When Are The Formula 1 Car Launch Dates 2021?

With the start of a second pandemic hit Formula 1 season quickly approaching, when are every team's car launch? Below I'll give you all the news regarding F1 car launches.

Alpha Tauri Car Launch 2021

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It’s very quickly getting close to Formula 1 season. Typically, February is the month where we see most teams launching their new challengers.

On any normal year, we would also see the cars on track for the first time at the winter test. This year however, the winter test has been moved to Bahrain and will take place on the 12-14th March.

But before any winter testing happens, we have the exciting car launches to watch! Below I’ll run through every 2021 F1 car launch date that we know about. And I’ll be keeping this article updated as we get new announcements, so check back regularly!

All official F1 car launch dates

Below are all of the official dates for every teams 2021 F1 car launch. I’ll update this list as soon as we get confirmation from other teams.

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Which F1 teams have announced their car launch date?

So far we know of two confirmed car launches. Both McLaren and Alfa Romeo are the first F1 teams to officially announce their car launch dates.

Alfa Romeo 2021 F1 car launch date announced

Alfa Romeo blinked first, and announced a car launch for the 22nd February 2021. This falls on a Monday, and will take place in Warsaw, Poland. The reason behind the Polish location for their car launch is a friendly nod to their title sponsor ORLEN, who partially operate out of Poland.

McLaren 2021 F1 car launch date announced

Next in line to announce their F1 car launch date was McLaren. The British F1 team will hope their new challenger, the MCL35M will help them maintain their 2020 form as the best car behind Mercedes and Red Bull.

McLaren announced their car launch date for Monday, 15th February. Their event will start at 7PM GMT and will take place at their own McLaren Technology Centre in Woking. Sky Sports F1 hold the official rights to broadcast the unveiling in the UK.

The McLaren announcement will be to a virtual audience, which consists of media and fans. In fact you can be a part of the launch by becoming one of the live audience members. For a chance to win your spot in the virtual audience, you just have to enter your email over at McLaren’s official website for the chance to be drawn. Here’s a link to the official sign up page to become an audience member.

Mercedes 2021 F1 car launch date announced

Mercedes have become the third Formula 1 team to announce the date that they will reveal their 2021 challenger. The Brackley-based team who have won back to back championships for the past seven years, announced that their 2021 car will be named the W12.

The new challenger will be revealed digitally due to pandemic restrictions, with its full title being the Mercedes-AMG F1 W12 E Performance. The new W12 will be based on the same chassis as their championship winning 2020 car, with a host of changes to bring it in line with 2021 regulations.

AlphaTauri 2021 F1 car launch date announced

AlphaTauri are the third F1 team to announce the date for their new car launch. This is the second car that is produced under the Alphatauri brand and will be called the AT02.

The launch of the AT02 will take place on 19th February. And this makes them the second team to unveil their car this year behind McLaren at the time of writing.

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AlphaTauri had a good first season after their re-branding, taking their first victory in many years with Gasly’s Monza win. They are hoping that the fresh face of Yuki Tsonoda will help them climb the championship standing to improve on their 7th place last year.

Williams 2021 F1 car launch date announced

Williams have just become the fifth Formula 1 team to reveal their 2021 car launch date. And they have gone with a 5th March unveiling.

Like many teams in 2021, Williams will run a car heavily based on their 2020 competitor. They announced that their new car is called the FW43B, and is an evolution of last years car.

This will be the first car developed under the new management of Dorilton Capital. And the unveiling will take place at their headquarters in Grove, UK.

Alpine 2021 F1 car launch date announced

We’ve recently had a huge flurry of F1 teams announcing their car reveal dates. This includes Alpine who have set their date for the 2nd March.

This makes them the second team to be launching on the 2nd, along with Mercedes. Although Alpine’s car launch is probably the one everyone will be watching. As it will be the first reveal of their brand new 2021 livery.

Ferrari 2021 F1 car launch date announced

Ferrari are doing things a little differently this year. They have announced two reveal dates. A team reveal which is on the 26th February, and a car launch with is on the 10th March.

The 2021 Ferrari car reveal is happening on the 10th March, which is just 2 days before winter testing starts.

Aston Martin 2021 F1 car launch date announced

Aston Martin have become the latest team to announce their car reveal date. And this is one which all F1 fans will be looking forward to. Along with the Alpine car reveal, the Aston Martin reveal will showcase the second brand new livery of 2021.

Aston Martin have scheduled their car reveal for the 3rd March, putting it just 1 day behind rival Alpine.

Red Bull Racing 2021 F1 car launch date announced

Red Bull have become the penultimate Formula 1 team to announce the official launch date of their 2021 challenger. And it’ll come around fast. Red Bull will officially unveil their RB16B on Tuesday 23rd February.

The launch will take place in their Milton Keynes HQ. And like most launches this year, Red Bull will stream theirs live online.

With this announcement, it leaves only Haas to announce their official unveiling date. Check back to find out if Haas have announced their launch date.

Haas 2021 F1 car launch date announced

Haas Have become the final Formula team to announce their car launch for 2021. They have slotted their reveal date in just before Williams, opting for a date of March 4th.

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