Not The Bahrain Grand Prix #NotTheBahGP Live Stream

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Not The Bahrain Grand Prix

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It’s official, Formula 1 have cancelled / postponed the whole first part of the season, through March and April. This means no races will go ahead during this time. However it doesn’t stop some Formula 1 drivers racing.

Drivers such as Lando Norris and Nicholas Latifi have joined forces with sim racing brand Veloce Esports to race the Bahrain Grand Prix virtually. The race will take place in the F1 2019 game, and particpants include F1 drivers, celebrities, and sim racers.

All participants will race a 25% distance race of the Bahrain GP track in two races on Sunday 22nd March. Tune in at 6PM GMT to watch the whole race live streamed here.

To get you in the mood, watch the official #NotTheBahGP race trailer below, which announces some of the participants.

Not The Bahrain GP #NotTheBahGP Live Stream

The whole qualifying and race session will be live in the video stream below – Watch live from 6pm (GMT)

The driver lineup for Not The Bahrain Grand Prix

We don’t currently know all participants in the Not The Bahrain GP, however we do know a selection of racers. There are a host of drivers returning from last week’s virtual Australian F1 race. Lando Norris, Stoffel Vandoorne, Thibaut Courtois, Aarava, and Tiametmarduk all return.

This weekend’s race also includes Williams F1 driver Nicholas Latifi.

Full F1 Race Weekend Grand Prix Lineup

The Not The Bahrain GP isn’t the only F1 race event taking place this weekend. A few other races have also been organised, with each event containing a selection of well known drivers, celebrities and sim racers.

Below is the full race schedule for this weekend.

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Saturday 21st March

Series / Organisers Event Time Link
The Race The Race All-Star Esports Battle 5PM GMT Watch The Live Stream Here

Sunday 22nd March

F1 Esports Virtual Grand Prix series Virtual Bahrain GP 8PM GMT Watch The Live Stream Here
Veloce Esports Not the Bahrain GP 6PM GMT Watch The Live Stream Here

Monday 23rd March

Series / Organisers Event Time Link
Team Redline Real Racers Never Quit 8PM GMT / 9PM CET

What is #NotTheBahGP?

Not The Bahrain GP is an online F1 race hosted by Veloce Esports. The race takes place in the Codemaster’s F1 2019 game, and this week’s event is taking place at the Bahrain Grand Prix circuit.

Last weekend we saw the first round of the “Not the…” race series, with F1 drivers and celebrities competing at the Australian Grand Prix circuit at Melbourne.

Watch Now – Watch the full #NotTheAusGP race here.

Watch the full race replay of The Race All Star Esports Battle Rd 2 Below

Youtube Channel “The Race” are also hosting a virtual grand prix. They held a race last weekend, just like Veloce Esports, however The Race used rFactor 2 as their game of choice. Last weekend’s event saw the likes of Max Verstappen racing against sim racers such as Jimmy Broadbent.

The Race hosted the second round of their All Star Esports Battle on the 21st March. And this weeks event took place at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway road course. Participants in the second round included Nico Hulkenberg, Juan Pablo Montoya, Max Verstappen and more racers. There were a series of heats where racers competed to win spots to race in the final race.

You can watch the whole event below, including all heats and the final race.

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