The Best Races To Grind Credits in Gran Turismo 7 – Updated Post Patch

Here are the best races to grind credits in Gran Turismo 7 after the payout reduction from the latest patch. Do these events for the best reward per hour!

Gran Turismo 7 Best Credit Grind
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It’s been a strange few weeks since the launch of Gran Turismo 7. On launch, GT7 was widely praised as being one of the best car ownership simulators around, and a true car enthusiast’s playground.

However, since launch, there has been a series of patches that have shone the spotlight on GT7 for all the wrong reasons. They introduced rather pricey microtransactions while also reducing the payouts from each race. This combination turned what was a jewel among racing sims into a huge grind to purchase your favourite cars.

Despite this, there are a few races that still offer decent credit payouts for winning and meeting certain criteria such as a clean race. In this guide, I’m going to run through the absolute best races to grind credits in Gran Turismo 7.

What is credit grinding in GT7?

Credit grinding is the practice of repeating certain events that offer high payout credit rewards in order to maximise the credits you earn. It isn’t a practice that is normally overly present in racing games and isn’t something that I’d normally spend time doing.

However, in the current Gran Turismo 7 landscape, the only way to be able to afford the most expensive cars is to either purchase them via microtransactions or via trying to maximise the number of in-game credits that you’re earning.

1. Fishermans Ranch – 45,000 credits every 3 minutes

Gran Turismo 7 Credit Grind Fishermans Ranch


Credits per win – 30,000
Credits per clean race win – 45,000
Time to complete – Around 3 minutes
Credits per hour – 800,000

Even after being nerfed slightly, Fishermans Ranch is still the best credit per minute race to grind in Gran Turismo 7. Fishermans Ranch isn’t an overly popular way to grind for credits in Gran Turismo 7 as many players would rather compete in track races rather than a rally event. And the Fishermans Ranch rally event that pays out the most credits is really quite tricky.

The event you are after is the Dirt Champions race which pays you a base of 30,000 credits for completing. It will take you just over 3 minutes to complete giving you a decent payout of 10,000 credits per minute of racing.

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As mentioned, it is a tricky event as you will be racing a mighty Group B rally car which is no easy feat! The target lap time to beat is a 3 minute 17, which is perfectly achievable once you get into a rhythm.

As a bonus, if you do win the event and post a clean lap, you will get a clean race bonus worth an extra 15,000 credits, bringing the grand total up to 45,000 per clean race win.

How to unlock Fishermans Ranch in GT7

You won’t be able to race at Fishermans Ranch right away in Gran Turismo 7, instead, you will need to unlock the circuit. This is done through the GT Cafe menu events. You will need to get up to and complete the Fishermans Ranch menu book, which is Menu Book 36.

Once you complete Menu Book 36, which sees you racing around the fictional Fishermans Ranch dirt track, you will then be able to race at the Fishermans Ranch event as many times as you like.

2. Pan-American Tournament – Easy Grind

Gran Turismo 7 Credit Grind Pan American Tournament


Credits per win – 35,000
Credits per clean race win – 52,500
Time to complete – 3 minutes
Credits per hour – 950,000

This credit grind isn’t going to be anywhere near as engaging as the Fishermans Ranch event, but it is a much easier and stress-free route to grinding credits in GT7.

The aim here is to head over to the Pan-American Tournament which is a multi-race championship. Enter and win the first race at Blue Moon Bay Speedway in whichever car you have that is fastest. Using the SRT Tomahawk X VGT which is one of the fastest cars in-game you can complete this race in around 3 minutes.

Bear in mind, the SRT Tomahawk X VGT costs 1 million credits to get, so you already need a decent pool of credits. Once you have it, complete the first race, and then quite the championship. This will net you

  • Step 1 – Enter the Pan-American Tournament
  • Step 2 – Complete the first race in the fastest car you own
  • Step 3 – After the race finishes quit the tournament
  • Step 4 – Rinse and repeat

3. Sardegna Windmills – Easy race, high payout

Gran Turismo 7 Credit Grind Sardegna Windmills


Credits per win – 40,000
Credits per clean race win – 60,000
Time to complete – Around 3 minutes 45 seconds
Credits per hour – 900,000

The Sardegna Windmills Dirt Champions event is another dirt based event that pays highly. You can earn up to 60,000 credits per race which spans 3 laps if you put in a clean race. Or 40,000 credits if you win without being clean.

Sardegna Windmills events are unlocked at Cafe Book No. 36, the same as Fishermans Ranch above. And Sardegna Windmills has similar potential in terms of credits earned per hour.

It is probably an easier event to win than the Fishermans Ranch event which will take a little more skill. But if dirt racing isn’t your thing, then we’d recommend sticking to the ever so easy oval race in the Pan-American Tournament mentioned above.

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