F1 24 Jeddah Car Setup (Updated For Handling Patch)

Here is our optimised F1 24 Jeddah car setup for Saudi Arabia, updated after the handling patch. This setup has been designed specifically for races, ensuring good pace and tyre wear.

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F1 24 Jeddah Setup Update Patch 1.7

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Update: This setup has been created after the big handling patch.

Next up on the Formula 1 calendar is Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, so here is our F1 24 Jeddah car setup. The more time I spend with F1 24, the more I learn and enjoy the updated handling model.

It is certainly true that a good car setup can transform how the cars in F1 24 handle in race trim. The current time trial meta setups do not lend themselves overly well to race setups.

Jeddah is a tricky street track that is pretty high speed and requires a responsive car that can be thrown left and right but will also be sticky enough at the rear end to avoid having a 150mph crash.

This is a race-orientated car setup and isn’t designed to provide maximum performance for a time trial run.

Best Saudi Arabian car setup for F1 24

Below is our recommended Jeddah car setup for Saudi Arabia in this year’s F1 24 game. We’ve designed this setup to give you a car that you can really attack the fast corners around Jeddah with confidence. This is an updated setup after the big update to F1 24 that changed how the cars handle.

Front wing25
Rear wing13
Differential adjustment on throttle75%
Differential adjustment off throttle55%
Engine Braking70%
Suspension Geometry
Front camber-3.50°
Rear camber-2.20°
Front toe-out0.05°
Rear toe-in0.17°
Front suspension38
Rear suspension5
Front anti-roll bar16
Rear anti-roll bar11
Front ride height23
Rear ride height58
Brake pressure100%
Front brake bias54%
Front right tyre pressure28.5psi
Front left tyre pressure27.5psi
Rear right tyre pressure26.5psi
Rear left tyre pressure26.5psi

Watch our complete F1 24 Jeddah car setup video

Below is a run-through of our F1 24 Saudi Arabian car setup for the Jeddah Corniche Circuit.

Aerodynamic setup

I started this car with aero settings of 25 and 13. This is a much larger wing gap than our original pre-patch car setup, and it is designed to reduce understeer and improve the car’s response.

If you find the car’s rear too loose, you can increase the rear wing aero up to 15. This shouldn’t be an issue with this approach.

Transmission setup

Due to the high-speed nature of the track, we can run a higher on-throttle differential for the transmission than our Bahrain setup. Opt for 75%, then go with 55% on the off-throttle diff. These settings have both been increased since the updated handling.

Set the engine braking to 70%. This is a huge increase over our old car setup, and there is even an argument for setting this even closer to 100%. I have found that 70% works really well without any real negative handling issues.

Suspension geometry setup

As with our updated Bahrain car setup after patch 1.3, I have set the camber far left for both front and rear. This works with the large aerodynamic gap to make your car really turn into corners well, something that was heavily nerfed with the updated handling.

For the toe, go with 0.05 and 0.17; the higher rear toe helps with some rear stability. Since the big update, oversteer is a little more likely, so adding some extra toe can keep your car in line through the fast corner sequences.

F1 24 Jeddah Gameplay

Suspension setup

Once again, I’ve chosen a stiffer front suspension and a much softer rear. I opted for 38 at the front and just 5 at the rear. This makes for a really responsive car, which is crucial through the fast chicanes around Jeddah.

For the Anti-roll bars, I’ve gone with 16 and 11, which is much higher than our old setup. Stiffer anti-roll bars eliminate body roll and give your car more mechanical grip mid-corner.

Then, set the ride height at 23 and 58. The main adjustment here was to the rear ride height to create more rake in the car. This helps with pretty much everything including limiting bottoming out if you ride up and over one of the large kerbs through the first sector.

Brake setup

For the brake setup, I’ve kept the brake bias at 54% which is ideal for Jeddah for both time trial and races. I’ve then boosted the brake pressure up to 100% after the update.

Tyre pressure setup

Increasing your pressures will lower temperatures this year, so increasing the pressure on the right side of the car will make the tyres more prone to overheating.

Go with 28.5 and 27.5psi on the front and 26.5 on both rears. This approach keeps your tyres cooler throughout a full race distance.

That will round out this Jeddah car setup. I’m enjoying this track more and more as each F1 game releases. It’s a high-risk circuit, but with this car setup, the car doesn’t seem to have the same tendency to over-rotate as it can at many tracks.

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