F1 24 VR Guide: Which VR Headsets Are Compatible?

The past two F1 games have had VR support for a range of headsets. In this guide, I look at whether VR is supported in F1 24, and which VR headsets will be compatible.

F1 24 VR Compatibility

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VR support is becoming more common in sim racing titles over the past few years. Originally looked at as the next big thing in gaming, virtual reality hasn’t quite exploded as fast as many predicted. However, in sim racing titles especially, VR is a great way to increase immersion.

The past two F1 games from EA Sports and Codemasters have had VR support included, making it a certainty that it will be featured in F1 24. In this guide, I’ll look at whether VR support has been confirmed for F1 24, and which headsets will be compatible.

Is F1 24 VR compatible?

Despite not currently knowing too much about F1 24 at the time of writing this guide, we do know an official reveal is coming in April. Hopefully, that reveal will include more details about any new gameplay mechanics and improvements made over last year’s game.

Even though we don’t know too much about F1 24, we do know that it will include VR support. This has been confirmed in a post on the official EA Sports forums.

As part of a post about the minimum PC requirements for F1 24, community manager Groguet included an item that specified VR support would require a keyboard and mouse. This confirms that VR support will be in F1 24, at least in the PC version of the game.

F1 24 PC Minimum specs

Will PSVR2 work with F1 24?

The big question surrounding VR support on F1 24 is whether PSVR2 be supported. Last year’s F1 23 game only supported VR on PC and didn’t include any PlayStation or Xbox VR support. This meant that PSVR2 was not compatible with F1 23.

Since then, Gran Turismo 7 has had great success with its implementation of VR support using the PSVR2. Many gamers and sim racers have thoroughly enjoyed the racing experience in GT7 with a VR headset. And it has been a much-requested feature for the F1 games.

Whether F1 24 will include PSVR2 support comes down to a few things. Codemasters and EA will be considering how much time it would take to implement true PSVR support and how many players would likely use it.

If the predicted player count is too low, or it would take up too much development time to correctly implement, it is likely that EA will not implement PSVR compatibility. This would be a shame, however, implementing the new technology could be incredibly time-consuming and take away development time from other parts of F1 24.

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F1 24 compatible VR headsets

There are a few VR headsets that were officially supported in F1 23, and it is likely that these same headsets will be compatible with F1 24. Without an official confirmation, we cannot say for certain, however, it’s highly likely that the same level of VR support will continue over from F1 23 and into F1 24.

F1 23 officially supported headsets included;

The above list only includes a small number of headsets, with some of the most popular VR headsets not making the official compatibility list. However, there were additional headsets that were still compatible with F1 23 such as the popular HTC Vive Pro 2.

Below is a list of other VR headsets that should be compatible with F1 24;

The best VR headsets for F1 24

We spent a good part of our time with last year’s F1 23 using a few different headsets, giving us a good idea of which gave the best VR experience. Other than an occasional bout of VR motion sickness, racing these incredibly powerful Formula 1 cars with a VR headset was an incredible experience.

Below are a few of the VR headsets that we have tried and would recommend for F1 24.

Meta Quest 3

The Meta Quest 3 is one of the best VR headsets of 2024. It builds upon the foundation that was popular with the Quest 2, and improved almost every area. The display and image is sharper and much better thanks to more adjustable lenses and the higher resolution display.

This increased resolution minimises the pixelation effect that used to be common with older VR headsets including the Quest 2. Another area of improvement is the speakers which are designed to send sound into your ears in a more direct route. You can run the volume a little lower with the Quest 3 thanks to this improvement.

Finally, the passthrough mode has been improved a lot with the Quest 3. You now get true colour pass-through which allows you to combine virtual reality with your surroundings or switch to pass-through mode to quickly take a drink or check your phone between races in F1 24.

Coming in at around £/$600, the Meta Quest 3 is more expensive than the older Quest 2. However, the improvements really make it hard to go back to using my old Quest 2 headset, and are worth the added price. Plus, the Quest 2 remains much cheaper than more premium VR headsets like the Vive Pro.

VR Headset – Meta Quest 3
Compatibility – PC
Price – From £599/$599
Where to buy – Buy from Amazon

HTC Vive Pro 2

The HTC Vive Pro 2 may be a fairly old VR headset, however, it remains one of the best-performing headsets around. F1 23 officially supported HTC Vive headsets, and while the Vive Pro 2 isn’t included in the official VR compatibility list, it works just fine.

HTC Vive Pro 2

The Vive Pro 2 is still one of the few headsets to offer 5k resolution with a resolution of 2448×2448 pixels in both eyes. Much like the Meta Quest 3 which I would also recommend, the Vive Pro 2 can run in both 90Hz or 120Hz.

The main downside of the Vive Pro 2 is its price point. It is more expensive than the Quest 3 starting at around £/$800, and with the Quest 3 being a big improvement on the Quest 2, it is harder to recommend the Vive Pro 2 over a Quest 3 headset. However, it does still have an edge in raw performance and fidelity.

VR Headset – HTC Vive Pro 2
Compatibility – PC
Price – From £779/$799
Where to buy – Buy from Amazon

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