1 22 game. Below you can watch our video to see how we used Track Titan to improve our lap times by 1 second.

Official Track Titan Forza Motorsport press release

After a long period of focussing on simulation titles such as iRacing and ACC, Track Titan is now able to give Forza Motorsport players its renowned automated driving insights and therefore firmly cements its position as the leading sim racing coaching platform across all racing game titles and platforms.

Forza insights are available for both PC and Xbox players.

Track Titan is the easiest way for sim racers to get faster, where they provide data-driven insights for multiple racing games: iRacing, ACC, F1, Assetto Corsa and now Forza Motorsport! These instant insights and quick tips can help you see where you’re losing the most time, alongside telemetry graphs that are compared against stellar reference laps. Besides, hundreds of pieces of educational content such as track guides further support the insights drivers get and the team are already working on adding such guides for the latest Forza title.

Track Titan is now the only major sim coaching platform that supports Forza Motorsport and the team are excited to give more opportunities to sim racers to analyse and learn how to get simply faster.

Use code SIMRACINGSETUP at checkout for 50% off memberships + an extended trial

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