Best Gran Turismo 7 Assist Settings – All Settings Explained

With Gran Turismo 7 in the hands of racers everywhere, now is a great opportunity to look at the assist settings and explain exactly what every setting in Gran Turismo 7 does.

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Gran Turismo 7 Best assists settings

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Gran Turismo 7 is without a doubt one of the most highly anticipated racing games of 2022. GT7 was first announced in 2020, and now it is finally in the hands of sim racers and casual racers around the world.

But now we have access to Gran Turismo 7, what exactly are the fastest settings in the game, and which assists should you turn on or off?

In this guide, I’m going to take a deep look at every assist setting in Gran Turismo 7. I’ll also show you the best combination to produce the fastest settings in Gran Turismo 7.

Gran Turismo 7 assists explained

The first settings in Gran Turismo 7that I want to look at are the assists. These are designed to make racing around a track easier. They include the ability to turn on an auto-drive mode, racing line, ABS, braking indicators and more.

But what do all of these Gran Turismo 7 assists do? And which settings should you turn on or off?


The gear assist setting in GT7 allows you to change between manual and automatic gears. This changes whether the game will automatically change gear for you, or if you have to do it manually.

It is perfectly OK to set this to automatic while you are getting used to the game and the car that you’re driving. However, after a little practice, changing to manual gears is much more rewarding and in most cases faster.

Manual gears will allow you to change gears using either the paddle shifter on your racing wheel, the shifter attached to your wheel if you have one, or the controller you are racing with.

You will be consistently faster with manual gears selected as you will have full control over when and how you shift gears. You can rev your car harder, use the gearing to help slow your car down and implement advanced techniques such as heel and toe. With a bit of practice, all of these techniques can allow you to put in faster lap times in Gran Turismo 7.

Assist Preset Selection

The assist preset selection essentially pre-configures all of the assist settings that sit below this setting. You can choose between beginner, intermediate or expert. And if you adjust any of the settings below yourself, it will automatically change to custom.

By choosing beginner, you will pre-select the strongest racing assists. These include ABS, high levels of traction and assists such as the racing line.

Intermediate will start to tone down some of the assists by reducing which ones are enabled. And expert will remove many of the assists to give you full control over your car.

Gran Turismo 7 traction control assist

Traction Control

Traction control works the same in Gran Turismo 7 as it did in GT Sport, and a lot of other racing games.

At its highest setting, your rear wheels won’t slip under heavy acceleration. While at lower settings or off completely, you will have to manage your throttle application to avoid wheel spin.

The traction control in Gran Turismo 7 ranges from 0 – 5, with 0 being traction control off, and 5 being the strongest assist.

With this setting off or at 0, you won’t have any traction control assistance. You will need to manage the throttle manually to avoid spinning your wheels. This will mean that you can’t accelerate 100% out of every corner. Instead, you need to feather the throttle as you accelerate.

As you move up to turning traction control to 1, you will feel that your car’s tyres will grip more to the traction under acceleration. While this will help you accelerate with reduced wheel spin, it will also slow you down.

Traction control slows you down by reducing the amount of power going to your wheels as you accelerate. The stronger the traction control assist, the more reduced the power that is sent to your wheels will be.

This means that higher traction control settings will almost always mean slower acceleration out of corners where traction control is activated.

The fastest traction control setting in Gran Turismo 7 is 0. However, this will require more skill and precision when accelerating.


ABS stands for anti-lock brake system and is the assist that will stop your brakes from locking while driving in Gran Turismo 7. In GT7 you have three options for the ABS assist. You can turn it off completely, set it to weak, or leave it at default.

By turning ABS off in Gran Turismo 7, you will have to modulate how hard you press the brake pedal. If you brake too hard your wheels will lock. This results in more tyre wear, longer braking distances and reduced control under braking.

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    You will know that you have locked your wheels under braking by the smoke cloud that is produced and the loud skidding sound effect.

    By turning ABS to weak, you will enable the ABS assist but at its lowest setting. This will reduce wheel locking in some situations making it harder to lock a wheel under braking. But it will still be possible to lock up. The weak ABS assist will still require some braking management.

    Setting ABS to default will give you the strongest ABS assistance. This will prevent all but the worst lock ups and will give you greater control while learning the car and track.

    I would recommend setting ABS to weak to start with. This will allow you to start to learn how to modulate your braking pressure. Then once you are feeling confident you can turn ABS off completely.


    The auto-drive assist in GT7 will allow the game to control some aspects of driving for you. You can choose between having this setting off which is recommended. Or you can have auto-drive control just the braking or the braking and steering.

