F1 24 Best Car Setup For Every Circuit Video

Here is our optimised F1 24 Portugal car setup, updated after the handling patch. This setup has been designed specifically for races, ensuring good pace and tyre wear.

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Discover the best free F1 24 car setups for all tracks, including race and time trial setups.
F1 24 All Setups

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F1 24 offers a rather unique challenge at each track you visit. There are 25 circuits in the game, including the 24 tracks on the 2024 Formula 1 calendar and a bonus track, Portugal.

Each track varies considerably in characteristics. Some tracks, like Monza, Spa, and Silverstone, are very fast circuits that rely on good top-speed performance. Others, such as Monaco, Hungary, and Singapore, have a much greater number of slow corners, which benefit from a high-downforce car setup.

With a big array of track types, there isn’t a single car setup that works across all tracks. Instead, you will want to use a different car setup designed for the track you are racing at.

Car setups for every track video

In our video below, I have recommended the best car setup for every track in F1 24. The video runs through each setup for each track on the Formula 1 calendar, including Portugal. Timestamps in the video’s description allow you to quickly skip to the track you need a car setup for.

Individual car setups and setup guides

They video above includes every car setup that we have created for F1 24 so far. However, we also have more detailed setup guides available for each individual track.

Below is a list of car setup guides for all tracks in F1 24. The setups in the guides below are the same as those in the video above and are all designed for longer-distance races.

The setup guides provide more information on why we have set up the car in a certain way. So, if you would like to delve a little deeper and understand which changes affect our car’s behaviour in certain ways, the setup guides provide this extra layer of detail.

TrackSetup guide
BahrainBahrain setup guide
Saudi ArabiaSaudi Arabia setup guide
AustraliaAustralia setup guide
JapanJapan setup guide
ChinaChina setup guide
MiamiMiami setup guide
ImolaImola setup guide
MonacoMonaco setup guide
CanadaCanada setup guide
SpainSpain setup guide
AustriaAustria setup guide
BritainBritain setup guide
HungaryHungary setup guide
BelgiumSpa setup guide
NetherlandsZandvoort setup guide
ItalyMonza setup guide
AzerbaijanBaku setup guide
TexasCOTA setup guide
MexicoMexico setup guide
BrazilBrazil setup guide
SingaporeSingapore setup guide
Las VegasLas Vegas setup guide
QatarQatar setup guide
Abu DhabiAbu Dhabi setup guide
PortugalPortugal setup guide

Why should you use car setups in F1 24?

If you haven’t been using car setups in F1 24, you may wonder how they affect the car. A car setup in any sim racing game, including F1 24, will drastically affect how the car handles. Changing your car setup can make your car faster, slower, more stable or harder to control.

A good car setup will focus on producing a car that is as fast as possible at a specific track, whilst also trying to make the car stable and consistent.

F1 24 time trial vs race setup comparison head to head

What is the difference between time trial and race car setups?

If you have started looking at changing your car setup, you may have come across people discussing the difference between a time trial car setup and a car setup designed for races. This is because there is a pretty big difference between the two.

Time trial car setups

Time trial is a game mode where drivers compete for the fastest single lap time possible. To do this, you’ll want a car that is as fast as possible and this can sometimes mean reducing the stability or consistency to make the car faster.

This can make a time trial car setup trickier to control. A time trial setup will often reduce the rear downforce and make the car more responsive, allowing it to rotate faster into a corner. This comes at the expense of there being more oversteer, making the car trickier to drive.

In the time trial game mode, tyre temperatures and tyre wear are also disabled. This means a time trial car setup doesn’t need to factor in tyre wear. Using one of these setups in a race can lead you to wear your tyres much faster than ideal.

Race car setups

A race car setup is designed slightly differently. While you should still try to ensure it is as fast as possible, you also need to factor in tyre wear and ensure the car isn’t too tricky to drive.

This can result in less outright single lap performance. A good race setup will almost always be slightly slower than a time trial setup across a single lap. However, it makes up for this throughout a race with much better tyre wear and consistency.

You will want your race car setup to be easier to drive so you don’t feel like you’re fighting to control the car through a long race distance.

You can read about the differences between time trial and race setups in more detail in this guide.

F1 24 Time trial vs race setup comparison

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