Forza Motorsport Best Logitech G923 Wheel Settings

In this guide I'll show you my recommended wheel settings for Forza Motorsport using the Logitech G923 racing wheel. I'll run through both G Hub and Forza Motorsport in-game settings.

Logitech G923 settings Forza Motorsport

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The Logitech G923 is one of the most popular racing wheels around, and one which is going to see a lot of game time in the new Forza Motorsport. Racing the latest Forza with a wheel adds an extra sense of immersion and realism.

In this guide, I’m going to run through my recommended wheel settings for the Logitech G923 in Forza Motorsport.

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Watch our Forza Motorsport Logitech G923 wheel settings video

Below is a video showing all of our Forza Motorsport Logitech G923 wheel settings. Continue reading below to view the wheel settings.

Which assists to use with a racing wheel?

I’m going to start by quickly looking at the in-game assists. These have a big impact on how your racing wheel feels. I’d recommend disabling as many assists as you feel comfortable with, but there is one change that is really important.

Change the steering setting to simulation as this will adjust how your racing wheel will feel pretty drastically. You can then choose whichever combination of ABS, traction control and stability control you fancy.

I’d recommend turning the traction control and stability control off first. And then trying to disable ABS. The ABS is probably the trickiest assist to turn off as the brakes can be pretty prone to locking up with certain cars.

Forza Motorsport assist settings

I’d also always recommend using manual gears if you’re racing with a wheel. Most wheels including the Logitech G923 have paddle shifters. And this is another great way to increase the realism a touch.

Once, you’ve set the steering to simulation and adjusted your other assists, we can move on to the button mapping.

Racing wheel input settings

The input settings should be your first stop after you have your assists sorted. Here, you can set up your wheel’s inputs and which buttons control various settings in game.

I would always recommend running through these settings with whatever wheel you are using just to ensure your wheel is correctly registered. Go through and check the main settings such as your brake and throttle pedal as well as your shifters are all working correctly.

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You can scroll down to any setting and click on it to re-assign the input. Then, once all inputs are correct, head over to the advanced input settings to start really tinkering with your force feedback.

Advanced input settings

The advanced input settings are where the real meat of your racing wheel settings are. Here, you change the specifics of how your racing wheel behaves in every area. From its deadzone to overall damping and force feedback. There are a tonne of settings that you can change.

Below are my recommended advanced wheel settings for the Logitech G923 for Forza Motorsport. These are designed to really emphasise the force feedback on the G923 and allow Forza to feel as good as it can.

Steering Axis Deadzone Inside0
Steering Axis Deadzone Outside100
Acceleration Deadzone Inside0
Acceleration Deadzone Outside100
Deceleration Deadzone Inside0
Deceleration Deadzone Outside100
Vibration Scale40
Force Feedback Scale85
Steering Self Alignment75
Mechanical Trail Scale160
Pneumatic Trail Scale30
Road Feel Scale120
Load Sensitivity40
Wheel Damping Scale95
Center Spring Scale60
Dynamic Damper Behaviour45
Steering Sensitivity50
Steering Linearity50

OK, so jumping into the advanced wheel settings themselves. I’m going to go through and show you my settings as quickly as I can whilst giving a brief overview of some of the more important settings to change.

Starting with the deadzones. Ideally, if your wheel and pedals are correctly configured, you should run all of these at 0 for the inside and 100 for the outside. This gives the most realistic pedal travel and wheel rotation.

For the vibration scale I’ve got this at 40 and the force feedback scale is set to 85. These set the overall strength of your force feedback.

Logitech G923 settings Forza Motorsport Advanced

The self-alignment setting will provide some steering input to help keep your car stable if you aren’t applying any input. Reducing this will reduce the tendency for your steering to go incredibly light or snap on you as you lose grip. Lower this to 75.

Mechanical trail scale and pneumatic trail scale will help you determine when you are encountering grip loss and understeer. I’ve got the mechanical trail scale set to 160 and then lowered the pneumatic scale to 30. Having these set too high will increase the sensation of your wheel suddenly going too light.

I’ve set the road feel scale to 120 which is the global controller for how detailed the track surface feels.

The load sensitivity is set to 40, damping scale to 95, the center spring scale is set to 60 and the dynamic damper behaviour set to 45. The increased wheel damping setting is designed to give your racing wheel a bit more weight.

Finally, the steering sensitivity and linearity adjust how your steering wheel feels as you turn it. Lowering the sensitivity will make your wheel rotate slower closer to the center of the wheel and faster as you approach full lock.

Leaving this and the linearity to 50 will give your wheel a true 1:1 linearity feel.

G Hub settings

A final note, if you’re racing on a PC, you can adjust some G Hub settings. I’ve left most at default, which is the sensitivity and center spring strength both at 50. The torque at 100 and the audio effects at 80.


While Forza Motorsport isn’t a true simulator, these settings do help to make your Logitech G923 feel a bit more realistic, and allow the force feedback to really shine through.

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