    Which ever setting you choose, you will have to accelerate still, but the game will control either braking or steering or both. This can be helpful if GT7 is the first racing game you’ve played, but it is highly recommended to leave this setting to off.

    GT7 Driving Assists

    Driving Line Assistance

    The driving line assistance in Gran Turismo 7 is essentially a virtual racing line. This will help you learn where to position your car and when to start braking and accelerating.

    You can choose to turn the driving line off or select corner indicators or driving line or all.

    The corner indicators will show a pin drop indicator when you should start turning into the corner and highlight the apex of each corner. This option is the lowest form of racing line and will only show you where to start turning plus your apex point and nothing else.

    The driving line will give you a full racing line around the whole track. This will show you where to position your car and when to start turning into a corner.

    It is always good to keep the racing line enabled when you drive a track for the first time as it can be super helpful. Once you are comfortable with a track, you can reduce this just to the corner indicator to remind you when to start turning in.

    And finally, once you are fully confident that you know a track, you can turn the racing line completely off.

    Braking Indicator

    The braking indicator works alongside the racing line. It will flash a brake indicator when you should start braking. And it will turn your HUD red.

    This can be helpful to learn your braking points.

    GT7 Braking Zone

    Braking Area

    The braking area is a much better way to learn your braking zones. This assist will paint a series of red lines across the track where you should be braking.

    Replace Car After Leaving Track

    The replace car assist will help you recover if you have gone off track. It will automatically re-position your car back onto the track after you have gone off.

    This can be helpful to help you get back into a race and not lose too much time. But once again this assist does break immersion. For the most realistic racing experience, you should look to turn this assist off.

    Active Stability Management (ASM)

    The active stability management assist in Gran Turismo 7 will help you control your car. It applies a general stability assist to your car to make it easier to control and reduce spinning.

    This should be turned off to really feel how your car is behaving. However, you can leave it on when first getting used to a particular car, just try not to be too reliant on it.

    Countersteering Assistance

    The countersteering assistance assist in GT7 will help manage the transition when your car starts to oversteer. It is designed to make catching your car easier during an oversteer moment.

    You can change countersteering assistance between a few settings. These include off, weak and strong. Like many assists above I would recommend leaving this off as it will affect how your car feels during oversteering.

    GT7 Assists

    The fastest settings in Gran Turismo 7

    With all of the GT7 assists explained, it is now time to see the combination that produces the fastest assist settings in Gran Turismo 7.

    The assists settings below are recommended to produce the fastest lap times in Gran Turismo 7, but will in some cases make controlling your car harder.

    I would recommend leaving some assists turned on while you get used to the driving, the cars and the tracks in GT7. And then look to enable the below settings once you feel comfortable.

    • Gears – Manual
    • Assist Preset Selection – Custom
    • Traction Control – 0
    • ABS – Off
    • Auto-Drive – Off
    • Driving Line Assistance – Off
    • Braking Indicator – Off
    • Braking Area – Off
    • Replace Car After Leaving Track – Off
    • Active Stability Management (ASM) – Off
    • Countersteering Assistance – Off

    Gran Turismo 7 force feedback settings explained

    In the controller settings menu within Gran Turismo 7, you will find two settings regarding your racing wheel. These control the overall strength and sensitivity of the force feedback.

    Both of the settings below range from 0-10, with 10 representing the strongest options. Although you will want to stay away from setting these both to 10, even on weaker wheels such as the Logitech G923, this will induce clipping.

    Force Feedback Max. Torque

    The force feedback max. torque setting in Gran Turismo 7 will dictate the overall strength for how strong the force feedback can be. The higher this setting, the stronger the force feedback that you’ll feel will be.

    I would recommend lowering this to around 3 or 4 when using a Logitech G923. Much higher than 5 and you will start feeling force feedback clipping.

    Force Feedback Sensitivity

    The sensitivity will dictate how much information is presented via force feedback. This setting picks up on aspects such as the road surface, kerbs and wheel centering. The higher the setting, the more force feedback will be picked up in-game and translated through your wheel.

    I have reduced this setting to just 2. This feels better as this setting can act in a similar way to a minimum force setting in other games. Going too high here can make the wheel feel too twitchy, while a lower setting increases the deadzone giving a more realistic feeling.

    The best racing wheels for Gran Turismo 7

    If you are looking for recommendations for the best racing wheel for Gran Turismo 7, we have a complete guide for that. We look at and recommend the best wheels for GT7 at a range of budgets.

    Check out our guide on the best racing wheel for Gran Turismo 7.

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