All F1 2022 Car Launch Dates Officially Announced

The 2022 season is fast approaching, and teams are starting to release the dates when they'll unveil their 2022 cars. Here are all the dates for your diary, and all the information you should know.

2022 Formula 1 Car Launch Dates
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This article will be updated as new car launch dates are confirmed.

The 2022 Formula 1 season is shaping up to be one of the best in a long time. We have the magic combination of new regulations to mix up the grid, a new world champion ready to defend their title, and the longest Formula 1 season ever with a record-breaking 23 races scheduled.

Before we get to all of that excitement, we have the first task to complete, the car launches.

The car launches are typically the first chance anyone outside of an F1 team gets to see what each team’s new car looks like. 2022 is going to be one of the most exciting car launch periods in a long time thanks to the new regulations.

This will be the first time each team gets to showcase their own interpretation of the new regulations. It’ll be super interesting to see how each team’s car looks at launch. Will a big name team get it wrong, and will there be any surprises?

F1 car reveal dates

As we approach car launch season, teams are slowly starting to release the dates that they will unveil their new cars. This year, Aston Martin were the first team to unveil the date of their car launch, followed shortly by Ferrari and McLaren.

Below are the dates for each team’s car launch;

  • Aston Martin – February 10
  • Alpine – February 21
  • Alfa Romeo – February 27
  • AlphaTauri – February 14
  • Ferrari – February 17
  • Haas – February 4
  • McLaren – February 11
  • Mercedes – February 18
  • Red Bull – February 9
  • Williams – TBC

Mercedes F1 Car Launch

Mercedes will unveil their 2022 car on 18th February, one day after the Ferrari car launch.

Red Bull Racing F1 Car Launch

Red Bull are set to announce their 2022 challenger on February 9th, just a few days after the Haas team announce their 2022 car.

Ferrari F1 Car Launch

Ferrari has announced that they will unveil their 2022 F1 car on 17th February. This puts them behind both McLaren and Aston Martin.

McLaren F1 Car Launch

McLaren has stated that their 2022 car launch will take place on the 11th of February, just one day after Aston Martin.

Alpine F1 Car Launch

Alpine has announced that they will unveil their 2022 car on 21st February. Currently, this puts them last in the queue to reveal their 2022 car, just 2 days before the first pre-season test at Barcelona.

AlphaTauri F1 Car Launch

AlphaTauri has announced their car launch will take place on the 14th February. This puts them in the middle of the pack in terms of release dates.

Aston Martin F1 Car Launch

Aston Martin has released the date for their car launch, which is the 10th of February. So far, they look like they’ll be the first team to unveil their 2022 car.

Haas F1 Car Launch

Haas has showcased their 2022 car, albeit only digitally via a 3D rendering. It does showcase how their 2022 car will potentially look, although we suspect that there will be a fair few changes come the first race of the year.

Alfa Romeo F1 Car Launch

Alfa Romeo has announced their 2022 car launch date as the 27th of February. This makes the Alfa Romeo launch the last one in the calendar so far, and comes after the first pre-season test.

We would presume that Alfa Romeo will run a heavily camouflaged car at the first pre-season test with a full livery reveal on the 27th of February.

Williams F1 Car Launch

Williams is yet to announce the date of their car launch. Check back soon for details.

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Disclaimer: Some of the links on this page may be affiliate links. We may earn commission from any sale after clicking a link. Read our affiliate policy.
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