Dakar Desert Rally Wheel & Force Feedback Settings

The new Dakar Desert Rally brings us good old fashion off road action with a simulation vibe. Here are the best wheel and force feedback settings to help you get the most out of this racing game.

Dakar Desert Rally Wheel Settings

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Dakar Desert Rally is the latest Dakar game, and is an iteration of the older Dakar 18 game from a few years ago. The latest game looks to improve on all aspects of the previous Dakar games and does a very good job of representing the real Dakar Rally in a combination of arcade and simulation game modes.

When it comes to the pure racing in Dakar Desert Rally, the physics lean more towards a simulation style. And this lends itself nicely for sim racers to race with a wheel.

But when it comes to setting up your racing wheel with Dakar Desert Rally, you should ensure that your wheel has the best force feedback settings to maximise the realism and feeling of the cars as you race over the sand dunes and other surfaces.

Dakar Desert Rally Steering Wheel Configuration

When you first jump into Dakar Desert Rally, your game should automatically recognise your steering wheel. This will almost certainly happen if racing on a console with a recommended racing wheel such as the Logitech G923 or Thrustmaster T248.

Wheel Input Bindings

Scrolling down, you can assign your input bindings. If you’re racing on PC and using a wheel that isn’t recognised in game, here is where you can change your button assignments. You can select from the following options and assign them to any input on your racing wheel;

  • Throttle
  • Brake
  • Steer
  • Gear Up
  • Gear Down
  • Hand Brake
  • Switch Camera
  • Rearview
  • Reset Camera
  • Headlights
  • Windshield Wipers
  • Previous & next roadbook note
  • Kilometers scroll up & scroll down

Dakar Desert Rally Force Feedback Settings Logitech G923

Once you have assigned the inputs for your racing wheel, you can jump into the force feedback settings. We have come up with the best force feedback settings to optimise the feedback through your racing wheel.

The settings below are optimised for the Logitech G923, but can be applied as a base to other racing wheels. They may require some tinkering, mainly in the feedback strength to be better suited for other branded racing wheels.

  • Steering wheel feedback – On
  • Feedback strength – 80%
  • Collision – 50%
  • Counter steering – 65%
  • Surface – 45%
  • Surface damping – 60%
  • Suspension – 60%
  • Wheel centering force – 70%
  • Tire slip – 65%
  • Maximum wheel rotation – 100%
  • Steering sensitivity – 55%
  • Steering linearity – 0
  • Steering deadzone – 0%
  • Steering saturation – 100%
  • Throttle deadzone – 0%
  • Throttle saturation – 100%
  • Brake deadzone – 0%
  • Brake saturation – 100%

Are Fanatec wheels supported with Dakar Desert Rally?

At launch, Fanatec wheels such as the GT DD Pro weren’t supported with Dakar Desert Rally. This meant that Fanatec wheels simply wouldn’t be recognised in-game.

You can fix this by putting your wheel in compatibility mode, and this will enable your wheel to be recognised in-game.

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Dakar Desert Rally has stated that support for Fanatec wheels is coming soon, and will be added in a patch.

How to fix wheel not working in Dakar Desert Rally

Some users are reporting a common issue of their wheel not working in Dakar Desert Rally straight out of the box. This can be down to a few reasons.

The first reason is that the game isn’t properly applying the correct wheel settings in-game. In some instances, the game will automatically set all force feedback settings to 0.

You can check this by going into the options > controls > configuration. Then scroll down through the force feedback options to ensure they are not set to 0. If they are, change the settings to the recommended settings above, and your force feedback should start working.

Other reasons for your racing wheel not working with Dakar Desert Rally can be because your wheel isn’t currently supported in the game. Some wheels such as those from Fanatec have a compatibility mode which you can enable which will allow the game to be recognised in the game.

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