Track Titan Introduces A New Advanced Layout For More In-Depth Data-Insights

Track Titan has announced a new advanced layout that is designed to provide much more in-depth data and insights to help sim racers improve.

Track Titan advanced layout

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Track Titan, a sim racing data telemetry and analysis platform, has just released a new update to its app featuring a new layout. The new advanced layout presents much more information in a way that will be immediately recognisable to real-world racing drivers.

Find out more information below about this new layout.

Advanced layout vs the traditional layout

The new Track Titan layout aims to replicate the presentation style that many race engineers and drivers use when at a real-world track. The telemetry graphs can show your throttle and brake inputs, along with your speed, steering, and gear traces.

Track Titan has allowed for more data to be shown on screen at once so you can very quickly compare different parts of your telemetry faster than with the original layout. You can still access the original layout using a toggle at the top of the app, and all of your data is present across both screen layouts.

Below you can see a comparison of both the traditional layout on the left and the new advanced layout on the right.

How much does Track Titan cost?

You can gain access to the Track Titan platform for free by creating a free account. This will let you analyse 50 laps each month and access the comparison and insight tools that the app offers.

You can access unlimited laps every month by signing up to a pro plan. This costs £4.99p/m and lets you complete as much analysis as you need every month. You can always downgrade or cancel if you don’t require this many laps.

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There is also a premium plan which grants access to a custom training plan that is created by your very own sim racing coach. This premium plan costs £11.99p/m.

Community50 recorded laps p/mFree
ProUnlimited laps p/m£4.99p/m
PremiumUnlimited laps p/m
Custom training plan by coach

Track Titan discount codes

While you can try Track Titan for free, we have an exclusive code that lets you get 50% off your membership and an extended trial. Use the code SIMRACINGSETUP at the checkout to apply the 50% membership and extended trial period bonus.

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We used Track Titan to improve our lap times by 1 second

To show how helpful Track Titan can be, last year we got hands-on with the platform. During our time with Track Titan, we improved our lap times by a whopping 1 second in the F1 22 game. Below you can watch our video to see how we used Track Titan to improve our lap times by 1 second.

Official Track Titan advanced layout press release

Do you want the option for more data on Track Titan? Well, the option is now there with Track Titans new feature: Advanced Layout. It gives you the options to analyse your laps based on speed, throttle, braking, steering and gear changes, which are all compared to their stellar reference laps driven by pro esports drivers.

This new layout is available for any game, any car and any track.

Track Titan aims to cater for any and all simracers to help them get faster, no matter what level of simracing they are at; with their new advanced layout, this gives the more advanced simracers in the simracing community the chance to dive deeper on how to pick up fractions of a second in their laps. By having the ability to compare each performance aspect in each segment of lap to pro esports driver, it’s easy to see on which aspect you could tweek.

Multiple racing games including iRacing, ACC, F1, Assetto Corsa and Forza Motorsport, are supported by Track Titan, so you can receive instant insights and quick tips to help you see where you’re losing the most time on your favourite game! Additionally, hundreds of pieces of educational content such as track guides further support the insights drivers get.

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