F1 24 Monaco Car Setup (Updated After Handling Patch)

Here is our optimised F1 24 Monaco car setup, updated after the handling patch. This setup has been designed specifically for races, ensuring good pace and tyre wear.

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F1 24 Monaco Car Setup

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Update: This setup has been created after the big handling patch.

Monaco may not be the most loved track in F1 24 due to its close walls, tight corners and a distinct lack of overtaking opportunities. However, a good car setup can give you a car that is stable enough to get into a really good flow around this street circuit.

I’m not going to waste any time, and jump straight into our recommended car setup which has been updated after the big v1.3 handling patch. It’s worth saying that this setup is designed for stability throughout a race, and is not a time trial setup, and it has been created with a racing wheel.

Best Monaco setup for F1 24

Below is our recommended Monaco car setup for this tricky street circuit. This is the slowest circuit on the Formula 1 calendar and requires an incredibly high downforce car setup. Our recommended setup below was updated after the big update to F1 24 that changed how the cars handle.

Here is our recommended F1 24 Monaco setup which has been designed for races, not time trial and has been created using a racing wheel.

Front wing50
Rear wing50
Differential adjustment on throttle50%
Differential adjustment off throttle50%
Engine Braking50%
Suspension Geometry
Front camber-3.50°
Rear camber-2.20°
Front toe-out0.00°
Rear toe-in0.10°
Front suspension39
Rear suspension9
Front anti-roll bar16
Rear anti-roll bar12
Front ride height25
Rear ride height58
Brake pressure100%
Front brake bias53%
Front right tyre pressure23.0psi
Front left tyre pressure23.0psi
Rear right tyre pressure24.5psi
Rear left tyre pressure24.5psi

Watch our complete F1 24 Monaco car setup video

Below is a run-through of our F1 24 Monaco car setup.

Aerodynamic setup

Starting with the aerodynamics, it is no surprise that I have maxed out both front and rear wing aero at 50. Monaco is the slowest track on the Formula 1 calendar and after the handling patch, you will want to run maximum wings as traction is a bit tougher to find now.

Transmission setup

I have adjusted our transmission setup a lot after the handling update. I’ve set all three settings to 50%. This is a boost to everything all round. The extra rear wing aero allows us to increase the on throttle differential for better drive out of corners.

Over rotation through the slower corners can be an issue at Monaco as there are so many slow turns. This has led me to boost the off-throttle differential to 50% as well to prevent the car from almost drifting at slower speeds.

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I have also boosted the engine braking to 50% to try and slow the car more aggressively. Setting up a car for Monaco is really a challenge in the braking phase. You can easily over-rotate the car during the braking by opting for a rearward brake bias or too much engine braking. The 50% engine braking is about as high as I would want to go before this becomes too much of an issue.

F1 24 Monaco Gameplay

Suspension geometry setup

With our geometry setup, we have taken a leaf out of the time trial setup playbook with an almost completely left, left, left, left setup approach. I have increased the rear toe a little bit to 0.10 to add a touch of stability to keep the rear of the car in line.

Monaco consists mainly of corners rather than straights, so moving the camber to the far left will add more lean angle to the tyres and improve our mid-corner grip. Tyre wear isn’t too much of an issue around the streets of Monaco, so we can really get away with this style of setup.

The minimal amount of toe will allow the car to be more stable, and it will reduce a bit of drag down the straight out of the tunnel and the pit straight. Just to try and give you that slight chance of a rare overtake.

Suspension setup

I have set our suspension setup to 39 and 9. This combination makes the front of the car stiff for good responsiveness and initial turn-in while keeping the rear of the car really soft for stability.

I have also boosted the anti-roll bars a lot since our pre-patch car setup. Go with 16 and 12 at Monaco. This will help reduce understeer, but can make the car a little slipperier. If you’re struggling with too much oversteer mid-corner, you can soften the ARBs a little bit.

Then go with 25 and 58 for your ride height which is high enough so that the bumpy track surface doesn’t upset your car’s balance.

Brake setup

As I mentioned, your setup should be designed heavily around the braking phase of the corner. I have opted for 100% brake pressure and just 53% brake bias.

Even with this more rearward brake bias setup, you can still easily lock a front wheel, especially into turn 18. However, moving this down to 51 or 52% will start to rotate the rear of the car under braking which can lead to a meeting with the wall.

Tyre pressure setup

Finally, our tyre pressure setup is created to manage tyre wear throughout a race. Go with 23.0psi on both front tyres to ensure they are hot enough during a race, and 24.5psi on both rear tyres.

And this rounds out our Monaco race setup. This is not one of my favourite tracks, so I’m super happy to be moving on to Canada which is a much more enjoyable circuit. However, this car setup allows you to be aggressive around the streets of Monaco without the car ever stepping too far out of line.

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