Four New Formula 1 Management Games Confirmed For 2022!

F1 & Frontier Sign New Management Game Deal
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A request that we have seen a lot over the past years, is fans asking Codemasters to produce an F1 management game. Or at the least to introduce an F1 manager mode in to their current yearly F1 video games. Now our prayers may finally have been answered!

On March 10th, Formula 1 and legendary game developer Frontier Developments signed a contract to produce a series of new Formula 1 management games.

CEO of Frontier, David Braben said in a statement (via Eurogamer) that he was “delighted” with the new deal. The announcement specified that the new F1 games are “management games”. This leads us to think that they will be in-keeping with the style of games that Frontier are known for. Hopefully, allowing players to finally create and manage all aspects of a Formula 1 team.

What About Codemasters Current F1 Games?

Codemasters are the current development studio behind the F1 racing games. Codemaster’s Formula 1 games focus entirely on driving a Formula 1 car rather than managing a team. You drive Formula 1 cars throughout a realistic style season and career.

This new deal with Frontier doesn’t affect the Codemaster’s games at all, and their license to continue to produce F1 games still runs until 2025. Although we doubt that the upcoming F1 games from Codemasters will start to feature “manger mode” or any similar game mode any time soon.

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Who Are Frontier Games?

Frontier are a well renowned video game developer. Famed for their Planet Coaster and Planet Zoo management games along with space game Elite Dangerous. All of these games have been very well received and are well loved within the management sim community.

Frontier originally found fame in the classic Roller Coaster Tycoon management games way back in the earlier 2000’s. Since this early success, Frontier have gone on to develop critically acclaimed games such as Planet Coaster and Planet Zoo.

These games all focus heavily on micro-management of all aspects of a business. This could mean that the upcoming Formula 1 management games by Frontier will allow us to manage every aspect of an F1 team. From staff and drivers, through to car development, design and building new facilities.

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