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Stock checker last updated March 20, 2024

Our Fanatec stock checker tracker is the best place to check the current stock levels of Fanatec's most popular products. We will update this page as Fanatec products come into stock or the stock levels change in each region.

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Which sim racing products stock levels are tracked?

Due to the recent shortages in Fanatec stock, we have created this stock checker to check the current stock levels of the most popular Fanatec products, the CSL DD and the GT DD Pro racing wheels.

Above hyou will be able to find all variants of the CSL DD and GT DD Pro. The varients include the 5Nm and 8Nm versions of the CSL DD, and all of the GT DD Pro bundles which include the CSL Pedals.

Fanatec Quick Release

Fanatec CSL DD Stock Levels

The Fanatec CSL DD was the first small form factor direct drive racing wheel base that was compatible with consoles.

The CSL DD produces 5Nm from it large motor which is directly mounted to the drive shaft. This power output can be increased up to 8Nm with the addition of the Boost Kit 180.

The CSL DD wheel base is compatible with both PC and Xbox consoles including the Xbox Series S| X.

Fanatec GT DD Pro Stock Levels

Following the successful release of the CSL DD, Fanatec released the GT DD Pro a little while later.

The Fanatec GT DD Pro shared a lot of similarities with the popular CSL DD. It produced the same amount of force feedback strength and utilised a lot of the smae components.

The GT DD Pro however, does look different, and unlike the CSL DD, it is compatible with PlayStation 5 consoles.

Fanatec GT DD Pro Wheel Base Rear
Fanatec DD1 Wheel Base Rear

Fanatec DD1 Stock Levels

The Fanatec DD1 was the entry-level direct drive racing wheel for a very long time, until the new batch of small direct drive wheels hit the market in 2022.

Now, the DD1 is looked at as the best-priced high-end direct drive wheel. The DD1 is capable of up to 20Nm of peak torque.

The Fanatec DD1 wheel base is only compatible with Xbox consoles and PC, with no PlayStation compatibility.

Fanatec DD2 Stock Levels

The DD2 wheel base is the most powerful direct drive racing wheel that Fanatec produces.

It is capable of producing strengths of up to 25Nm of peak torque. This is such a strong amount of force, that the DD2 also comes with an emergency off switch.

Much like the Fanatec DD1, the DD2 is only compatible with Xbox consoles and PCs.

Fanatec DD2 Wheelbase
Fanatec Podium F1 Racing Wheel

Fanatec Podium F1 Stock Levels

The Fanatec Podium F1 is the PlayStation 5 compatible direct drive racing wheel which sits in the same performance category as the rest of the Podium range.

Fanatec has utilised a DD1 wheel base, and expanded its compatibility to include PlayStation consoles as well as Xbox consoles.

The Podium F1 is licensed by Formula 1 and comes with the Podium Paddle Module and the Formula V2.5 steering wheel.

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How to know when a Fanatec product is in stock

The best way to be alerted when the Fanatec CSL DD and GT DD Pro are restocked is to check our website regularly. You can bookmark this page, or leave it open.

As new stock comes available, we will update this page to show exactly which Fanatec products are in stock and in which regions.

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Why are Fanatec stock levels so low?

The Fanatec CSL DD is one of the best-selling Fanatec products ever. It was the first small form factor direct drive wheel base that was compatible with consoles. It revolutionised what we thought a direct drive racing wheel could be, doing away with the extremely pricey stereotype.

Because of these factors, the CSL DD has always been a top seller since its launch in 2021. The high levels of demand, plus the lack of electronic components over the past 12 months or so has led to the current lack of Fanatec CSL DD stock.

Fanatec CEO Thomas Jackermeier recently posted a statement, confirming that the Fanatec CSL DD wouldn’t be back in stock in 2022, instead, a Q1 2023 date was revealed as the first possible chance of the CSL DD coming back in stock.

Thomas Jackermeier said in his statement, “The demand has been very high, and our production has been stalled by component shortages.”

“We will continue to work hard to address this bottleneck, but the effect of the semiconductor crisis continues to be felt across the industry, and I can confirm that the CSL DD will not be available again until Q1 2023.”

Can you buy the Fanatec CSL DD elsewhere?

The best place to purchase the CSL DD racing wheel and the GT DD Pro is from Fanatec directly. There aren’t many official resellers of Fanatec products, and anywhere else that does resell either the CSL DD or the GT DD Pro will get stock after Fanatec’s official web shop does.

Frequently asked questions

Is the Fanatec CSL DD coming back in stock?

Fanatec CEO Thomas Jackermeier has revealed in a recent statement that the Fanatec CSL DD racing wheel is scheduled to be back in stock in Q1 2023.

Why is Fanatec out of stock?

The reason that the Fanatec CSL DD, GT DD Pro and other sim racing products have been out of stock is due to both high demand from sim racers, and the lack of electronic components.
The lack of semiconductors throughout 2021 and 2022 has affected many tech companies, including those that produce graphics cards, PC peripherals, game consoles and more.

Is the Fanatec CSL DD worth waiting for?

The CSL DD is one of the best direct drive racing wheels that Fanatec has produced. It combines a small form factor, excellent direct drive performance, and a low price tag. Whether it is worth waiting for is a personal decision. However, it is a very good sim racing wheel base.

Why does it say stock available above, but when checking the products are out of stock?

Both the Fanatec CSL DD and the GT DD Pro are extremely popular, and stock is generally limited. All of the items above can sell out extremely quickly, and sometimes sell out before shortly after we have shown the items as in stock. We do our very best to ensure the stock levels above are accurate at all times, however, the high demand can cause stock levels to change incredibly quickly.