How To Upgrade Your Car in Gran Turismo 7 – Tuning Shop Guide

The Gran Turismo 7 tuning shop is the place where you can upgrade, customise and tune your car to your hearts content. This guide will run you through how to upgrade your car at the tuning shop.

How To Upgrade Your Car in Gran Turismo 7 - Tuning Shop Guide

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What is the Gran Turismo 7 tuning shop?

The tuning shop in Gran Turismo 7 is the part of the game where you can purchase upgrades for your car. It is accessible from the main world map once you have completed a few GT Café menu books. The particular book you need to complete is the third one, European Classic Compacts.

Once this is completed, head over to the tuning shop to start upgrading your cars.

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How to unlock the GT7 tuning shop?

As mentioned above, the GT7 tuning shop isn’t accessible when you first start Gran Turismo 7. Instead, you need to complete a few menu books to unlock it. Follow the steps below to unlock the tuning shop.

GT7 GT Cafe

Step 1 – Head over to the GT Café

Step 2 – Complete the first two menu books; “collecting 3 Japanese compacts, and “completing the National B Licence”.

Step 3 – The third menu book is completed by acquiring three classic European compact cars. The specific cars you need are; Fiat 500 F ‘68, Mini-Cooper ‘S’ ‘65 and the Volkswagen 1200 ‘66. You can acquire these cars in the following ways;

  • First, manually start menu book 3 to enable these cars to become attainable.
  • Win them from race prizes. You can check the hints in the menu book to see which races award these cars.
  • Purchase them from the Used Cars Pavilion. This requires the use of in-game credits, if you haven’t got enough you can attend a few other race events.

Once all three cars have been acquired you can go to the world map and find the tuning shop at the bottom of the map.

Step 4 – Select the car you wish to tune and head over to the tuning shop to begin.

Gran Turismo 7 World Map

GT7 tuning shop overview

The tuning shop itself is divided into a few categories. Each of these categories represents a different level of parts available to buy. These categories are directly tied to the licensing system. This means to unlock the best car parts in Gran Turismo 7, you’ll need to master the GT7 licenses!


The sports category is where you will find the most basic car upgrades. These include items such as upgraded brake pads, upgraded air filters and basic suspension and tyre upgrades.

These upgrades won’t be very useful with more powerful cars but are more than enough to give your car a little extra power or grip early on.

Club Sports

As you progress up to club sports, the items in the GT7 tuning shop start to become more effective. Here you will find upgrade items that can start to affect your car in more diverse ways.

Upgrade items such as the one-way or two-way LSD (limited-slip differential) will open up new tuning options within your car’s detailed tuning menu.

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The parts you find in the club sports section of the tuning shop will be useful early to mid-game. Or if you are trying to keep your car’s PP value under a certain amount.

Gran Turismo 7 Tuning Shop


Semi-racing is the part of the GT7 tuning shop where items start to become a lot more interesting. Here you have access to turbochargers and superchargers which can dramatically affect your car’s performance and PP level.

There are also in-depth tuning items such as height-adjustable sports suspension which allow you to change your car’s ride height. And fully customisable gearboxes which also open up extra detailed tuning options.


The racing part of the Gran Turismo 7 tuning shop unlocks a lot of high-end performance upgrades. These include customisable Brembo brakes, as well as a whole host of advanced engine upgrade items.


Finally, the extreme section of Understeer Engineering allows you to purchase some rather funky upgrade options. It is here where you will find full wet or intermediate tyres, perfect for a wet race.

You will also find advanced items such as a hydraulic handbrake and a nitrous system, which is well worth getting in my opinion!!

You can also purchase a new engine or body which will re-install the original engine or body without any mods. A great option if you want to start again with your car build.

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