Gran Turismo 7 Controller Settings Guide for PS5

There are a few settings in Gran Turismo 7 that can vastly improve how the cars feel when racing with a controller. Here is our guide to the best Gran Tursimo 7 controller settings.

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Gran Turismo 7 Controller Settings

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Gran Turismo 7 is a game that has at its core been designed to be played using either a controller or a racing wheel. A racing wheel will no doubt improve your overall immersion, and it can give you finer levels of control over how your car handles on track.

However, a controller is what the majority of players will use to race Gran Turismo 7. And there are many that will find a controller allows them to be much faster than with a racing wheel.

With that in mind, in this guide, I’m going to show you our recommended controller settings for Gran Turismo 7. I’ll show you which settings you absolutely must change to get the best feel out of your controller in GT7.

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How to change your controller settings in Gran Turismo 7

Before getting to our controller setting recommendations, I’ll quickly look at how you can adjust your controller settings in Gran Turismo 7. This is incredibly easy to do, but it can be hard to find where to adjust certain controller settings.

  • Step 1: Load the settings menu by selecting the options from the top left of the screen.
  • Step 2: Press R1 to scroll over to the “Controllers” sub-menu.
  • Step 3: Select “Vibration Function” to change your controller’s vibration strength and effects.
  • Step 4: Start a race, and then load the “Controller Settings” from the settings button at the bottom of the screen.
  • Step 5: Change the settings to adjust your steering sensitivity and other settings.
  • Step 6: Select “Assist Settings” to adjust your driver aids and assists.

For the best Gran Turismo 7 controller settings, follow our recommended settings below. Use the below settings while following the steps above to input the settings.

Gran Turismo 7 Controller Settings Guide

Best Gran Turismo 7 controller settings

The recommended controller settings below for Gran Turismo 7 are our preferred settings when racing with a controller. You can use these as a base, and adjust them to suit your driving style and preference. I have included alternate traction control settings for some scenarios in brackets.

Controller settings
  • Controller Steering Sensitivity: 4
  • Force Feedback Max Torque: 5
  • Force Feedback Sensitivity: 6
Assist settings
  • Gears: Manual
  • Traction Control: 0 (1 for GT cars / 2 for rain)
  • ABS: Default
  • Auto-Drive: Off
  • Driving Line Assistance: Off
  • Braking Indicator: Off
  • Braking Area: Off
  • Replace Car: Off
  • Active Stability Management: Off
Vibration settings
  • Vibration Strength: 100
  • Vibration Effect (Accelerator): Strong
  • Vibration Effect (Brake): Strong

If you’re racing Gran Turismo 7 with a sim racing wheel, you should ensure that you have the best force feedback settings. View all of our recommended force feedback settings for Gran Turismo 7 for all racing wheels. 

Gran Turismo 7 controller settings explained

There are a few different places where you change settings in GT7 that will change how your controller feels and how your car behaves while racing with a controller.

Assist settings

The first set of settings I’m going to explain are the assist settings in Gran Turismo 7. These will change the level of driver aids that you have enabled. These will dramatically affect how your car behaves on track.

Lowering many of these assist settings can make the cars in GT7 harder to drive. But lower assists in GT7 can unlock additional lap time and speed.

Gran Turismo 7 Assist Settings Guide

The first option is the choice between manual or automatic gears. In Gran Turismo 7, you can decide to let the game handle your gear changes, so you can focus on the driving. Or you can choose manual gears, which requires you to change the gears yourself.

Manual gears will always be the faster choice, as you can manipulate and time your gear changes to shave tenths of a second off a lap. Automatic gears in Gran Turismo 7 won’t always shift at the most optimum time.

Changing gears manually will give you full control over how fast you downshift, and how close to the max RPM you rev your car, and both of these will change how your car behaves, and your ultimate lap time.

Traction Control

The traction control setting in GT7 can be set across a range, rather than simply turned on or off. When it is set to 0, there will be no traction control assistance, meaning you’ll have to modulate your throttle and any potential wheel spin manually.

The higher you set this, the more assistance the game will provide to prevent your wheels from spinning. Turning traction control to max or to zero isn’t necessarily the best option here.

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Just remember, many cars will have traction control enabled in the real world. GT3 cars use traction control for example, so turning it off in GT7 can result in unrealistic outcomes.


