Gran Turismo 7 Best Cockpit Camera Settings

For the most realistic experience in Gran Turismo 7, the cockpit camera is the way to go. This guide will show you the best custom cockpit camera settings for Gran Turismo 7.

Gran Turismo 7 force feedback settings

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Adjusting your seat position is quite often a part of console sim racing that is overlooked. Fortunately for sim racers, Gran Turismo 7 does let us change our cockpit camera settings.

The adjustments available allow us to move the seat up and down and forward and backwards. This allows you to find the perfect cockpit camera setting in Gran Turismo 7.

Can you change the POV in Gran Turismo 7?

Despite the ability to move the seat around in Gran Turismo 7’s virtual cockpit, we cannot customise the POV setting in GT7.

POV is a vital part of setting up your driving position in a racing simulator. It allows us to change the perception of the road ahead of us, and correctly gauge distances and braking points. An incorrect POV in any racing simulator can make it hard to nail your braking points and make on-the-fly inputs based on the road ahead.

Why is POV customisation missing from Gran Turismo 7?

Even though POV adjustment is vital in many racing sims such as iRacing and Assetto Corsa Competizione, adjustments do affect in-game performance.

By widening your POV, you are introducing more elements on-screen for the game engine to render. This impacts performance, as the more items, models and textures that are visible, the lower your FPS potential will be.

This is the reason that many console games don’t allow the adjustment of your POV camera setting.

In PC games, adjusting your POV can be countered with reduced graphical settings to achieve the FPS performance that you are after.

Gran Turismo 7 cockpit view settings explained?

GT Sport had a couple of options available for cockpit camera customisation. These were the height of your seat and the forward position. Gran Turismo 7 has increased the number of cockpit camera settings available to adjust. These settings include;

  • Height
  • Depth
  • Orientation
  • Wobbling


The height value will affect how high or low you sit in relation to the car. If you increase this value, your viewpoint will move up higher, resulting in a better view over the front of your car. If you lower it, you will sit lower in the car.


The depth is the forward value. This setting adjusts how far forward or back your seat position is in the cockpit camera in GT7. You can use this setting to act as a replacement FOV slider.

While it won’t affect your field of view in the same way a true FOV setting would. It does allow you to bring more of the track and your car’s interior into view.


The orientation setting allows you to choose between a traditional cockpit camera view that is directly behind the steering wheel. Or you can choose an offset setting that moves the camera position to show more of the dash and car interior.


The wobbling setting is the final cockpit camera setting available in Gran Turismo 7, and it affects the camera movement while driving. You can increase or decrease the amount of camera shake or wobble using this setting. For more realism, and a potentially more immersive experience you can choose a higher wobbling setting.

How to change cockpit camera settings in GT7

For the best and most immersive experience in Gran Turismo 7, perfecting your cockpit camera settings is key. You can change these settings either mid-race or just before a race starts.

  1. Go to the settings menu
  2. Select display settings
  3. Then scroll down to the view settings.
  4. Edit your camera settings
  5. Then back out of the menu to save your new settings

Best cockpit camera settings for Gran Turismo 7

For the best settings for the majority of cars, use our recommended settings below.

Height = 5
Depth = 4
Orientation = Default
Wobbling = Type 2

Moving the camera up with the height setting will give you a better view over the front of your car. This will aid with visibility and help you hit apexes with more consistency.

Then adjust the depth setting to 4 for a better FOV. While this isn’t directly affecting your FOV it does emulate this by moving your seat forward and backwards.

Keep orientation at default. This will position you right behind the steering wheel. The offset camera will give you a slightly different view of the track but isn’t immersive or realistic.

Change the wobbling type to 2 to enable more head shake. This emulates a helmet camera better opposed to a fixed cockpit camera. It will make driving a touch more difficult for some but does increase the realism. Just like in the real world, your head would shake as you hit kerbs and bumps.

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