F1 24 Using Telemetry To Improve (Track Titan vs Racenet)

One way of improving your lap times in F1 24 is to analyse your data using a telemetry tool. I compare Track Titan and EA's Racenet to see which telemetry app is better.

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F1 24 Telemetry apps

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As sim racers and gamers, we are constantly looking to improve. In a racing title such as F1 24, our measure of improvement is essentially just how fast we’re driving.

It can be hard to know what you’re doing right and wrong when on track in F1 24. However, that doesn’t need to be the case, as a couple of very good telemetry tools give you access to lap analysis and comparisons.

These tools can help you learn where you are slower than other drivers and even give you tips on improving. The two apps I’m talking about are Track Titan and EA’s own Racenet.

Should you use an F1 telemetry tool?

The first question should really be, do you need a telemetry tool, and how can it help? Either of the apps I mentioned gives you access to data that real-world drivers have at their disposal.

F1 24 Racenet telemetry

Elements such as brake, throttle, and steering traces show you exactly what inputs you made at specific areas of a lap. Both apps also allow you to compare your inputs and laps to other drivers, including Esports professionals.

With this information, you can quickly see where you can brake later, accelerate earlier, or improve your racing line. This information can be invaluable if you race in a competitive league, want to improve your time trial lap times, or simply race against higher AI difficulties.

Why choose Track Titan or Racenet

That leads me to both of the telemetry analysis tools that I will look at today. EA’s Racenet has been pretty infamous for being a bit rubbish in the past. However, recently, the platform has been upgraded a lot and provides a lot of information.

Track Titan is a third-party tool that achieves a similar goal to Racenet but offers more depth and features in some areas. Why you choose either platform will come down to a few things.

Track Titan vs Racenet

How much do both platforms cost?

First of all, we have to talk about the cost as this is always a big decision on whether to adopt a new tool or not.

Is Racenet free?

EA’s Racenet is a completely free tool with no paid elements. All you need to do is create or log into your EA account, and ensure your profile is linked to your platform of choice, whether that is Steam, Xbox or PlayStation.

Do you have to pay for Track Titan?

Track Titan does also offer free access. This is, however, limited. With the free membership level you get access to the platform and the analysis tools, however you can only record up to 50 laps each month. Once you reach 50 laps, no more data will be sent to the app.

If you like the platform and want unlimited access, memberships start from $6.99. We also have an exclusive 50% discount code for your first 3 months of Plus membership.

Our Track Titan discount code is SIMRACINGSETUP bringing the price down to just $3.50 for 3 months.

Track Titan Discount Code

Compatibility of Racenet and Track Titan

With price out of the way, lets discuss the compatibility of both platforms. After all, if you’re racing F1 24 on a console, how does your data get sent to an app on your PC or phone?

Does Racenet work on console?

When you create a Racenet account, you’ll have the option of linking your account to your console or platform of choice. Simply adding your Xbox, PlayStation or Steam account to Racenet will pass all your time trial data into Racenet.

Being an official EA tool, it supports all of EA’s current game lineup as well. If you like to race WRC or Grid as well as F1 24, you can access the same tools for all games. It’s worth noting that some games don’t let you analyse data but only give you access to leaderboards.

EA Racenet how to link Xbox or Playstation

Does Track Titan work on Xbox?

Much like Racenet, Track Titan is completely compatible with F1 24 on Xbox and Playstation consoles and Steam. However, this compatibility is achieved a little differently.

To get Track Titan working on Xbox or PlayStation, you need to install the desktop app on a PC on the same network as your console. This will then pick up the data from inside F1 24 and translate it to the app. You should follow the setup instructions as you’ll need to set up telemetry in the F1 24 settings.

Features of both telemetry apps

With the compatibility of both apps being very similar and both apps offering free access, which is the better analysis tool to use? I want to look at a few features now to compare them both in a bit more detail.

Accurate telemetry

One of the most enticing parts of these two apps is the telemetry. This includes the throttle, brake and steering traces that can be accessed.

Both apps let you see and compare two sets of telemetry. This could be your lap time compared to another driver on the leaderboard. The EA Racenet analysis is really lovely and clean. It shows your throttle, brake and steering inputs, speed, and gear changes.

Track Titan telemetry for F1

3D Visualisations

You also get a large and interactable 3D visual of your car on track. This shows your car’s exact position at any moment, and you can switch camera angles and change how this visualisation looks. As you play the lap, you’ll see the live telemetry showing what you were doing at any moment.

This is a really neat way of quickly visualising your lap compared to someone else.

AI driving feedback

Track Titan doesn’t offer the 3D visualisation, instead opting for various graphics. You will see a top down racing line along with a small replay of your lap onboard.

Something Track Titan does provide which is above and beyond what Racenet has, is driving feedback. This feedback will tell you exactly when you’re shifting too early, applying the throttle late or where you lose time.

Rather than you analysing the data and figuring out these conclusions on your own, this driving feedback very quickly gives you quick tips on what to improve.


It is important to note that the leaderboards across both apps aren’t the same, and this means you may not be able to use the exact same data on both platforms. The Racenet leaderboards are the actual time trial leaderboards from inside F1 24.

These include your lap time along with other hotlaps set by players in F1 24, but only if they are using Racenet.

Track Titan utilises its own data set which is driven by its users. This will lead to some variation in times across both platforms.

F1 24 Leaderboards on Racenet

Which F1 24 telemetry app is better to use?

So which app should you use? Honestly, using either of these analysis tools can help you find lap time in F1 24. I would recommend checking them out as both offer much more data than is present within F1 24’s own UI.

If I were to choose one, it would be Track Titan due to the extra feature of driving feedback. This is a great way to receive quick tips on driving and suggestions for improving.

Track Titan doesn’t implement the same 3D visualisation as Racenet, which is a feature I’d love to see. But other than that, Track Titan offers slightly more data in a really nice UI.

Both apps are free, so I recommend creating accounts on both to try them out and see which you prefer.

Track Titan discount

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Our discount code and link to Track Titan are below.

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Are there any Track Titan discount codes?

We have partnered with Track Titan to provide a 3 month 50% discount code for Plus memberships. The code is SIMRACINGSETUP

How do I connect EA Racenet to F1 24?

To set up and connect Racenet, you need to create and sign in to your EA account on Racenet. Then, in your profile, you need to link your account to start transferring data.

Is there a Racenet app?

You can use EA Racenet with F1 24 using the web platform, or the mobile app. Both are free to use.

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