F1 24 Season Mod: Race The 2024 Formula 1 Season on F1 23

While we may be waiting a few months until the launch of the F1 24 game, you can race all 2024 F1 liveries in F1 23 today. Here is a complete guide on where to find the mod and how to install it.

F1 24 Stake Livery

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The new F1 24 game may not be launching until mid-June 2024, however, you can get all of the 2024 Formula 1 car liveries in the F1 23 game today. This method isn’t officially supported by Codemasters or EA, and does require the use of mods. However, the process is pretty easy and can have you racing the entire 2024 season early!

In this guide, I’ll run through the entire process of where to find the 2024 F1 liveries, and how to download them into your F1 23 game. It is worth noting that this method only works on the PC version of F1 23, and cannot be done on either PS5 or Xbox console.

How does the F1 24 season mod work?

We recently created a guide on how to create the 2024 Formula 1 season in Assetto Corsa using mods. Check out that guide if you prefer to use Assetto Corsa to recreate the 2024 F1 season.

With this F1 24 season mod, it utilises the F1 23 game meaning you get to race with the most up-to-date game physics. All drivers and teams are licensed and all tracks from the 2023 and 2024 seasons are included in the game already.

With all teams, drivers and tracks already in the F1 23 game, all we need to do to run a realistic 2024 season are change the liveries. You can also change other areas of the F1 23 game to further increase immersion.

F1 24 Season Mod Team Name Updates

Places such as the team selection screen where the team logo appears are good areas to update as some teams have completely changed their logos or team names. Stake and Visa CashApp RB are two teams that have a completely new identity for the 2024 Formula 1 season.

The great news is that the 2024 season mod that I’m about to show you does implement various branding changes throughout the game.

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Important: The creator of this 2024 F1 season mod has stated that there is a risk that if you try to use this mod in any multiplayer mode or F1 World it can cause the game to not load, or worse, could ban your account. We have not tried this to confirm, however, it is wise not to try to load any multiplayer mode with this mod installed, just in case!

Where to find all F1 24 car liveries

You can update individual liveries if you prefer. This has a few benefits such as allowing you to pick and choose your favourite or most accurate 2024 F1 liveries. You can also install only the liveries you want meaning you won’t need to find every livery if you don’t want to.

However, the downside of this approach is that it can be time-consuming. You have to search and find the liveries, and then you’ll have to manually install each one. With the F1 24 season mod, all liveries and branding changes across the F1 23 game are collated into one place. When installed, you only have to perform a single install action to automatically add everything to the game.

F1 24 season mod

The season mod can be found over at Race Department and has been created by j_merrin.53 with the help of a few other creators. This mod includes all up-to-date liveries and team branding. At the time of writing this guide, both the Red Bull RB20, Ferrari SF-24 and Mercedes W15 liveries are waiting to be added to the game. However, they may have been added by the time you read this and download the mod.

This F1 24 season mod includes liveries that match the real-world liveries pretty accurately. A selection of livery creators have created each livery and they get applied to either the 2023 car model for each team, or onto the FOM chassis that is included in F1 23.

When you install the mod, it will automatically replace all 2023 liveries with the new 2024 liveries that have been revealed. For Alpine, there is also the option of installing the pink livery that they will be running at a few races throughout the year.

How to install the F1 24 season mod

Setting up the 2024 F1 season mod is pretty simple. You will need to have a RaceDepartment account which is free to create. Then you can navigate to the mod and download it for free. Once downloaded, you simply follow the read me instructions or the instructions below to add the mod to the F1 23 game.

  1. Download the F1 24 season mod

    Step one is to head over to RaceDepartment, create your free account or log in if you already have an account. Then navigate to the season mod which you can find here, and download it for free.

  2. Unzip the downloaded file

    You will have a zip folder downloaded from RaceDepartment. You will need to unzip this to anywhere on your PC. Inside you will find all the liveries and files needed for the F1 24 season mod, as well as an instructional read me file.

  3. Copy the mod files to your game folder

    Next, copy the entire F1 23 folder that is in the unzipped mod file. Then navigate to your F1 23 installation location. This is normally located at – Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common. Find this folder with F1 23 inside and paste the copied mod files. You will be asked to override some files, you will need to accept this to install all correct liveries.


With all of the F1 24 season mod files installed, the last thing to do is to boot up F1 23 on your PC like normal. When you load into the game, you will see all of the liveries and branding automatically. Head out on track and enjoy the 2024 Formula liveries in the F1 23 game.

You can continue to play any offline game mode using these liveries including full careers and championships. You won’t be able to race online or use any other multiplayer mode including time trial. Doing this will cause the game to re-validate your installation files and will remove the F1 24 mod.

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