The ABS setting allows you to choose between turning your anti-lock braking system off, weak or default. Much like traction control, ABS in Gran Turismo 7 will intervene when it detects that your brakes will lock. Each setting has its benefits and drawback here, and a lot is based on driver skill and confidence when changing this setting.


Auto-drive will allow the game to handle braking or steering for you. This can be helpful for those new to racing games, but in most scenarios, this should be turned completely off.

Driving Line Assistance

The driving line assistance in Gran Turismo 7 will allow you to turn on visual indicators that can show you when to brake and the best racing line throughout a lap.

This is a great assist if you are trying to learn a track, but once you feel comfortable with a track, I’d recommend turning this off for the best immersion.

Braking Indicator

The braking indicator is another form of visual aid to help you learn when to brake into a corner. Much like driving line assistance above, I’d recommend turning it on if you’re learning a new track, and turning it off once you feel comfortable.

Braking Area

Again, much like the two visual aids above, the braking area is another way of learning braking zones.

Replace Car After Leaving Track

This setting will warp your car back to the track if you go off or crash. This can be helpful during time trial or while learning, but is recommended to be turned off to achieve realism.

Active Stability Management

ASM is a driving aid that makes each car easier to drive. It will work to keep the car’s balance stable and keep the car under control.

This works in a similar way to traction control and ABS, but is more generalised to ensuring you don’t lose control over your car. I would highly recommend leaving this off, to feel the full performance of any car.

Countersteering Assistance

With countersteering assistance, you can choose between off, weak or strong assist levels. In Gran Turismo 7, this assist will help catch your car in the event of oversteering or the start of a spin. This isn’t fool proof, and you can still spin your car with this assist enabled, so I’d recommend leaving this set to off.

Controller Settings

The controller settings will directly change the amount of force feedback, vibration and sensitivity present in your controller when racing in Gran Turismo 7. These are the core settings that will change how your controller feels and behaves.

Gran Turismo 7 Controller Settings Guide
Controller Steering Sensitivity

The steering sensitivity setting in Gran Turismo 7 will have the biggest impact on how your car behaves using a controller. It will adjust the response time and just how sensitive your car is to your steering inputs.

Higher steering sensitivity settings will allow your car to respond faster and be more on edge while applying steering input. This will give you the chance to make very quick inputs, but can come at the expense of overall stability.

Lower sensitivity settings will slow the car’s reaction to your steering inputs. This will make your car slower to respond, which will improve stability. But it will negatively affect how quickly you can get your car turned into corners.

Force Feedback Max. Torque

This setting affects the maximum torque output when using a racing wheel in Gran Turismo 7. This won’t have an effect on your controller.

Force Feedback Sensitivity

Much like the force feedback setting above, the sensitivity doesn’t have an effect on your controller, and only affects racing wheels.

Vibration Settings

The vibration settings in Gran Turismo 7 will change how strong the vibration in your controller is, and gives you control over how the Dual Sense adaptive triggers feel when braking and accelerating. These settings can be found in the controller settings in the main menu.

Vibration Strength

The strength setting will change how strong the controller vibration is. Turning this up will make your controller vibrate more, and turning it down has the opposite effect.

Trigger Effect Accelerator / Brake

The trigger effect settings change how much resistance there is in both triggers when accelerating and braking. Effect Brake

Gran Turismo 7 button mapping

The final touch when adjusting your controller settings in Gran Turismo 7 is to adjust your button mapping. This option is found in the controller settings, just above sensitivity.

Gran Turismo 7 Controller Settings

This button mapping allows you to change which buttons control certain inputs. You can change which buttons are used to change gear, or look back along with a variety of other configurations. Follow the steps below to learn how to quickly and easily adjust your button mapping in Gran Turismo 7.

How to change your button mapping in Gran Turismo 7;

  • Step 1: Open up the button mapping screen
  • Step 2: Navigate to the button you wish to change
  • Step 3: Select the button to change the function it controls
  • Step 4: Once you have changed any button inputs, click the OK button to save your configuration.

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By adjusting your controller settings in Gran Turismo 7, you can adjust the way your controller feels, and the way the cars in-game behave to your own personal preference. I would recommend using the settings above as a baseline, and making any finer adjustments to fit your own personal preference.

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