F1 24: What Time Does F1 24 Early Access Start With Champions Edition?

We know the date of when F1 24 is releasing, however, what specific time will you get access to the game? In this guide, I'll show you the exact times you can start playing F1 24 on all consoles.

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F1 24 Champions Edition Release Time

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The F1 24 game officially releases on the 30th May 2024. However, players who have pre-ordered the Champions Edition of the game can start playing 3 days early. But what time will you be able to start playing F1 24 via the early access that the Champions Edition offers?

When can you start playing F1 24 Champions Edition?

The time when you can first access F1 24 via the Champions Edition early access depends on where you re located in the world. The game will go live and be playable simultaneously around the world, meaning there are different access times for each time zones.

Below is the exact time when F1 24 will be playable globally on the 28th May 2024.

RegionRelease Time
Sydney01:00 AEST
Tokyo00:00 JST
Beijing23:00 CST
Berlin17:00 CST
London16:00 GMT
Rio De Janero12:00 BRT
New York11:00 EDT
Mexico City09:00 MDT
Los Angeles08:00 PDT
F1 24 Champions Edition Release Time

When can I start playing F1 24 on the 31st May?

If you haven’t pre-ordered the Champions Edition, you will be able to start playing F1 24 on the 31st May 2024 which is its official release date.

The time when you will first be able to access the game will be the same as the Champions Edition times above, albeit 3 days later.

F1 24 Global Launch Release Time

Can I pre-load F1 24?

If you are planning on playing F1 24 as soon as it comes out, you may wish to pre-load the game. If you purchased the game digitally on PC, Xbox or PlayStation, you can start pre-loading the game right away, even before the official launch date.

Doing this will ensure that the game is ready to play as soon as you hit the release time for your region. There may be a day one patch that you need to download on the release date, however, this won’t be as large as the complete download size of the game.

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