F1 24 Best Logitech Pro Racing Wheel Settings: Xbox, PS5 & PC

Discover our recommended wheel settings for the Logitech G Pro Racing Wheel in F1 24. These settings are designed to make the Pro Wheel perform at its best in F1 24 on Xbox, PS5 and PC.

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F1 24 Best Logitech Pro Racing Wheel Settings

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Logitech released its first-ever direct drive racing wheel a few years ago, and it has been pretty successful. The Logitech G Pro Racing Wheel expands the unique TrueDrive technology that was introduced into the G923 wheel and brings it to the forefront of its direct drive wheel.

Being a Logitech wheel, it offers fantastic compatibility with F1 24 on all platforms, including Xbox, PS5, and PC. The wheel is easy to set up and has pre-configured presets in F1 24, making it very quick to start racing.

In this guide, I’ll show you our recommended wheel settings for the Logitech Pro Wheel in F1 24.

Recommended Logitech Pro Wheel Settings for F1 24

Creating a set of optimised wheel settings for the direct drive Logitech Pro Racing Wheel is a fairly simple process. There aren’t too many options like you may find on other racing wheels, and each setting is pretty well explained.

You can change the Pro wheel settings directly via the screen on the wheel base using the front encoder on the steering wheel as an input wheel. Alternatively, you can connect the Pro wheel to a PC and use the Logitech G Hub software to create different profiles.

Below is our recommended wheel settings for both G Hub and F1 24. These were created while using the wheel on PC, but can be used on both Xbox and PS5.

G Hub/wheel settingsValue
Operating range (Angle)400°
Force feedback filter5
Audio Effects10
F1 23 In-game settings
Vibration & FFBOn
Vibration & FFB Strength90
On Track Effects35
Rumble Strip Effects35
Off Track Effects20
Wheel Damper40
Wheel Rotation (F1)400°

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Logitech Pro Racing Wheel settings explained

As mentioned, G Hub doesn’t have too many settings to tweak how your wheel feels. This keeps things simple and accessible without overwhelming. Below is an explanation of what each setting in G Hub does and how it affects your racing wheel in F1 24.


The sensitivity setting will allow you to adjust the input curve of your wheel’s steering. This changes the input from linear to curved. Increasing this setting gives less precision at the start of the wheel rotation and more towards the end.

Lowering the setting does the opposite. It makes the wheel feel a little less sensitive at the start of its rotation, which increases your overall precision. This is why I recommend lowering the sensitivity setting by a few clicks.

Operating Range

The operating range is your steering lock. You will want this set to or close to 400° when driving F1 24 as this is the best steering lock for the new handling model.


The dampener adds weight and a feeling of friction and resistance to your wheel inputs. Increasing this setting will make the wheel harder to rotate which can feel more realistic. You won’t want to set this too high otherwise your wheel can feel slow and sluggish.


The strength setting sets the wheel’s maximum torque. The peak torque of the Logitech Pro wheel is 11Nm, and you should normally want to use the full extent of this performance. If the wheel feels too aggressive or strong while racing in F1 24, you can lower this.

Force Feedback Filter

The filter applies a smoothing filter to the force feedback. This will result in less granular force feedback and a smoother experience. There is a fine balance with this filter, as setting it too low can make your wheel feel notchy and awkward. However, setting the filter too high can smooth out some of the detail, and you could miss out on crucial force feedback inside F1 24.

Audio Effects

The audio effects setting controls the intensity of TrueForce. This is a vibration technology that triggers haptics in the steering wheel to indicate various things in F1 24. You can feel your car revving or your tyres sliding across the track surface as they wear.

F1 24 does support TrueForce, so I’d recommend using this setting to tweak the effect.

Logitech G Hub F1 22 Settings

How do I update the Logitech Pro wheel firmware, and do I need to?

Keeping a racing wheel and pedal set up-to-date is important. Brands often release updates that fix known bugs or issues or roll out completely new features. For this reason, I’d always recommend checking for firmware updates occasionally.

If you are using the Logitech Pro Wheel with F1 24 on an Xbox or PS5 console, do you need to update the firmware? Technically, you don’t need to worry; everything should be optimised to work on your console.

However, I recommend connecting your wheel to your PC occasionally to see if a firmware update is available. This is especially true since the Logitech Pro wheel is a few years old, and F1 24 is a new game. New updates for your wheel may be needed to optimise it specifically for F1 24.

Updating your firmware is as simple as connecting your wheel to your PC via a USB cable. Download and open G Hub, which is free to download from Logitech’s website. Then, check to see if an update is available through the app.

If an update is available, proceed with the firmware update and let the wheel restart. Then turn it off, reconnect the wheel to your console via the USB cable, and continue racing.

Is the Logitech G Pro Racing Wheel good for F1 24?

The Logitech Pro Racing Wheel is a great first attempt at a direct drive wheel. It sits in the sweet spot of strength and power and offers good force feedback. The real benefit of the Pro Wheel is that it is widely compatible with most games and console platforms. It’s also incredibly easy to set up and easily tweak various settings.

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