F1 2021 Livery Update – Alpine F1 Team Interim Livery Revealed

Alpine have broken cover with a partial look at how the new 2021 Alpine F1 car could look. This livery sports the classic Alpine brand colours, but is it too safe?

Alpine F1 Team Interim Livery

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We finally have a first look at how a 2021 Formula 1 could look. Albeit with a few caveats.

Alpine Formula 1 team have shown us how their new re-branded Formula 1 could look, by releasing images of what they are calling an interim livery.

This livery isn’t final, however it does show off Alpine’s new car, the A521.

When is the full Alpine F1 Team car launch?

Along with this temporary livery showcase, Alpine F1 team have scheduled their full livery reveal for mid-February. This is where we will get the full unveiling of Alpine’s final 2021 F1 challenger.

The new look sports the Alpine logo across the engine cover, with a hint of red, white and blue. Both the company colours, and the colours of the French flag.

The rest of the car remains almost entirely black, with only a few other hints of colour throughout. Such as on the front wing and rear wing end plates.

Alpine F1 Team Interim Livery

Who are Alpine F1 Team?

Alpine F1 Team as they’ll officially be known, is an almagamation of several brands under the Renault / Alpine umbrella of companies. Alpine cars, Renault Sport Cars (RSC) and Renault Sport Racing (RSR) are the three brands that are forming to create the Alpine brand.

This new approach allows Alpine to have a much larger focus on motorsport, while Renault will delve deeper in to their road car operation.

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Alpine already have a foothold in other motorsport series such as GT cars, rally, and the World Endurance Championship. So by re-branding the Renault F1 team, they have grown their portfolio to now include Formula 1.

What will the final Alpine F1 livery look like?

If we were to take a guess, the black livery that was revealed today certainly wont be on the car come the start of the 2021 F1 season. Instead, we would think it would be highly likely that Alpine sports a very “blue” inspired livery.

This thought has been taken from the other motorsport entries that Alpine currently have.

Alpine A460 Car

As you can see from the image above, Alpine often go for a bold blue livery, with elements of white and the logo in red.

We would expect, and hope for something similar to this on the Formula 1 grid this season.

Since unveiling the interim livery, the new 2021 Alpine F1 car has gathered some criticism for being too safe. Many fans are hoping for a bold statement from the re-brand. And we would all like to see another great looking car on the grid in 2021.

Just to back up our thoughts that the actual 2021 F1 car will look different, Antony Villain, Alpine’s design director, had the following to say about the interim livery.

“The livery presented today is the first evocation of the Alpine F1 team’s new identity.

“Some of the structural graphic elements will remain on the racing livery while others will change.”

“The ‘oversized’ Alpine emblem in a tricolour graphics system is the first clear-cut symbol of the brand’s identity in motorsport. The blue, white and red refer to the colours of the French and British flags, which is very important to us. Numerous variations on all the motorsport assets are still to come.”

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