Forza Motorsport Assists Settings Guide: All Settings Explained

Here is our complete guide to Forza Motorsport assists. I'll show you how to use assists in Forza Motorsport, what assists are new, which assists to use and how to change them in-game.

Forza Motorsport assists settings

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Forza Motorsport is one of Xbox’s biggest racing games and is being released on Xbox Game Pass. This makes it completely free to play for those who have a Game Pass subscription. This means that this Forza has the potential to be played by a huge number of players.

This newest Forza Motorsport is designed to be the most realistic driving simulation ever created in a Forza title. However, making a racing game too realistic can make it tricky to control and can remove the fun factor for many players.

To combat this, Forza Motorsport has a wide range of driving assists which make controlling the cars easier. New and returning driving assists ensure the new Forza game can be enjoined by everyone who plays it.

In this guide, I’ll run through all of the assists in Forza Motorsport. I’ll show you what each driving assist does, and give you my recommendation on which assists are worth using.

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What are driving assists in Forza Motorsport?

Driving assists make controlling cars in Forza Motorsport easier depending on which assists you use. They can be used to stop your car from spinning, to help you learn the racing line or to completely brake and steer for you.

Driving assists are really designed so you can create a personalised driving experience. They are also a core mechanic in how much you will earn from events.

If you choose to enable more driving assists or if you lower the AI difficulty, you’ll receive a smaller payout for completing an event. If you dial the difficulty up by increasing the AI difficulty or disabling assists. You’ll get rewarded more.

Ultimately, driving assists in Forza Motorsport can help you tailor the experience to your own skill level. They can help avoid frustration and also be used to challenge yourself and improve your confidence and speed over time.

Forza Motorsport assists explained

Forza Motorsport includes a bunch of returning assists that we have seen in previous Forza Motorsport and Horizon games. There are also some new assists, and these new accessibility features are designed to help blind and partially sighted gamers.

Below, I’ll run through every assist in Forza Motorsport. I’ll show you exactly what they do, and recommend if you should have them enabled or disabled.

Global Assist Preset: This preset can be used to quickly dial the assists up or down within a few criteria.

Suggested Line: The suggested racing line will display a line on track showing you where to position your car. You can choose to have it always enabled using “full”, have it show only during braking zones or turn it off completely. The line’s colour will change between blue and red showing you when to accelerate and brake.

Braking: The braking assist lets you choose from a variety of assists.

  • Assisted braking modes: There are two assisted braking modes. These can take over the braking completely so you don’t need to worry about braking. Fully assisted mode will brake on the approach to corners, and during scenarios where you are about to make impact with another car. The partially assisted mode will brake during corner braking zones only.
  • ABS on or off: If you choose to disable the assisted modes, you can choose to keep ABS enabled or disable it completely. This will prevent your brakes from locking by braking too hard. This is a great assist to keep enabled to start with until you feel more comfortable braking with precision.

Throttle: This assist can automatically accelerate for you. Enabling this means you don’t need to hold the trigger or pedal to accelerate.

Steering: The steering assist in Forza Motorsport has a range of different modes.

  • Assisted modes: The assisted steering modes can completely take control of your car’s steering. The partially assisted steering mode will provide some input during cornering, but not completely take over.
  • Normal or simulation: You can choose to enable simulation steering for the most realistic steering physics. Normal steering will dampen certain effects to make driving a bit easier. I’d recommend opting for simulation.
  • Allow manual steering into pit: This extra setting will control whether your car will automatically drive into the pits when you have steering assists enabled. Having it set to manual gives you full control over your pit entry.

Traction control: The traction control assist will prevent your wheels from spinning and breaking traction. I would recommend disabling this only once you feel confident in your ability to modulate your throttle input.

Stability control: The stability control will try to prevent your car from spinning during erratic inputs. Enabling the sport mode will allow for some extra control, while disabling this assist will give you full control over your car during corners.

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Shifting: The automatic and manual shifting assists will dictate whether your car changes gear automatically or if you manually control your gears. Enabling manual with clutch will require you to press the clutch correctly before changing gear.

Pit entry assist / Reset to track: This assist can tell your car to enter the pits automatically or to reset you to the track if you go off track at any point. I leave this as context sensitive.

Forza Motorsports blind driving assists

The blind driving assists are a new range of assists that have been included in Forza Motorsport. These are a set of accessibility settings that are designed to allow blind gamers to enjoy the Forza experience.

Forza Motorsport blind driving assists

These assists heavily utilise audio cues to indicate various in-game scenarios. They’re a great set of features which will really expand the accessibility of this new Forza title.

Steering Guide

The steering guide setting provides audio cues to help orient your car. The game utilises spacial audio to indicate which direction to steer your car.

If you are veering off towards the right side of the track, the audio will shift towards the left side. This indicates that you should start to steer back towards the left.

Deceleration Cues

The deceleration cues are a set of audio cues indicating when to brake as well as how hard to brake. The faster the audio cue is, the harder you need to brake.

Turn Navigation

Turn navigation enables a co-driver like assist. There will be a verbal cue which tells you which direction to turn and the severity of the corner much like a rally co-driver would.

Turn Cues

The turn cues are a set of audio cues which indicate how close you are to the corner using a countdown method. The audio cues increase in pitch to relate how close to the apex you are.

Track Limit Cues

The track limit cues use alerts to indicate if you are getting close to the track boundary on either the left or right of the circuit.

Wrong Way Cues

The wrong way cue is a continuous audio cue which will indicate if you are facing the incorrect way on the track.

Shift Up/Down Cues

If you’re racing with a manual transmission, the shifting cues are small indicators of when to change gear, much like real-world Formula 1 drivers use.

Gear Indicator Cues

These cues will narrate which gear you have changed into every time you change gear. This is helpful during fast downshifts.

AI Takeover

The final audio cue will alert you when the game has taken control of your vehicle such as entering the pit lane.

The fastest assist settings in Forza Motorsport

Every player of Forza Motorsport will have their own personal preference for driving assists. Some may keep traction control enabled while enabling a manual transmission while others may want more assists enabled.

The fastest driving assist settings generally involve disabling all assists. This will give you full control over your car at all moments allowing you to extract the most performance from your car of choice.

If you are looking for the fastest possible assist settings in Forza Motorsport, I’d recommend the below settings;

  • Global Assist Preset: Custom
  • Suggested Line: Personal preference
  • Braking: ABS Off
  • Throttle: Unassisted
  • Steering: Simulation
  • Traction control: Off
  • Stability control: Off
  • Shifting: Manual

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