Not The Australian Grand Prix #NotTheAusGP Live Stream

Not The Australian Grand Prix
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The Australian Formula 1 Grand Prix may have been cancelled / postponed, however E-Sports giants, Veloce Esports have come up with an ingenious solution to ensure F1 fans have some racing to watch this Sunday.

Veloce have arranged for an Australian race to take place on the F1 2019 game. And this event isn’t just a bunch of sim racers competing. Instead this event will see real F1 drivers competing alongside a selection of well known sim racers.

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Watch the full live stream below

The full driver lineup for Not The Australian Grand Prix

  • Lando Norris
  • Stoffel Vandoorne
  • Thibaut Courtois
  • Esteban Gutierrez
  • Will “Willne” Lenney
  • Aarav “Aarava” Amin
  • Ben “Tiametmarduk” Daly
  • Steve “SuperGT” Brown
  • Jimmy Broadbent
  • Nick “AR12Gaming” Andrew
  • Louis Deletraz
  • Ryan Tveter
  • Sacha Fenestraz
  • Dani Bereznay
  • James Baldwin
  • Tomek “HyperZ” Poradzisz
  • Jarno Opmeer
  • James “Limitless” Doherty
  • Simon Weigang
  • Tom “Tom97” Martinez

Watch The Not The Australian Grand Prix Live Stream Below

The full Australian sim race is watchable using the live stream below, and starts at 17:45 GMT. Hosting the whole event will be Matt from popular F1 Youtube channel WTF1, along with Veloce Esports’ own Haydon Gullis. Follow both of these guys on Twitter throughout the grand prix.

What is #NotTheAusGP?

Not the Australian Grand Prix is an event which has been setup by Veloce Esports, in partnership with F1. It features a selection of current Formula 1 and Formula E drivers racing up against the best e-sports sim racers. The race is taking place on the F1 2019 game, and at the Australian track.

The event was setup in a bid to ensure that there is a Formula 1 race taking place on what should be the first official race weekend of the F1 season.

Lando Norris is the headline Formula 1 driver taking part. And Lando himself often streams himself sim racing on games such as iRacing and F1 2019. Other racing drivers participating include Stoffel Vandoorne, formally of McLaren, now a participant in Formula E. And Esteban Gutierrez, who raced in Formula 1 for Sauber a few years ago.

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