Does Forza Motorsport Support VR? Complete VR Guide

In this guide, I look at VR support in Forza Motorsport. It was a key feature in Gran Turismo 7. Has Forza followed suit and does the new Forza game support VR on either Xbox or PC?

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The new Forza Motorsport is being marketed as the most realistic racing simulation ever. With a completely new suspension and tyre model, and a 48x improvement to the tyre fidelity, Forza Motorsport should be the most realistic Forza yet.

But does that realism expand beyond your monitor or TV? No Forza game to date has included VR support. But with Gran Turismo 7 launching with VR support as a key feature, does that mean Forza Motorsport can compete in this department?

In this guide, I’ll look at VR support in Forza Motorsport, and whether you can race the newest Forza game with a VR headset.

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Does Forza Motorsport support VR?

Those who are hoping to add to their immersion and sense of realism in Forza Motorsport with VR will be disappointed. Forza Motorsport does not include VR support on either Xbox or PC.

It isn’t a surprise to see the lack of VR support for Forza Motorsport on Xbox. Currently, there are no VR headsets that work with Xbox consoles, and that doesn’t seem to be in the plan for Xbox moving forward.

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Microsoft and Xbox have stated that there is no plan to include VR support in the immediate future. And there are no first-party VR headsets currently in development for Xbox.

On PC however, there is a wide range of VR headsets available for sim racers. Many racing sim titles on PC do support VR. Assetto Corsa, F1 23 and iRacing are a few of the most popular racing titles that do include VR support on PC.

With all of these racing sims including VR support, and with it being such a big feature of the latest Gran Turismo game. It is a little bit of a surprise that Forza Motorsport isn’t utilising VR on PC.

Will VR be added to Forza Motorsport in an update?

With VR support being completely denied during the lead up to Forza Motorsport’s October 2023 release, it is highly unlikely that VR support will be added in the future.

VR support is a tricky feature to program into any game, and would require a lot of work to implement in Forza Motorsport. And with no native VR support on Xbox consoles, its almost certain that this Forza Motorsport (8) won’t get a VR update.

At the very best, we will have to wait until a future Forza Horizon or Forza Motorsport game before we see VR supported.

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