How To Race All 2022 Formula 1 Cars in Gran Turismo 7

While official Formula 1 cars aren't included in Gran Turismo 7, you can race Formula 1 style cars with the real liveries in game! This guide shows you how.

How To Race A Formula 1 Car in Gran Turismo 7

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How to race an F1 car in Gran Turismo 7

It’s true, the official Formula 1 cars aren’t included in Gran Turismo 7. But despite this, you can still race a formula 1 car with all of the team’s real liveries.

There is a car in-game called the Super Formula car. This is extraordinarily close to a Formula 1 car, in fact, it’s probably closer to a Formula 2 car, being a little slower than an F1 car.

The Super Formula car in GT7 features a 2.0 litre inline-4 engine which produces 543bhp. This is lower than F1 cars, but it does also weigh less at just 670kg. Much like F1 cars, the Super Formula car utilises a turbocharger to give it more power.

How to buy the Super Formula car

  • First, complete Menu Book no. 4 in the GT Café to unlock the Brand Central shop.
  • Menu book 4 is a relatively simple one. You have to finish in the top 3 in the High Speed Ring Track Day event.
  • Once unlocked, head over to the Bran Central Shop. You can purchase the Super Formula car in Gran Turismo 7 for 1,000,000 Cr.

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How to download real F1 liveries in Gran Turismo 7

Once you have purchased the Super Formula car in GT7, you can start to download the real Formula 1 liveries. This is done via the showcase on the world map.

Here, you can download other players’ liveries that have been created using Gran Turismo 7’s livery editor. To download any Formula 1 livery follow these quick and easy steps.

  • Select the Super Formula car in your garage.
  • Select Showcase on the world map.
  • Navigate to content search.
  • In the keyword box type in the Formula 1 team you wish to search for.
  • In the search options, select the Super Formula car from the maker and car dropdown.
  • Hit search.
  • Select the livery you like and add it to your collection.
  • Go to GT Auto on the world map.
  • Click load style in the bottom menu.
  • Select collection in the My Library panel.
  • Choose the livery you have just downloaded.

Gran Turismo 7 Showcase

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Disclaimer: Some of the links on this page may be affiliate links. We may earn commission from any sale after clicking a link. Read our affiliate policy.