Will Gran Turismo 7 Have Tuning & Car Setups?

Gran Turismo has always featured car tuning, customisation and setups. And GT7 is no different. Car tuning and customisation is returning in a big way in GT7. Here are all the details.

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Learn how to upgrade your car in GT7 via the tuning shop.

Read our detailed Gran Turismo 7 tuning guide, and learn what every part of your car setup does.

Gran Turismo games have always featured car tuning in one form or another. And it has been confirmed that tuning will be in Gran Turismo 7 from launch.

Car tuning in Gran Turismo 7 will come in the form of GT Auto, where you can tweak, tune and service your car as much as you’d like. GT Auto was missing in GT Sport, but returns in GT7.

In GT Auto you will not only be able to upgrade and customise parts on your car such as the transmission, brakes, tires, suspension and more. You will also be able to apply customer tunes and car setups to each of your owned cars.

Once you have perfected your car’s customisation in GT7, you can perform a wide range of maintenance work on your car such as oil changes to ensure it is running as smoothly as possible.

You’ll even be able to wash your car before and after events to ensure it is looking as sharp as ever for your upcoming event.

Will Gran Turismo 7 have car customisation?

Yes, Gran Turismo 7 will feature car customisation! The GT Auto Shop will be in GT7, after being removed in GT Sport. This will allow you to purchase cosmetic items for your cars as you progress through the game.

Kazunori Yamauchi, the legendary Gran Turismo creator confirmed that customisation will be in GT7. He confirmed this by saying GT7 will feature “the most number of parts we’ve ever had available for tuning the cars in the game.”

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These parts include cosmetic items such as wheel rims, spoilers, front and rear bumpers and brake callipers. Much like the Forza Motorsport series, we would imagine you’ll be limited to which cars have more customisation than others. For example, JDM cars such as Toyota’s and Nissan’s have always had more aftermarket parts available in previous games.

Can you upgrade cars in Gran Turismo 7?

In the GT Auto Shop in GT7, you’ll be able to purchase a whole range of upgradable parts for your cars. The upgrades available will depend on the car you own. But these upgrades can be applied to different parts of your car such as the transmission, brakes and tires etc.

Learn how to upgrade your car in Gran Turismo 7 via the tuning shop.

Can you tune cars in Gran Turismo 7?

Read our detailed Gran Turismo 7 tuning guide, and learn what every part of your car setup does.

Once you have upgraded your car in GT7, you will then be able to tune it and save custom car setups. Tuning options will include the ability to tune your gearing, tire pressures, suspension and more.

Tuning in GT7 will allow you to really maximise your car’s performance for the track and event you are looking to race on next.

Can you paint your car livery in GT7?

GT7 features an improved livery editor allowing you to add decals to all of your cars in Gran Turismo 7. The livery editor in Gran Turismo 7 has been improved over previous games, bringing with it a new user interface for ease of use.

GT7 tuning video

Gran Turismo 7 full car list

Gran Turismo 7 will feature over 420 cars which have been confirmed so far. For a comprehensive list, check out our Gran Turismo 7 complete car list guide.

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