F1 24 Reveal Trailer & New Details: Career Mode, Dynamic Handling

Watch the new F1 24 reveal trailer and learn about the new game in more detail. Includes details on the new career mode and the dynamic handling model that is part of F1 24.

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EA Sports has just revealed the first full trailer for the upcoming F1 24 game. The trailer features in-game footage for the first time along with a host of new details about the new career mode and the new dynamic handling model.

We had been promised a full F1 24 reveal on the 18th April, and true to their word EA Sports dropped a brand new trailer along with a detailed article. Here are all of the key details about F1 24 from the reveal.

Watch the full F1 24 game reveal trailer

Below is the official F1 24 game reveal trailer. This trailer showcases in-game footage for the first time along with new details about the career mode and handling model in this year’s game.

New career mode details

Along with a wide range of new details, the new career mode was one of the highlights from the reveal trailer and from EA Sports in-depth article about F1 24. The career mode replaces the older Braking Point career mode style and instead puts you on the grid as one of the 20 drivers.

It appears that you may be able to take the shoes of one of the current Formula 1 and Formula 2 drivers. You also have the option of playing as past legends, including James Hunt and Juan Pablo Montoya.

F1 24 all new career mode

Some of the key points of the new F1 24 career mode are;

  • Use on-track objectives to build your reputation. This can lead to completing targets set out in your contract to move up the grid and secure new, more lucrative contracts. There also seems to be a rival system included.
  • Upgrade your car with R&D. You can choose the direction in which your team develops your car, giving you some control over how your car feels to drive in F1 24.
  • Race with a friend in a two-player career. Join forces with a friend to race through a career mode together, either for the same or a different team.
  • Aim to earn accolades and achievements based on your on-track performance. Be rewarded for finishing a race on the podium or within the top 10.
  • A new challenge career mode where you take the position of one of the current drivers and participate in events driven and dictated by the community.

Dynamic handling model

Many players felt that the F1 23 handling model was a big step up from previous games. The cars felt weightier and generally more realistic. In F1 24, EA Sports is introducing a dynamic handling model which is designed to improve upon this handling by redefining how the car feels on track.

F1 24 dynamic handling model

There is a completely new suspension kinematic system along with improved tyre models and a more advanced aerodynamic simulation. The Senior Creative Director states, “The new handling model, powered by EA SPORTS Dynamic Handling will enable players to get maximum performance from their car, with authentic physics giving them the confidence in racing wheel to wheel with their rivals”.

New car setup options will be available, allowing players to have increased control over how the car behaves on track in different scenarios. These options look to include new transmission options and increased control over suspension geometry.

Track accuracy updates

One of the biggest requests from fans of the F1 games is for the tracks to feel and drive more realistically. Previous F1 games have had some questionable track models that didn’t match the real-world track.

This year, EA Sports has updated a range of tracks, including Spa-Francorchamps, Silverstone, Jeddah and Lusail, to be much more realistic. EA Sports hasn’t revealed whether these new updates include laser scanning or if the updates have been hand-created.

F1 24 precision track updates

F1 World is coming back once again

F1 World was introduced in previous F1 games as a hub for all racing outside of the career modes. From the F1 World hub, you can participate in quick races, time trial events, and online multiplayer.

This year, F1 World features a new fanzine feature alongside the previous Podium Pass events and structure. Read the full EA Sports article on F1 24.

Pre-order F1 24

Using the link below, you can pre-order F1 24 on Xbox, PS5, and PC. Pre-ordering the Champions Edition before 1st May grants access to a range of benefits, including three-day early access.

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